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Burden by lisa_tid ADULT (NC-17)
Jim holds many lives in his hands.
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Transparent soul by stardyst ADULT (NC-17)
When Jim ends up as Spock's assistant as punishment for cheating on the kobayashi...
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Help Robin as She's Helped Fandom

I'm asking for fandom to help recoup a small portion of the thousands of dollars and hours/days/weeks of work Robin has donated to us over the years. Robin provided hosting for the K/S archive, for the Highlander archive, and for dozens of fans with individual fan sites for decades. She spent many hours of her time to help various fan sites stay alive without compensation. The longer I've been in fandom, the more stories I've heard that involved fan people saying, "yes, she hosted me for years and never charged me."

She's had some extreme challenges the last couple of years, but has never asked fandom for help. I need at least two hands to count the projects that have stayed alive/remained available to fandom because she kept them going without ever being paid to do so. Let's show her that we appreciate her. Yes, there may have been an opportunity for her to profit from fandom, but she didn't take it. Capitalism isn't for everybody. Can we thank her? I hope so.





January 2, 2023

After a year and a half of efforts on the part of the Open Doors team, Robin, our webhost, all of you authors, and yours truly, the Kirk/Spock AO3 Collection is now live!

Please note that you must be logged in to AO3 to see the works that have not been claimed by their authors. Invitations have been sent to the email addresses associated with those works, and they will remain locked for 30 days, allowing those authors to claim them if they wish.

If you are one of these authors, who somehow missed all the announcements and didn't receive an invitation, please use the Open Doors contact form.

THIS SITE IS NOW CLOSED TO NEW SUBMISSIONS AND SIGNUPS. I will be repurposing the domain to provide a home, resources, and information about other Kirk/Spock fandom preservation projects. If you have ideas of resources you would like to see here, please feel free to e-mail me.

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