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I love Spirk. That pretty much sums up majority of what I do in my spare time. Because of school (and sometimes work) I can't update as much as I like, but I do my best. I will always finish a story I start no matter what. Even if it takes me 7 years.... (yeah that actually happened once). All I want to say to the readers is review and be nice about it. Authors are people too and they work hard to put up their stories. It's a nerve wrecking thing to put yourself out there.

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Okay so I was watching Disney's Tarzan and te sone You'll be in my heart remined me of Spock an Kirk.

A jerk of a admiral (it could be Komack or some other admiral. Could be made up) doesn't like such a young captain being in charge of the top ship of the fleet and the scrutiny of the Admirality doesn't seem to be pressuring him enough. To prove that Kirk isn't ready for such a responsibility, he sends Kirk and his team to a planet that essentially is another Tarsus IV.

Spock has recentally figured out he has some inappropriate feelings for his captain and has been avoiding him for the past few days. However after landing ono the planet with the landing team and his captain, he knows somethings off. Interpret this expedition any way you like. Afterwards, Spock manages to covince starfleet to get shore leave. Vulcan II or Earth. If vulcan, maybe he could meet T'Pring or some of the bullies Spock met as a child. If earth, then maybe show kirk's dysfunctional family. The main point of shore leave is to put emphasis on how neither fit in.

Has to end happily with Kirk and Spock together and don't make Kirk completely pathetic. He's not a damsel in distress.

Bonus if Kirk gets close or does have a panic attack on the bridge and Spock takes him out

Bonus if you get Spock to lie for the first time on a report to star fleet. Just leaving some stuff out, covering for kirk's freak out, your choice. More points if he gets caught.

Bonus if you get Uhura and Bones to conspire with one another

Bonus points if Uhura is Spock's Bones, aka overprotective.

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