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Author's Chapter Notes:

I've been screaming on the inside
And I know you feel the pain
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?


Vulcan was no longer there.

Neither was Mother.

My heart was screaming out for the universe to hear, but my Vulcan half was too well-trained to release it. I could feel the small war that was my mind raging more ferociously than ever before, and I had to fight to keep a straight face.

Now, Jim Kirk, my first officer, had returned and was openly degrading me in front of the entire bridge crew. What was going on in his humanistic brain? Did he seriously think that I was going to lose my cool in front of them when I had this ship to care for?

That was when I realized that I was about to figuratively explode. But that was when he told me that my mother was a worthless wretch and that I never had, nor never could, love her. I let out a scream and lunged for the vile human's face, ready to instinctively kill him for his insolence.

He knew I was feeling this way! Why had he provoked this reaction in front of them? What could he gain from this? Was he just seeking revenge or my humiliation like his? NO! No more would I be humiliated; he felt my pain, so now I would feel his, and-

"Spock!!" I looked down and saw that my hand was locked around a human's throat. I lurched back in surprise and shock. What was wrong with me? I nearly let out another scream of hatred as I left the bridge, leaving it to the humans.

I was a freak, and an alien.

But most of all, I was an attempted murderer.

Would anyone there, even Nyota, forgive me again?

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