How they met their daughter! by McCoysm

Young officer and newly teacher Spock finds himself in an uncanny situation, when a Starfleet Vessel and its crew discover another Spock and James T. Kirk's daughter.

While he has plans and does not know any 'Kirk', he cannot imagine abandoning the infant after meeting her.

Some time later (a few months or a year), into his single fatherhood, he cross paths with a newly enrolled Cadet Kirk.

Universes : J.J. (AOS) + Academy Area

Bonus :

- 1/4 vulcan baby girl with blue eyes and pointies ears? A few weeks/months old? With weak telepathy but, eiditic memory? So, she could share her few images of her parents with Spock? (I called her T'Lara but, it's up to you.)

- Implied Mpreg, helped by alien voodoo? Pregnant!Jim?

- Baby Girl being obsessed with Cadet Kirk and Cadet Kirk being obsessed with Professor Spock?

- McKirk Friendship? Grandmother!Amanda? Father!/Grandfather!Pike? Sarek-thinks-his-granddaughter-is-perfect? Uhura-and-Gaila-are-Awesome-friends?

[I read english better than I write it, sorry for any mistake!]

Categories: Fiction
Characters: None
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