The Elusive Jim Kirk...or it is always the quiet ones by flowing_fire

I promise the person who writes this my first child. Or my next kitty, whatever comes first. (most likely the kitty, you have been warned)
So much love to whoever makes this happen. I am even willing to beg. I choose Uhura for being the "bad one" but as for as I care you could make it whoever you see fitting. ;o)


Jim is not the confident cocky skirt chaser. He is very withdrawn, not to say shy and doesn't go out, at all. All he cares about are is studies. He barley talks to anyone. He is a first year on the engineering track. The command track is not (yet) part of his schooling. He is the top of all his classes but nobody knows because he doesn't tell, nobody asks. The only time he does talk is about topics he loves. But only with ppl he feels safe with.

Because he does not react to advances of either men or women at all it becomes some kind of sport for the other cadets to get the „elusive one“!

Uhura is first in line because she actually tried to hook up with Kirk in some bar and he, of course, did not jump at the idea to have a quick tumble in the sheets. So Uhura wants to proof herself and everybody else that she can have whoever she wants. Just to drop Jim as soon as she had him.

Spock, who Uhura is really interested in, finds out and takes it up himself to „rescue“ Jim from Uhura (and the other cadets) by telling Jim what’s going one...Spock is of course not happy with Uhura and shows it!

Spock discovers that Jim is something special and much love ensures, but first Spock has to fight Jims shyness and lacking self-esteem, for part of why Jim does not react to advances at all is because he does not understand why anyone would have him.

Must haves:

  •     reboot vers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  •     Uhura bashing (I love her, but Spock belongs to Jim, sorry girl)
  •     Jim, shy, shy, shy and yes virgin if possible.
  •     Super smart Jim
  •     badass Spock while dealing with the other cadets, cuddly bear while dealing with Jim
  •     the only ppl Jim has any bond with are Scotty and Bones.


It is up to you why Jim is so shy, bad childhood or only ever called Georges Son, not ever seen for himself, Tarsus IV...whatever you want.


Make it believable that someone with Jims looks is as he is, a character study so to speak, so shy, and does not understand what others might see in him.

It is up to you if anybody else of the bridge crew is in this story. I would whoever love to see a certain Vulcan couple.

Bonus: if you can make it NC-17 it would be awesome.

BonusBonus: if Jim has a bit of a "OMG" moment the first time he gets „close“ with Spock

Bonus³: get Jim as geeky and nerdy as possible. Glasses and ugly but comfy cloth, no sense of style or interest in it. But at some point he actually „cleans up“ and all the bad little cadets get to see it. Muahahaha!




Categories: Fiction
Characters: McCoy, Scott, Uhura
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