A Decent Girl!Kirk Story, Please!! by trekgirl

Most of the time, when Kirk is written as a girl, the author changes the character completly. It's understandable. Our culture has ingrained a lot of false ideas about gender into our heads. But for once, I would like to see a girl!kirk who is everything her male counterpart is and more! Kirk is committed to his/her work, strong willed, cool under pressure, a loyal friend and the best strategist in star fleet. He/She has his/her flaws, too. He's/She's a big flirt and also proud. Some might even say arrogant. But she's/he's also reasonable and never lets her/his pride endanger the things he/she loves most... his/her ship and his/her crew.

Please! Someone write a decent female Captain Kirk story! They are too few and far between. 


Categories: Fiction, Ficlets
Characters: girl!Kirk
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