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An error in Spock's judgment leads to the unmasking of his deepest and most closely protected secret.

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Published: 05/22/2017 Updated: 07/31/2017
Story Notes:

This is a new story that I have completed in draft.  The second and third chapter will be posted within the next couple of weeks.  I am still having problems writing but am hoping that with perseverance this will pass.  I hope you enjoy Exposure.

1. Chapter 1 by PaintedBird [Reviews - 16] starstarstarstarhalf-star (3624 words)

2. Chapter 2 by PaintedBird [Reviews - 1] (4127 words)

If your Memorial Day weekend has been as boring as mine, you might appreciate something to read so here it is.

3. Chapter 3 by PaintedBird [Reviews - 1] (4360 words)

My apologies, dear readers.  When I began to post this story, I had it almost complete in draft, and the first two chapters went fine.  However, after I posted the second chapter and began to finish the third, the boys rose up and insisted that the story I was writing was not the story they wanted to tell.  I dumped the entire third chapter and have only today been able to finish its replacement.  I hope it is worth the wait.  There is nothing written for the fourth and possibly fifth chapter as of this moment, but at least I have an idea now where it will end.  Any comments are welcome.

4. Chapter 4 by PaintedBird [Reviews - 1] (3132 words)

Another chapter, dear readers!  At the moment, I expect to have two more chapters.  One is partially written in draft.  The other will be shorter and end it up - or so I anticipate.  I hope you enjoy.

5. Chapter 5 by PaintedBird [Reviews - 0] (3522 words)

I am not a science nerd.  I have never had physics, chemistry, or a lot of subjects that I now wish I had studied in high school or college.  At that age, I was much more interested in learning to write, and it never occurred to me that 50 years later I might want to know that stuff b/c I would be writing Star Trek fan fiction.  That said, the theory discussed in this chapter is totally made up by me other than the Alcubierre warp bubble theory so I hope that it holds water and doesn't sound like a bunch of drivel.  Please be gentle with your comments on my lack of scientific knowledge, lol.

6. Chapter 6 by PaintedBird [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarhalf-star (3300 words)

This chapter took a bit more time to whip into shape than expeced so my apologies for the delay in posting it.  I hope you enjoy it.

7. Chapter 7 by PaintedBird [Reviews - 2] (2275 words)

So we come to the end of this story.  Next up is a little thing that I did last year for a print zine called Babel Blues.  i'll get back in a few days with it.  

I hope you like this ending.  Feedback about how it works would be appreciated.