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This challenge was formulated while listening the song “Animal I have Become” by Three Days Grace

JJ Abrams STXI Universe

At least 6 months into their voyage.

Spock is on the edge of losing it because of the loss of the bonds with the other Vulcan’s and especially that of his mother. He feels like the rage inside him is becoming this uncontrollable monster.

Nyota wants desperately to help.

They haven’t had sex since they left space dock because Spock is afraid of the Animal inside of himself. (his animal passions that he last let out on the bridge against Kirk when choking him) She tries to force the issue and he can either a. freeze completely, as in Vulcan catatonia from which only Kirk can bring him out by bringing out his passions in any way, preferably sexually. Or b. become the animal and scare Nyota, leaving a raging Animal Spock in his quarters where Jim goes in to rescue him…


For reference it is suggested that you watch the video of Three Days Grace doing the song “Animal I Have Become” on You Tube and read the lyrics once. Or just find and read the lyrics. But it would be good if you listened to the music as well to get the full angst of the song.

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