Hawk and Dove by Martiangirl

This came about because frankly I found it adorable that Spock managed to intergrate so easily and be accepted with the group of traveling space hippies while Kirk is relegated to the role of "The Man". And since the original Star Trek was already a platform addressing the issues of their time, why not make it even more explicit?

Challenge: It is the 1960s. America is fighting a war overseas and seeing the emergence of counter culture revolution movements. Jim Kirk is a pro-war all American boy from Iowa who is dead set on enlisting to fight. Human Spock is the offspring of an interracial marriage who spends his days part of a musical, anti-war group of pacifist hippies. . . until he is drafted. When he and Jim first meet, they could never imagine themselves being in the same room together let alone friends. Nor would they imagine that their lives fighting in hell would lead them to become much closer than brothers.

Must include Adam (from the TOS space hippy episode) as Spock's best friend/maybe possible boyfriend  prior to meeting Jim (rewatch that episode and see just how eager Adam looks at getting Spock to his side). Any other characters can be put in as author choice for whatever role you want.

Bonus points for including Pike and Gary Mitchell.

Even more points if Spock isn't his birth name, but one he adopted for himself after joining his flower power group

Super mega points if Spock assumes McCoy's dislike of him is because of (unfortunately, all too common) racism towards his mixed heritage, but turns out Bone simply hates hippies since hippies managed to convince Bones's teenage daughter to run away from home (made worse when Spock mentions a girl named Joanna who joined Adam's posse a while ago).

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