T'hy'la always. by Born Screaming

The Enterpirse has come across a space anomaly called the Nexus and along with the rescued crew they pull out Admiral James T. Kirk (Prime).

Spock and Jim are shocked, Jim rants about a Spock Prime (Selek) lying to him about the universe imploding and Bones complaining because now there are two Jim Kirks loose on the ship, a guarantee that something will go wrong.

Kirk Prime is faced not only his younger counterpart, but a younger him that is not only married & bonded to this Spock but in the early stages of pregnancy with their child. A love that he had only admitted to himself after years of denial, but was too late to confess before he got caught within the Nexus. Things happen and Kirk Prime and Spock Prime are reunited. 

Post Into Darkness. Mpreg. Kirk Prime/Spock Prime Pre-slash & Slash. Kirk/Spock Established relationship.

Absolutly no Kirk/Carol Marcus. None. Zip. I don't like her in either T.O.S or N.U.

Oh, and I hate it but Jim Kirk was on Tarsus IV after running away from an abusive step-father and an absent mother who loved the stars more than her own son who looked like George.

Categories: Fiction
Characters: McCoy
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