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"The probability of this plan working is approximately 7128.7 to 1." The sound of my own voice echoed around the empty bridge. I awaited his response to the information I had provided.

"That good, huh?" If Spock knew anything about me, it was that telling me the odds of something never made me change my mind.

"Captain, the logical decision would be to, as you put it earlier, abandon ship." He would never listen to my suggestions. Not in the entire 2 years, 7 months, and 12.79 days we had served together had he changed his mind on a course of action once he made it.

"And then risk everyone else trying to escape?" One of us had to stay, and I would rather it be me than my Vulcan crew mate. His family, his people, had lost too much already.

"It is illogical that we both should perish." And I could not fathom the depth of pain I would face if James Kirk died in my place. My highly logical mind pushed that emotion aside before it truly even surfaced.

"Then go! Escape while you can!" I fully understood my father's willingness to die in order to save my mother and myself. And I would do that for Spock.

"No." This was the first and would be the only time I would openly refuse an order like this.

"Mutiny?" My question was a joke, and I pushed down the relief of having someone next to me who I trusted so much.

"An...act of faith." My elder self had said it once, and I saw his logic now. I would not leave James Kirk to face this fate alone.

"Thank you." My gratitude was illogical, and I could see his eyebrow raise as if in agreement with my assessment.

"You are welcome, Jim." The emotions were too deep to properly convey, and I could only assume my human eyes would give me away.

"Spock." It was all I could say. All I needed to say. There was so much I could read in his eyes, too much reflecting my own mind and heart.

"Shall we proceed?" I returned back to the job at hand. I would take my secrets with me to the grave. Things he would never know.

"Lets get this show on the road." I turn back to the controls. I saw it, and it was enough. The truth would die with me, and I could only hope he didn't know mine.
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