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I am a long time reader of fanfiction of all types and genres. I found Kirk/Spock through one of my favorite authors stories,this site through her bio page, and I'm pleased to say it has become one of my favorite OTPs.
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Challenges by Kyuubi no Kitsune
Summary: While I was reading CMM's Finding T'Hy'La, I had this idea and I would love someone to turn it into a story. I would like to see NuKirk raised by SpockPrime and KirkPrime after the Taurus IV disaster. How you have KirkPrime survive and accompany SpockPrime is up to you. Though use of Picard asking Q or the two of them being intelligent about leaving the Nexus for Ten Forward to confront Solan earlier in the movie. A Kirk waiting for Spock in the Nexsus thinking he is dead and waiting for his bondmate to join him in the afterlife with Picard informing him it is simply another dimension and he can go to Ambassador Spock if he leaves with him. A tearful reunion between Spock and Jim would be beautiful. I would like SpockPrime to have a kin bond to the NuKirk since T'hy'la bonds are a universal constant but you can't have two bondmates Nukirk has a kin bond. If Selik is James imaginary friend that speaks in his head that would be awesome. Nero still destroys the Kelvin, Spock and James came out of the black hole like a week before the Kelvin disaster and is no where near the Kelvin. Spock can feel NuKirk being born and his life. I'm looking for a NuKirk that has been hit by the Bad Things Happen Stick. They find and adopt him after Taursus IV because Spock Prime refuses to leave him to people who don't care for him anymore. Where they raise him also up to you though I like the idea of a spaceship with visits to Vulcan. SpockPrime is the permissive parent because he can never say no to his Captain no matter what form he finds him in, while KirkPrime enforces the rules would be appreciated. NuKirk uses KirkPrime's Charm to Disarm behavior. SpockPrime calls NuKirk Pi'Khartlan (little captain) SpockPrime granted his place in the House of Surak by T'Pau or Sarek because it is logical. Perhaps he is placed as the brother to S'kon Sarek's father who left Vulcan and died years before. Things I would like to see Academy meeting with NuSpock. How you do it also up to you, but I would like to see Spock's shock by being addressed by a human with his full correct unpronounceable name in Vulcan with the greeting for the Heir of House Surak by a family member including the Ta'al. This story should be Kirk/Spock Slash please full on T'Hy'La bond for both couples. I would like to see Incorrigible Flirt VirginKirk! Bottom Kirk! yeah it's my kink I admit it. VirginKirk because he wants what his parents have. Flirt because he is James T Kirk and he finds it amusing. SpockPrime known as Father in Vulcan by NuKirk and KirkPrime is Dad. Nero maroons SpockPrime on Delta Vega with KirkPrime on the warpath, Mind Meld with NuKirk to explain because they didn't tell him about Nero before. I would like it to follow ST2009 plotline basically at least for the first meetings of Uhura, Bones, and Captain Pike. He is in Iowa because....I have no idea maybe to look for Sam or to see George's family farm. Though I would like to see Kirk talking in Vulcan to Uhura in the bar and winning the fight with the cadets. A conversation with the Primes before he leaves for the shuttle. Bonus Points for Evil or Neglectful Winona, Genius NuKirk as if he could be anything else being raised by the Primes, Jealous Uhura, Freaked Out Bones, MPREG and Amanda Lives. Super Bonus Points for a heartwarming and yet heart wrenching story with a dark life leading into the light for Jim. Happy endings for everyone!
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