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Using this About Me Section to promote my best friend's life threatening EDS and her #SurvivalSurgery4Sarah

Sarah is my Best friend. This Campaign is NOT A CON. Share this like MAD, people!!! PLEASE DONATE!

Sarah's life depends on this! She has had Massive Surgery and the surgeons have found she needs even more! She needs a further £70,000 raised 4 more lifesaving surgery! For her right to live and the sanity of everyone who loves her; I am Begging (I admit that!) Everyone to Donate & Fundraise whatever they can manage to GIVE to #SurvivalSurgery4Sarah ... I know everyone says this about their loved one, but I can't impress on you enough how Vivacious, Gracuous, Compassionate, Adventuresome, and Awesome, in the truest, Glorious sense of the word that this woman, this Amazing soul, is. She has so much Enthusiasm to Give her very Best to Everyone and Everything around her, but her body is betraying her horrendously.Please, help her to stay here with us, and make plans for her future. From day one of her life, she's taken all life can throw at her, & Never lost her truly Compassionate Heart. Then, came the day when illness struck her down, and I've honestly never before known anyone whose courage matches hers, through the diagnosis, disintegration, & degradation of her body. The only thing EDS hasn't attacked in Sarah is her interest in helping others. PLEASE, now, be the ones to GIVE ALL YOU POSSIBLY CAN to SARAH; She needs it to live, and, I don't just mean that she needs it to get the best out of life. She NEEDS this Surgery to Survive!!! £70,000 needed now for more lifesaving surgery for Sarah cos her fight isn't over yet! Wefre raising money to fund: #SurvivalSurgery4Sarah. Support this JustGiving Crowdfunding Page. 



I found this site, and thought I would add my few Kirk/Spock fics... Mostly, in 2011, I used to write SG1: Jack/Daniel (have a page on A52)... Now, it's KS, and little else. I've been a Trekkie for 20 years, but have appreciated the show pretty much from the minute I first saw it, probably almost 30 years ago...

I also do 'walls' (computer art using screencaps) and I have, over the years, done music videos - Not got any clips of my own as yet, but the editing done with the clips I glean off the net is ALWAYS careful not to take anything more than the bare clip itself! I DON'T take sequences of clips and call them my own because that truly would be cheating, and would miss the point of making vids myself. I take the raw clips after breaking down a vid. I also try and remain ever honest in the credits to my vids, and name names where I can, as to where the clip came from. I've wanted to make my own clips for years. I once spent a small fortune on the tech of the day to make clips with and couldn't use it. Nothing was compatible with my computer, as it turned out... I am hoping and praying that someone will be able to help me with clips - as I know the fandom is always suspicious of vidmakers like me - but I swear, I don't take any vid making sequences. I FULLY admit that, without those who can rip clips from DVDs, I'd be stuck, I can't make mine; in that sense, I know it's their hours that they put in to ripping their dvds, not mine. SO, I'm just praying, more than ever that someone can help me with clips or clip making software. Doesn't help that I have no spare money to spend on these things these days. Yet, I have vid making ideas all the time that won't go away so I'm between a rock and a hard place. I really want to get my vids sorted and, at least now, make them above board/hopefully be welcome to show them somewhere..., Make at least any new ones kosher in the eyes of others in the fanvid coummunity. I know I won't be able to go back in time & change the fact that I've stripped vids for the basic, raw clips in the past... I just hope I can be forgiven. If I could get my own software, rip my own dvds, etc, then, I'd LOVE to find a free web page hoster where I could put up my basic ripped clips, to share as a resource place, with others - websites like that did exist more a decade ago. I'd like to help others like me, who have difficulty sourcing clips. Making an online place for sharing just ripped from DVD clips, with the trust that you won't get your actual work that you made with those clips, stolen, is something I wish I could do - As none of us actually own the clips on our dvds, and I'd like to help others, whom, like me, have all the creative ideas, but are left to admit we can't make our own clips as easily as some people seem able to. When I got into making fan vids ten years ago, through SG1, clip resource sites were around...

