Hoshi's Boy by StarlightScribe

Jim never really had a role model. His father dead. His mother ran away at every chance and Sam at the first chance he got. And don't even get him started on Frank. Even Aunt Kaitlin and Uncle Josh 'didn't want to replace his parents' But then She came.

Lady Hoshi and she was everything Little Jim (Hoshi called him Ty just like Grampa Kirk) thought a mama should be. And so he became known as Hoshi's boy.

And even after everything went to Hell and Ty became JT. Deep down he was still Hoshi's boy.

Now the Enterprise has a new mission and Hoshi is involved in some way wich has Jim acting a little odd.Spock wants to know what's going on..Hoshi can survive or die on Tarsus your choice.

McCoyand Uhaura play a somewhat major role in this story 

Categories: Fiction
Characters: McCoy, Uhura
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