An Unfair Advantage by Maya

Five times Nu!Spock was jealous of his older self's ability to show emotion around Jim and the one time he did something about it.
Would like at least two examples to before-relationship.

Something like:
Jim: A book! And it's HARDCOPY! Thank you, old man!
Spock!Prime: I thought it would make you happy. *Vulcan-smiles*
Jim: I got a book and a smile! 
Spock: Your displays of emotionalism is unbecoming of a Vulcan. 
Spock!Prime: I am a Vulcan. And you are being rude.
Jim: Spock, be nice leave your older self alone or next time I'm coming down by myself.
Spock!Prime: *logically mocking Spock behind Jim's back*
Spock: *seething and glaring*

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