A 2nd chance: Spock prime and NUKirk by ladykissoff

I would like to read a Spock Prime/NUKirk story. Kirk, thanks to the delta vega mind meld, has a small link to the kaatra of both Spocks. The meld also gave him some inside info on his probable future romantic tie to NUSpock. He likes the idea, the stability and depth of such a bond, and waits. He pursues a professional working relationship and then a friendship with young Spock and keeps in touch with Selik (Spock Prime) via message and a few in person visits. NUSpock pursues his relationship with Nyota. He ignores the warning Selik feels compelled to give about a T'hy'la bond with Kirk. Spock, rather willfully ignorant, refuses to see Kirk as anything other than a friend. He bonds with Nyota prior to his first Ponfarr, something like the bond he had with T'Pring. 

  After the events of STID and Spock's bonding, Kirk gives up and moves on. Given the fallout of STID, his death and the cloud around some of his actions, Kirk chooses to deviate from his "destiny" and takes an honorable retirement from star fleet on medical grounds, i.e. the unknown future fallout from coming back to life. He goes to Betazed to have his bond pain ( it hurts when Spock bonds Nyota but only on his end as for Spock the bond is more like an echo) healed, trains his middling level empathy and gets a degree in therapy. He ends up on New Vulcan where he works with Vulcan teens and children who are all suffering from the backlash of lost bonds from Vulcan's' destruction. His therapy is very active, incorporating Betazed meditation techniques, fine art, and martial arts. Meditation to focus on working through emotion rather than suppressing, art and physical motion to work on releasing emotion.

  Seeing that NUSpock made his choice and Kirk suffers for it (remember Kirk is linked to both) and that NUSpock's and NUKirk's lives are definitely derailed from the prime universe, Selik goes for it. He uses future tech or knowledge or whatever to de age to his 30's. This, thanks to Khan's blood and Vulcan lifespans, puts he and Kirk on level ground regarding lifespan. He courts Kirk hardcore with help and approval from Sarek and T'Pau.   I want them to end up happily bonded with kids. They can adopt but would like some of the kids to be biologically theirs however you want it to happen: surrogacy, m-preg, genetic engineering, aliens whatever.

I want NUSpock to realize he has made a terrible mistake when he sees the profundity of a T'hy'la bond, which he can feel a bit because he and Selik are essentially the same kaatra. I do not want him to get together with Kirk ever.  I like the idea of two Spocks existing so that their lives can be contrasted. I like the idea of the "logical" choice of mate turning out to be seriously second best to the "emotional" choice.   I'm not looking for a NUSpock treats Kirk horribly, realizes his mistake, grovels, and gets him back story. Instead, I want to see him live out the life he chose, mediocrity with Nyota, compared to the brilliant life lived by Spock Prime and Kirk.   

BONUS: the Spocks go into ponfarr at the same time and Kirk handles it much better than Uhura--enjoys it more too-- and NUSpock realizes it because he never lost that echo-bond created because he and Selik are the same kaatra.

BONUS: T'Pau loves Kirk, to the point of, in a very Vulcan way, playing favorites between he and Uhura.

BONUS: Kirk speaks exceptional Vulcan, all dialects even pre-surakian

. BONUS: Selik and Spock have a conversation where Selik admits to a small bit of guilt for his "second life" and Spock admits his regret at not trying with Kirk but Spock admits that there is no fault only choices and the life lived after, kaiidith.

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