I've written more and more KS since 2011. I've been married to Julie (gay marriage! Yea!) since September 26th 2015. I'm now on Twitter: I do write femslash occasionally, as I am a gay woman - but some would say, a useless Lesbian... It's just that there aren't that many ff pairings out there on TV that I truly believe in - though some do make for pretty artwork!!

I'm so glad that I am a fan of the Trek:Reboot that is Trek:XI!!! I wasn't sure I would be, but, thank God, it didn't trample all over known character facts! So, I am a fan of both the world of XI, and of Classic Trek! Yippee!!! There are a few elements I wish I could change in the Reboot, but on the whole. I am a fan! I write mostly classic Trek KS, but I have, and do, write Reboot KS as well.

There are SO many brilliant stories, and authors, on here... Sorry if I don't always finish reading a series though  I'm not very brave with what I will or won't read - I have a few issues! Part of what I'm trying to say is, if it weren't for my worries, I'd probably be a Beta Reader here (if fellow writers would trust me), as so much great work gets done; the majority here is of great talent! I don't judge people who write darker stories than mine - I don't know what they're working through, or why, or how they're writing might help them personally - Writing is therapy for us all! It is, for me, definitely. It's all my own work, such as it is, and I know it's imperfect. It's not as hard hitting or resonant as some stuff written by people here. Yet, my writing is therapy for me of sorts - just as yours might be for you.  My writing is mine. My artwork, though made with screencaps and the like, that is not mine by copyright, is my own work... I'm the one that puts all of my work together, be it writing, computer art, or fanvids. It's not perfect, none of it, and I know some would dearly like me to stop editing my stories when I've said they're complete - but, at the time, I believe that they are. My brain never switches off. I'm sorry. It's just the manic way it is! The videos I have made; the resource material is not made from my own dvds, but the choice of music, clip sequences, and editing; that is mine, I promise... Why should any one believe me? I'm trying to be overly honest, straight forward, and up front.




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Challenges by Vulcan Lover

I reserve the right to refuse a challenge if I get any at all, which I doubt! But I really am getting the writing urge, and yet, I haven't the inspiration, and can't find a challenge as yet that 'speaks' to me!

I'd like to receive some challenges, not to continue stories I've listed already, but short challenges - y'know, like, one word challenges, or a line, or an idea/a room/a style or particular narrative.

I DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING PERVY! I DO NOT write anything remotely underage, or Dom/Sub or Non-consentual. NO WAY on ANY planet that might exist in any form of existence or on any plain whatsoever, will I ever write anything like that stuff. I just can't! Call it my own issue as to why not.

I don't mind writing sexy stuff (Ha!) but nothing with anyone being tied up and absolutely NOTHING that invoves abuse.

Other hard hitting topics, MAYBE, but nothing nasty.

If you have a word prompt, or room prompt or situation prompt, or a category prompt that fits in to what I do write, and you're not pissed off at me for detailing what I WILL NOT WRITE, do get in touch. I DO NOT WRITE Harry Potter crossovers, so don't ask...

I like fun, sweet, fluffy, missing scene or behind closed doors hot and happy totally consentual, big love affair type prompts, but not crackfic! Angst is fine. Action, I'm not altogether great at! I usually like to be a bit sentimental but not too much so... Help, PLEASE! Don't moan at me! I've thought of asking for challenge prompts on here so many times before!

If you have a challenge for me, get in touch via leaving me some kind feedback, or by going to my author page here. Flamers will be ignored and then reported. I write either Abrams-verse or TOS - TOS mostly, I suppose, and AUs of either.

I tolerate Spock & Uhura, but I usually change how they got together cos I think the writers got that wrong in 2009 - Spock has more integrity (I know they're the same age, so he's not being a pervert, but I still don't think he'd just go for it)...

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