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Use 1 or more of the then 10 sentences from the Youtube clip in a story. It can be as crack-tastic as you want. Bonus points and metaphorical cookies if it isn't a crack fic or if you use all ten lines. The video clip can be found here:

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I was driving home and finally actually listened to the song "Up in the Air" by 30 Seconds to Mars.

It sounds like a great back and forth between Spock and Kirk ( Abrams mainly ).

"I wrap my hands around your neck so tight ( with love )"

"Stuck in a moment of emotion I destroyed"

"A thousand times I tempted fate"


Do you see?!  It sounds like it was made to be a fanvid or a great song to summary their interactions.

I have very little talent for writing fiction ( I dabble but it has been years.  I will probably take up my own challenge but I know it will be awhile ) and know that you lovely writers out there can do so much amazing work, I just wanted to prod you a bit.


For the TLDR :

30 Seconds to Mars : Up in the Air    -----  And Go!!

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Uhura and Spock are bonded, but somehow manage to bond with Jim without his consent.  Jim wants out of the bond and does not want a relationship with people who expect him to "just accept it."

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So in one of the Abrames-verse comics, we see the mirrorverse Jim as a Commander trying to destroy Vulcan and getting killed for it by Uhura and Spock.  Please re-write this so mirror Jim gets lives, keeps his title (or becomes the Captain), and gets with mirror Spock.

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Most of the time, when Kirk is written as a girl, the author changes the character completly. It's understandable. Our culture has ingrained a lot of false ideas about gender into our heads. But for once, I would like to see a girl!kirk who is everything her male counterpart is and more! Kirk is committed to his/her work, strong willed, cool under pressure, a loyal friend and the best strategist in star fleet. He/She has his/her flaws, too. He's/She's a big flirt and also proud. Some might even say arrogant. But she's/he's also reasonable and never lets her/his pride endanger the things he/she loves most... his/her ship and his/her crew.

Please! Someone write a decent female Captain Kirk story! They are too few and far between. 


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The other day while watching Les Miserables and seeing Eponine die in Marius arms made me think that Spock and Kirk deserved something like that, so I would like a fic where Spock dies in Jim´s arms or Jim in Spock´s, of couse, the rest of the story, like the reason they die or if you want to place it in the Wrath of Khan or Into Darkness is your choice

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Five times Nu!Spock was jealous of his older self's ability to show emotion around Jim and the one time he did something about it.
Would like at least two examples to before-relationship.

Something like:
Jim: A book! And it's HARDCOPY! Thank you, old man!
Spock!Prime: I thought it would make you happy. *Vulcan-smiles*
Jim: I got a book and a smile! 
Spock: Your displays of emotionalism is unbecoming of a Vulcan. 
Spock!Prime: I am a Vulcan. And you are being rude.
Jim: Spock, be nice leave your older self alone or next time I'm coming down by myself.
Spock!Prime: *logically mocking Spock behind Jim's back*
Spock: *seething and glaring*

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Summary: Sam Taylor "You think you have seen beauty... then it walks into the room and you realise you have never seen it before"

Could I have a short story or poem based on the above quote please?  Thank you.

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My life has been systematically falling apart for the past six months, and just today a brand new shit-storm popped up to kick me while I'm down. Please, please, please, could somebody write me a H/C story  to cheer me up?

I'd love to see something where Jim has to deal with his f-ed up up family screwing him over once again, (Moi? Projecting? Why, no, of course not.) and a very protective Spock comes to his rescue.

I'm looking for a veritable fluff overdose here people. Cuddling preferred.  

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Summary: Have you listened to/looked at the lyrics to the song "Breaking Free" from Disney's High School Musical? Because they fit a Kirk/Spock romance so well, it's like a K/S slasher wrote them. So, use the song in a fic. Be it a traditional songfic, using the lyrics as part of the story dialog, have a version of the song playing on the radio in Kirk's quarters, whatever.
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I was watching The Final Frontier at a friend's house yesterday. I was shocked during the scene where Jim was mad at Spock for not shooting Sybok and threatened to knock Spock on his rear. I couldn't believe Spock offered to let him do it either. I liked when Bones defended Spock.

Write a story answering the following:

  1. What if Jim had let his anger and irritation at Spock get the best of him and he took Spock's offer?
  2. What would Bones' reaction be to Jim pushing Spock?
  3. What would Spock's reaction be?
  4. How would Jim feel after he does it?
  5. Where do they go from here?

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In many stories where Jim and Spock are bonded, Jim can hear or feel Spock's presence in his mind.  But what if he couldn't?  What if, because Jim is completely psi null, he received nothing from the bond?  What if to Jim, it was essentially the same as an earth marriage?  How would Spock react?  How would other Vulcans react?  Would Spock be pressured to leave or severe the bond?

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Okay, so, this might take a little explaining, but here goes.

I went to a private grade school where you had to write all assignments and notes and anything at all in cursive, all the time. In fact, I barely knew how to write print when I started going to a regular middle school. And now, as a result, my print handwriting is horrible. Absolutely horrible. And my brother experienced the exact same thing.

