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Story Notes:

Not everyone likes poetry and I have to admit that I am also reluctant to read it because I may not understand what the person has to say. Because basically poetry is personal. But when it has to do with Jim and Spock I believe we all understand them and know who they are.. But I am also a visual person and that is why sometimes I need to give people that little push so I post a picture or art. I find it makes people relax more and have a better understanding of what I am trying to convey.

So hope you enjoy this....I always thought that when McCoy and Scotty melded with Spock they couldn't wait for it to be over..but look at the picture of Jim and you know he has found his soulmate...even when there is danger present there is a certain calm that flows from those elegant fingers and is transfered to the man he will never stop caring for.

My first meld with you was duty bound.


McCoy and Scotty were the first to touch your mind.


I was nervous but oh so curious.


What would it be like?


Even the look of terror on their faces did not worry me.


I knew that my turn would be different.


I believed already that the bullets weren't real so I let my mind touch yours effortlessly.


Soft padded fingers rested slightly upon my skin.


I could hear your soft baritone voice everywhere I went.


I was drowning in your aura.


I felt at peace.


Never have I found such contentment.


I had always searched for that one piece of the puzzle.


You were that missing piece.


You sensed me there and I could feel your smile.


Your essence mingled with my own.


I felt you embrace me.




Abruptly soft padded fingers left my temple and cheek.


It was so sudden that I cried out from the emptiness.


You looked at me and I knew.


We shall meet again in that wondrous place.


Our sanctuary, home.

Chapter End Notes:

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