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Summary: First challenge, kind of long (because, face it, I'm incapable of writing anything (including a challenge) in under 1000 words.)

The Enterprise is on a rescue mission, and Admiral Pike can't seem to stop interfering. He has a reason-- a personal connection with the party being rescued.

Here's the deal: this is a character-heavy story with a plot draped over it. The extent of the K/S is pretty optional.
  1. Story is set maybe six months to a year after the beginning of the mission. Long enough for the crew to kind of be in a groove, but maybe not entirely.

  2. Pike considers Kirk something of a personal project. He isn't necessarily interfering, but he tries to stack the deck in Kirk's favor, gives him lots of advice, and is generally mentoring him to be the greatest captain in Starfleet history.

  3. Spock served under Pike in the past, at length (not just for the few days of the Narada incident). In fact, Pike is something of a mentor to Spock, has coached him through his career, showed faith in his leadership, etc. Spock is very loyal to Pike.

  4. Sensing a theme here? Pike also more or less hand-picked the crew of the Enterprise-- young hotshots and experienced officers who had served under him. He was mostly trying to surround Kirk with talent during his first command, but the crew is also full of officers and enlisted that Pike has seen something in. He is seriously beloved by the whole. damn. crew.
So, when Pike occasionally slips into old habits and issues an order, a significant portion of the crew snaps to without thinking twice.

Wishlist (instead of requirements):
  1. The rescue mission isn't a slam dunk. There is some complicating factor that makes it possible that the Enterprise won't get there in time. Whether or not they succeed in the rescue is author's choice (though this fan does love her angst... hint hint hint)

  2. Pike has years (decades?) of command experience under his belt vs. Kirk's very limited experience. Kirk basically catapulted from cadet to captain without passing go, and while he's brilliant and charismatic and has great instincts, he does not have anything approaching Pike's experience, and at least on one occasion, the crew responds to Pike's command. Kirk has been in space for long enough to have a very good handle on the real situation. He knows more about the Enterprise than Pike does, and Pike has not been on the bridge of a starship lately. On at least one occasion, Kirk's 'street knowledge' of what is going on in the sector and on the ship outweighs all of Pike's past experience and his knowledge of the specs and politics of the situation. This is what the story is about-- Pike and Kirk.

  3. Kirk is a grown-up and Pike is a good guy. Neither of them is always right, but neither of them makes dumb calls either. I'd love to see a scene where one of them issues an order that results in some major fuck-up that seriously jeopardizes the Enterprise's ability to complete the rescue. If it also jeopardizes some crewmembers, even better. Heart-to-heart ensues where the one who fucked up wonders (either to the other one, or to a third party) whether he chose that course of action because it was the opposite of what the other one would have done.

  4. The injuries Pike sustained on the Narada have had a lasting effect on him. I'm not necessarily after Pike in the wheelchair blinking out his responses, but he's not up to space-jumping or crawling through airvents or anything like that. He has some physical impairment that is going to keep him at a desk for the rest of his life.

  5. Assuming you go the K/S route, I prefer that Pike comes on board the day after Spock and Kirk's first time. They've become steadily closer as friends, but the tumble in bed wasn't exactly pre-planned, and between the stresses of the mission and Pike being there, they don't have much time to talk it out. Their relationship is certainly against regulation, but to what extent is author's choice. They do have reason to try and keep it under wraps though. In other words, I don't want Kirk and Spock making like a couple of bunnies all over the ship and the admiral walking in on them and everything's hunky-dory, k?

  1. Spock frequently gets stuck in the middle between Pike and Kirk, and his loyalties are seriously split between the two of them, and neither is happy when he takes the other's side.

  2. McCoy is unquestioningly on Kirk's side, even when Kirk is just plain wrong. Mega bonus if McCoy is a little skittish around Pike because he (McCoy) knows that he did a major no-no in bringing Cadet Kirk onto the Enterprise in the first place (even though that worked out well in the end). Ultra Mega Bonus if Pike notices and subtly teases him about it (especially if he acts really stern around McCoy).

  3. Kirk and Pike have a complicated relationship-- father/son, superior/subordinate, teacher/student certainly, but also are friends and truly like each other.

  4. At some point, both Pike and Kirk are on the bridge and Pike keeps issuing orders and Kirk finally gets out of the captain's chair and tells him, "At this time, Admiral, I am prepared to offer you command of the Enterprise." Mega bonus if it's in a crisis situation and Pike refuses. Ultra mega bonus if the two of them were actually issuing contradictory orders and confusing the crew.

  5. Pike's presence somehow prevents Spock and Kirk from having any private time together. Their relationship was in a fragile stage to begin with, and it gets more and more awkward.

  6. Spock sympathizes with Pike over feeling helpless while someone he loves is in jeopardy/lost.

  7. Kirk gets that Pike's career as a captain was cut short by his injuries at the hands of Nero, and does hand command over to him at some point. Mega bonus if this comes at the end Kirk uses the opportunity to finally slip out for some nookie with Spock.

Exceptional ultra mega super bonus for authors taking artistic license with this prompt and making it their own!

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Has no one ever re-written ET for Star Trek?  

Either Spock or Kirk gets left behind on an alien planet.  Kids find him, feed him, keep him as a 'pet'.  Meanwhile, he tries to 'phone home' (contact the Enterprise).

Bonus if the aliens are really big (so that the kids are significantly taller than humans) and in that early-space flight phase (80s!)

Bonus for problems that Trek-tech can't solve (like the Enterprise can't just scan the planet to find the missing officer, and the Universal Translator doesn't work/is broken or lost)

Bonus for the kinds of cute scenes in ET.  I loved ET hiding in the closet while Trudie's mom read Peter Pan to her.

