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My pen name is intended to be truth in advertising. :-)

I'm a middle-aged woman who's loved Star Trek in general and Mr. Spock in particular since 1969, when I was 11. I'm a Kinsey 5, but I'd make an exception for Spock. :-)

(I have no connection with; I didn't know that person existed when I chose this pen name, and I apologize for any confusion.)

I have a chronic illness, which limits my ability to do things. Some days, my illness limits me a little; other days, it limits me a lot. I do intend to finish all of the stories I've started, and I do intend to answer most of the comments I get. Because of my illness, I can't always do so as quickly as I would like, however. I apologize to anyone I've disappointed.

I have two challenges up on this site; I'd love it if someone would write either "Lost in the Crowd of Your Friends" or " A Better Captain Through D/S."

Although I do write stories where Kirk and Spock are lovers, I almost never write M/M sex. I'm mostly a lesbian, myself, so male bodies don't interest me much, and I can't properly convey the enthusiasm that the boys would have for the activity. :-)

I focus on the emotional aspects, which tend to be the ones I find most interesting, anyway. Did I mention that I'm a licensed clinical psychologist in real life? Yeah, a Vulcan mind meld is my all-time favorite fantasy ... to see what's really IN another person's mind. *sigh*

My non-K/S Star Trek stories can be found at AO3.

To those waiting for the final chapter of "Practice Pon Farr" -- I had expected to have the last chapter up by now, but I have new health problems, in addition to my usual slate of chronic ones.  If I utter the words "ultrasound," "biopsy," and "hysterectomy," perhaps you will understand that I'm not just dawdling...  Not only is the problem severe enough to make me too mentally foggy to write, but it's hard to feel sexy with this kind of thing going on, and I don't want to give Kirk and Spock anything less than my best.  I really will finish this story, once I've recovered; I apologize for the delay.


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