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Story Notes:

This story is also available as a PDF with all the artwork, and in Kindle and plain HTML formats. Please right-click to download the PDF version, the Kindle version with artwork, or the text-only Kindle version. Also available in epub format. If you prefer to read the story online with all of its original artwork, you may do so at Syn's website, or view the plain HTML version, here.

If you prefer, you can right-click to download the Word file with artwork (to reformat to your heart's content) or a separate file of just the artwork.

Killa's acknowldedgments, February 2011

This wouldn't have been possible without the assistance, support, and encouragement of a virtual cast of… well, dozens, at least. Working on this project reminded me of how amazing Star Trek fans, and Kirk/Spock fans in particular, can be.

First and foremost, thanks go to Amanda Warrington, for asking me about Courts on just the right day, and in just the right way to get me off my butt and determined to see it happen. She also provided the initial OCR scan of the novel (for which thanks go to Linda H. in England!), and then went above and beyond by surprising me with a fully OCRed file of "The Price" a few days later. Amanda also provided tremendous support, encouragement, and wise suggestions during the whole process, and jumped in again during the final edit phase. She made it a team effort, and I can't thank her enough!

Next, I am so grateful to Suzan Lovett and Gayle F. for trusting me with their gorgeous artwork, and for being so kind and gracious when I pestered them about it. Suzan also dug up her stunning color piece for us, which I'd never seen, and which takes my breath away. Thank you to two of my favorite fannish artists of all time.

Speaking of artists, Sat Nam Kaur, creator of the original cover art, is no longer in fandom, but it is a stunning and memorable piece. Thanks go to Caren P. for getting me a high-res scan of her zine cover, and to Dot Laoang for sending me the gorgeous color postcards of the portraits from it.

Carolyn Spencer provided all three zines in record time from the K/S zine library, without which I could not have done this. She also donated the cost of the postage—which, if you could see the size of the large print version of Courts, you would know is not insubstantial. What an invaluable service she provides to fandom, and has done for years. Thank you, Carolyn!

J.S. Cavalcante provided the high res scan of Suzan's gorgeous color piece, as well as many supportive emails and insights.

Amalthia volunteered unasked to convert the files into epub format. Thank you so much. Another person who gives of herself to fandom in quiet but important ways. Also thank you to way2busymom, Virginia Sky, and kassidy, who helped me work out the Kindle formatting kinks.

Profound thanks go to the team of proofreaders who stepped in when they were most needed: Amanda Warrington, Mary Monroe, Carolyn Spencer, Sandy H, Amalthia, Elaine, Virginia Sky, vvatima, and Isabol. You guys are my heroes.

As if that weren't enough, I also owe tremendous thanks to the cadre of people who listened to me natter about the project, and who served as sounding board, cheering section, information database, and enthusiastic support system. This includes everyone mentioned above, plus Catalenamara, Lyrastar, Gwyneth Rhys, Natasha Solten, feochadn, and the ever-awesome Morgan Dawn, as well as most of the rest of the Seattle crew.

Finally, and most of all, thank you to Syn herself, for trusting me with her words, for being willing and enthusiastic about taking on the sizable workload this entailed, and for her patience, determination, and understanding throughout the process. I know it was a huge act of trust and a labor of love, and I appreciate it more than I can say. Her work stands on its own as it has for twenty-five years, and will for the foreseeable future. Reading it not only makes my pulse race, my eyes tear, and my heart fill with love for these characters, but it makes me proud to be a Star Trek fan.

Additional notes

Suzan's illustrations originally appeared in a portfolio of art and poetry in the zine Nome 9, published by Victoria Clark. The poems were written by Flora Poste, and were based on Courts of Honor. They are not included here, but the zine is available from the K/S zine library. Please write to Catalenamara or Carolyn Spencer for more information.

~ * ~

Original acknowledgments, Syn Ferguson, 1985

"I certainly lavished an amount of time on it which is terrible to recall, and long delayed the Reader bringing curses on my head..."

-J.R.R. Tolkein

Courts of Honor has been my major occupation for the better part of three and a half years. I could not have produced it, either financially or psychologically, without the help of many friends of the book. Among them are Judy Miller, who thought I should write a novel and housed me while I began it, Eric Stillwell, who moved me four times and was an inspiration of energy and accomplishment, and both Gayle Feyrer and Suzan Lovett, whose illustrations, though they could not be printed with the book, proved to me that I had conveyed some of my love for the Star Trek characters in its pages.

At different points of crisis, many fan friends offered their support and encouragement, even if only by not writing me letters, including Carol Frisbie, Mary Ritter, Marcella Belton, and Joanna Russ. I owe a big "Thank You" to all of the proofreaders who contributed their time to COH-Pat Lamb, Vicky Clark, Lizette Leveille, and Flora Poste.

Above all, I am indebted to my friend, Mary Ann Drach, who edited, typed, set copy-editing style, recruited the proofreaders, and spelled my characters' names more consistently than I did. She coaxed, spurred, and all but carried me over the finish line. Without her skill, her generosity, and her endurance, Courts of Honor would have appeared much later-and much less polished.

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