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I'm an amateur writer who is in college who just happens to love K/S!  I've seen all of the TOS episodes, and my favorites are Amok Time, The Enterprise Incident, The Changeling, and 30 seconds of Shore Leave.  :D  I've also seen the first six Trek movies, and I cried during THAT scene in ST: II - The Wrath of Khan.  When I saw ST XI, I knew that Trek had been reborn, and so had K/S.

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Challenges by SpirkTrekker42
  1. Double  Jeopardy Trek challenge - It would really help if you’ve seen the movie.  Bruce Greenwood is in it, and he’s the scariest creeper I’ve ever seen.  The challenge is to write a (reboot) Trek story loosely based on the plot of the movie.  Spock has been in a committed relationship with Captain Pike and they’re serving on the Enterprise together. He really loves Pike, who was the only person who paid attention to him at Starfleet Academy. Unfortunately one morning Spock wakes up with blood on their hands – literally.  Captain Pike is missing, and Spock is ultimately charged for Pike’s murder.  Spock (who is heartbroken) is then sent to prison (or a rehabilitation facility if you wish).  During his time there, he finds out that Captain Pike is alive, and has framed him for murder and has moved on to be with someone else.  Years pass, and Spock is released early on probation.  His parole officer is one James Kirk, who immediately intrigues Spock. After some convincing, he enlists Kirk’s help in tracking down Pike so he can demand an explanation as to why Pike ruined Spock’s life.  Along the way, Kirk and Spock discover a growing attraction between them.  When they finally catch up with Pike (who has assumed a fake identity) the man denies everything.  Kirk calls BS and then creeper!Pike tries to kill them both so the truth doesn’t come out. Of course K&S try to protect each other.  I’d like a happy ending, please!

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  1. To undertake the challenge, it would really help if you’ve seen the famous TNG episode ‘The Inner Light’.  The challenge is to write a Trek story based on the concept where Picard experiences what life was like living in an ancient civilization without ever leaving his ship.  (It’s all in his head, but it’s not a dream.)  In this story, I’d like Spock to be serving on the Enterprise and then is suddenly sucked in to what life was like living on pre-reform Vulcan as his famous ancestor, Surak. (What strange space phenomenon caused this to occur is up to you.) Kirk is freaking out because Spock is unresponsive and nothing Bones tries to bring him out of it is working.  Meanwhile, in Spock’s head, he IS Surak.  Surak is the head of his clan, and he is desperately is trying to find a way to keep the warring clans from destroying each other.  Surak’s t’hy’la and bondmate is very similar in personality and looks like Kirk.  They’re madly in love.  Together, they develop the rules for living a life based around peace, forgiveness, and of course logic.   Then, his t’hy’la is killed by one of his enemies, and Surak struggles to stick to the principles he developed with his bondmate instead of seeking revenge. ( Bonus points if Surak’s t’hy’la is killed protecting Surak.)   Surak feels the bond break and is devastated.  Then, a furious Surak goes to find his bondmate’s killer, and is about to lirpa him to death but at the last second decides to be merciful.  This act sets a precedent for the Vulcans deciding to live in peace. (Bonus points if you include a scene where Surak is writing really rigid rules based on logic but his t’hy’la convinces him to add a clause like ‘one cannot live on logic alone’ and that there is no shame in acknowledging emotions, especially positive ones.  The clause, of course, is lost or deleted over time from Surak’s precepts.)  Finally Spock wakes up in Sickbay to find Kirk holding his hand and pleading for him to come back to reality.  (Bonus points if Spock decides to share his experience on pre-reform Vulcan with Kirk via meld, and Kirk is moved to tears.)   (Super bonus points if the experience helps Spock to acknowledge his feelings for his captain.)  I would prefer reboot, but would take TOS.

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I've seen a lot of Disney/fairytales adapted for a K/S love story, but I have yet to come across one for Mulan.   Spock would be Shang, Sarek would be the general of the Vulcan forces.  This could be AU, Mirror Universe, or set in pre-reform Vulcan times - it's up to you.  Kirk, the adopted son of a prominent (elder) Vulcan warrior would steal his father's armor to take his father's place.  He reports to the very warrior training camp that Spock is in charge of.  Somehow, Kirk had disguised himself as a Vulcan (perhaps McCoy could perform the ear surgery?) and is accepted into the Vulcan army, who is warring with either the Klingons, the Romulans, the Orions, or some unknown alien menace.  Kirk could bring McCoy with him as his human slave/valet because there's no way Kirk could pull this off by himself.  Cue the comedic scene where Kirk pretends to act like a Vulcan warrior and fails miserably. 

Since Kirk is a human, it quickly becomes obvious that he is lacking in strength and stamina during training exercises. Captain Spock is less than pleased by his performance and asks him to leave.  Kirk, determined not to give up in disgrace, then proves his worth by accomplishing a task that proves he has brains, if not brawn.   Then Spock's troops are called to the war front, and in battle Kirk's strategy helps the Vulcans win.  However, Kirk is hurt trying to save Spock's life.  When a Vulcan healer is called to examine him, Kirk's secret is revealed.  The punishment for a human impersonating a Vulcan warrior is death, but instead Spock spare's Kirk's life and orders his troops to move out.  The rest of the story should follow the Mulan story line, where Kirk comes back to help Spock save Vulcan's leader (T'Pau?) and defeat the alien forces.   Must have a happy ending where Kirk and Spock are friends, heading in to something more.  I would prefer this written for the reboot characters, but will take TOS.  Bonus points for other Trek characters making appearances in the story.

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