Tarsus revealed! by chalkbutterfly

Well, loads of K/s fics make a mention of Tarsus IV, and there are many out there which attempt to show how something like that would affect a person, and where Spock comforts Kirk. I love all these fics to death.

However, Kirk's feelings of unworthiness and habits which stem from Tarsus VI are usually glossed over, with the exception of nightmares, and once true love is introduced and Kirk gets a Vulcan teddy, everything seems to get completely better.

My mother was in an abusive relationship when I was younger, and it essentially ended with my sharing an airbed on a tile floor with my younger sister for three months, and often having no food available in the house except instant noodles, which we had to cook in the microwave as my mother's partner controlled all our family's finances, and locked away all our documents. We didn't have an oven, hob, kettle or freezer for about three months. I know that this has given me issues. I can't sleep unless I'm in a proper bed with a thick blanket and two pillows, and I panic if I don't have at least a month's worth of food in the house. (it sounds kind of whingey when I put it like that, actually...)

That's a whole lot less traumatic than Tarsus VI.

So, I would like to see how something like that would affect someone - eating disorder, hoarding behavior, panic attacks, ect. - and having the crew actually notice, because the crew of the USS Enterprise are awesome like that. Usually Bones knows, because he's Kirk's doctor and oldest friend, but the crew never seem to find out.

So, my challenge is this: Have circumstances somehow force Kirk to tell the crew about Tarsus IV.

BONUS:If there is established!K/S with Spock reassuring Kirk that no, it won't change the way the crew sees you, unless it makes them admire you more for surviving, and that Tarsus was horrible, but helped make the Jim Kirk he loves, and everyone else will see it that way too.

SUPER BONUS: If Spock Prime is the first person to put the pieces together, as Kirk Prime had the same issues, and helps nu!Kirk deal, both by talking his issues out, and by suggesting he switch his hoarding spots to better hidden places Kirk Prime eventually found and coping methods.

SUPERDUPERMEGA BONUS: The crew are totally epic about it, and build in a ship pantry near Kirk's quarters, even though the replicators work fine.

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