Bonus if he catches an alien childhood illness he has no immunity to (like the alien version of chicken pox or something) and it becomes life-threatening

Bonus for angst on the Enterprise in the form of orders from Starfleet to abandon the search (in the name of the Prime Directive?)

Extra Super Ultra Bonus for originality with an ET-ish feel!

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Dr. McCoy finds lipstick on Spock's cock.

Why was he peeking?  Why, in a professional capacity of course.  That's the easy question.  The harder question is whether or not he should tell Jim, and the real question is how the lipstick got there in the first place.

Take all the creative license you want.

I think the prompt assumes some sort of existing relationship between Spock and Kirk, and that McCoy knows something about it.  Details are up to you.

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Write a fic containing all 99 of these words:

abate, abdicate, aberration, abstain, adversity, aesthetic, amicable, anachronistic, arid, asylum, benevolent, bias, boisterous, brazen, brusque, camaraderie, canny, capacious, capitulate, clairvoyant, collaborate, compassion, compromise, condescending, conditional, conformist, convergence, deleterious, demagogue, digression, diligent, discredit, disdain, divergent, empathy, emulate, enervating, ephemeral, evanescent, exemplary, extenuating, florid, forbearance, fortitude, fortuitous, foster, fraught, frugal, hackneyed, haughty, hedonist, hypothesis, impetuous, impute, inconsequential, inevitable, intrepid, intuitive, jubilation, lobbyist, longevity, mundane, nonchalant, opulent, orator, ostentatious, parched, perfidious, pragmatic, precocious, pretentious, procrastinate, prosaic, prosperity, provocative, prudent, querulous, rancorous, reclusive, reconciliation, renovation, restrained, reverence, sagacity, scrutinize, spontaneous, spurious, submissive, substantiate, subtle, superficial, superfluous, surreptitious, tactful, tenacious, transient, venerable, vindicate, wary 

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So, we all know that the boys are t'hy'la.  But what if we don't really understand what that means?

T'hy'la is not a term of endearment meaning 'soulmate', but rather a social custom on Vulcan wherein prepubescent youths of the same gender pair off (formally or not, by their own choosing or not).  Throughout their adolescence and early adulthood, up until the time of their marriage, they are inseparable-- adopted by each other's family, best friends, confidants, and, yes, lovers as they explore their sexuality. This unique relationship frequently lasts a lifetime, in one form or another.

I'd like to see a story where Spock, being a half-human freak, never had a t'hy'la.  He transfers his longing for this connection to Jim.  Through some embarrassing scene, Jim finds out, but misunderstands.  He only has the translation to work off of-- friend, brother, lover-- and doesn't realize that this is a single word that encompasses all three relationships simultaneously.  The misunderstanding causes confusion, awkwardness and pain.


a) the t'hy'la is the strongest emotional connection a Vulcan has

b) complexity.  Complex rules regarding t'hy'la and spouses, complex feelings, complex reactions by different people

c) no Vulcan-mind-meld-bonding!  If the boys need to communicate, they need to open their mouths and say something!

d) pon'farr is literally about mating, and Jim, not being a female, cannot 'sub in' during Spock's time

e) Sarek has a t'hy'la who plays into the story somehow.  Author's choice what that relationship looks like, though mega bonus if Spock is pretty darned attached to him (Sarek's brother = Spock's uncle...)

And, as always, ultra-super-mega-bonus points for making this story your own!

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Summary: Can be TOS or Nu!Trek. Somewhat alternate reality either way, so feel free to play with it.

Lt. Spock has been in Starfleet for a few years, and it's getting old. He's been thinking more and more about resigning his commission and returning to Vulcan to apply to the Science Academy.

Cadet Kirk is on his first mission-- a three-month scientific mission to chart a new asteroid field. He grew up on the stories of the likes of Jonathon Archer and Robert April, and he has a decidedly romantic notion of what space will be like.

Will reality (which is often tedious) dampen Kirk's spirit? Will Spock learn to see the wonders of the galaxy around him?

More importantly, will they survive without killing each other (accidentally or in a fit of frustration)?

Based on Northanger Abbey. In case that needs more explanation:

Catherine (Kirk) is a 17-year-old (he's age-appropriate for a Starfleet Cadet) just entering society. She has wild expectations based on the gothic romance novels she loves to read. She meets Henry Tilney (Spock) who is more down-to-earth and realistic, and resigned to doing what his father expects of him. The Tilneys invite Catherine to their estate, Northanger Abbey, and based on her experience with gothic romances, she expects it to be frightening and gloomy, and invents a story about General Tilney (Henry's father) murdering Mrs. Tilney.

Make that work in Starfleet.

Bonus points:

1. Jim is an avid sci-fi fan

2. Spock hasn't quite got the Vulcan stoicism down yet. Bless his heart, he tries.

3. Jim is originally planning to go into the Science division, and he is assigned to some really menial task in the science department, like hauling around crates of rocks and equipment or something.

4. In his eagerness, Jim actually breaks something.

5. Relationships between officers and cadets are strictly forbidden (like, court-martial offense, no turning a blind eye by the captain, or the admiral, or anyone else.) Therefore, *nothing* happens between Lt. Spock and Cadet Kirk (something may happen after Kirk is commissioned)

6. Despite all the tedium, Kirk still manages to be Kirk.

7. Some scene where Spock finds something that truly delights him (think the singing flowers in TOS The Cage)

8. Incorporating other elements from Northanger Abbey

9. Ultra mega bonus points for you making it your own!
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