I promise this relates to Star Trek.

Now, we all know Spock is perfect-awesome-superhuman-yaddayadda, right? But in my headcanon he has one flaw: really bad Standard handwriting. Because Vulcan script is all pretty and cursive-like and elegant, right? And, growing up on Vulcan, I think Spock would have had way more opportunity to write the native language than Standard letters, which would have been taught in school and entirely on PADDs. Maybe he never wrote in Standard at all, and his whole experience with it is typing.

So how about something cute and fluffy pertaining to Spock's horrible handwriting? Maybe he tries to leave Kirk a love note, and Kirk teases him for how illegible it is. Or maybe he has to leave some sort of scribbled message mid-infamous-disastrous-away-mission, and everything almost goes horribly wrong because no one can read it. Or any other way you can think to take it!

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You know how babies manage to communicate while having different mother-tongues and do not speak yet?

There is an official meeting which Spock's and Kirk's parents have to attend (only Winona if it is reboot) . Only the boys are under four.

They meet. They bond. They part.

Then the problems starts. Is one of them distraught because the other is sick/hurt/hungry ? Do they fall ill simultaneously ?

Please tell me the story of the troubled parents trying to find out exactly what is wrong with their offsprings.  Neither child should be able to communicate fluently yet. Spock may be able to use some telepathy but does not understand t'hy'la yet.

Bonus for overprotective Vulcans.

Happy ending please ?


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I might have to my own challenge but, if I have time but I really want to see this story. I am reposting because it was too confusing the first time around, and the formatting was bad. On to the challenge:

Universe: Abrams regular or Mirror Abrams, (if you can make it work in any other then more power to you. I haven’t seen all the episodes in TOS so I can’t speak to that; I know I am a bad fan.)

Trope: !Bottom Kirk

So Kirk likes Spock, and Spock likes Kirk but he will not admit it even to himself. So at some sort diplomatic mission to New Vulcan Kirk meets another Vulcan male. The problem is that the other Vulcan ends up falling for Kirk, and gets himself assigned to the Enterprise. Of course Spock has to find out. !Bottom Kirk please.

Can be any rating you want and any length you want.

Bonus points:

~The other Vulcan male is someone who picked on Spock as a child.

~Same Vulcan male sees the feelings that Spock has for Kirk and originally hooks up with Kirk to hurt Spock even more.

~Lots of Kinky sex

~Kirk being a “virgin” when it comes to men

Any other things you want to add you want just have fun. I will give Spock and Kirk shape cookies to anyone who gets all the bonus points, as soon as I figure out how to make them and make them look good. ::smiles::

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Most people have a personal bubble that dictates how close they allow someone to be to them physically. The closer you allow someone to get, the more safe, secure, and comfortable you feel with them.

I would love to see a ficlet or drabble, anything, where Jim, Spock, or other characters notice the lack of "personal space" between Kirk and Spock. As in, it's practically nonexistent. Maybe it could lead up to a spicy little encounter?

BONUS POINTS: If you can make it a 5-and-1 ficlet, from the POV of either Spock or Jim. Inspired by a K/S motivational poster I saw once.

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Spock walks in on Uhura and Scotty (kissing or more, it's up to you!). He finds himself trying to figure out if he even cares or not. In the post-breakup stage, a certain captain is there to comfort his Vulcan First Officer.


Abrams Universe.



   - If Spock cries and Kirk finds him

   - Bones tries to offer realtionship advice (I don't care who he gives it too!)

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Jim and Spock get caught in a compromising situation. Can be by anyone, anywhere, but let's try to give poor Bones a break and let someone else catch them in the act, okay?

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I have read many stories where Captain Kirk is oblivious to the whole Vulcan's use their hands-to-kiss.  Where either Kirk is touching Spock and Spock lets him, or where Spock touches Kirk and Kirk doesn't know that they are kissing.

I want a story (one-shot or Multi-chapter) where Kirk 'knows' about Vulcan phisiology and 'knows' that Vulcans' hands are uber-sensitive and are used to kiss.

I would prefer:

Kirk having knowledge of Vulcan culture, language, and history and being very intelligent overall.  (For whatever reason- but I like to think he learns all the Vulcan stuff because he has to work with Spock and becomes fascinated with it all.)

Spock courting Kirk (ie. touching his hands, either- hoping Kirk knows and will take the hint- or thinking he is being sneaky about it- stealing kisses on the sly).

After Spock initiates the kisses or courtship (whichever way you want it to go), Kirk expresses confusion or frustration because Spock wouldn't just come out and 'speak'.

-Maybe a Spock who thinks he's being sneaky (not wanting to get rejected?) and doen;t realise that Kirk does-in-fact-know...


I would like to see some hot smex- but I like a strong relationship fic as much as anyone.  If you want it to be a three-or-more-some, go for it!

At least one Chess match between our boys- we can't miss out on their games.

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Grab a tissuebox.

This is a simple challenge where kirk and/or spock have to cry before, during or after sex or at some other awkward/inappropriate time. The reason for crying can be anything, whether ridiculous or serious, feel free to get creative. Go!

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