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I had the most amazing dream
Though dreams are just illusions
That lead to nothing more or less
Than emotional confusion

And yet I cannot seem to break
The bonds of velvet night
Nor clear my mind of thoughts of him
In mornings' sober light

For in the darkness I possess
A soul that is not mine
And in the darkness can I see
With eyes that have been blind

The heart knows neither wrong or right
It wants what it desires
And all the water on the Earth
Can’t quench its burning fire

So I relive the moment again
Where there is no space or time
And feel the pleasure that I felt
As his lips captured mine

My heart beats faster, faster still
I awake to thoughts amiss
How can one become so undone
From just a single kiss?

I shower, I dress, I take my place
On the bridge and by his side
Though I conceal all that I feel
My eyes have never lied

I had the most amazing dream
A secret I will treasure
And count the hours till I sleep
So I can dream forever…


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