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Summary: While exploring an abandoned alien edifice, Kirk and Spock are overcome by memories evoking loneliness; memories so vivid they blank out present reality.

Originally published in the print fanzine Contact # 3
Rated: All Audiences
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Genres: Kirk-Spock Friendship
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Story Type: Angst
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Universe: ST:TOS Original Universe
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Word count: 3801 Read: 886
Published: 04/13/2018 Updated: 04/13/2018
Story Notes:
This story is my first published work of fanfiction, although I wrote others before it was printed in the fanzine, CONTACT #3, edited by my dear friends Beverly Volker and Nancy Kippax. CONTACT was the first fanzine to be centered around the relationship between Kirk and Spock and was a hugely popular publication in those days in Trek fandom. "Nothing Gold Can Stay" appeared in the fall of 1976 and portrays the deep and abiding friendship between Captain James Kirk and his loyal first officer, Mr. Spock.


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