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I am new to the Spirk community but not new to slash. I love this archive, and decided I would try my hand at writing some Spock/Kirk stories. I returned to creative endeavors after a hiatus of many years and I am not a professional. I've also posted my first Spirk fic over at A03 under the pseud "TheLadysBlush." I enjoy both TOS and AOS slashfiction.

My regular job has rather stringent standards for online protocol so I won't talk about it except to say that it makes me very happy.

Some of my other hobbies and life interests include: reading, playing an instrument, knitting, MMORPG, making jam, drinking copious amounts of coffee, doing the bidding of my feline overlords, maintaining quality mental health and spending time with my best beloved. Something I have always wanted to do is travel all over Europe. Something I do poorly is playing any sport that involves projectiles. My favorite color is red and my favorite color for my hair is purple.






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Stories by TheLadysBlush

A recently bonded Jim and Spock begin sharing quarters on a full-time basis. Fills a charming prompt by SoldierGirl called “Shackin’ Up.”

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Genres: Kirk/Spock Slash
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Universe: Abrams Universe, ST:TOS Original Universe
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Challenges: Shackin' Up
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Chapters: 4 Table of Contents
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