He Follows His Footsteps, Wherever They May Lead by Kerchan

Abrams Universe. Elder!Spock/nu!Kirk, TOS!Ghost!Kirk/nu!Spock, nu!Spock/nu!Kirk

On a mission to check up on the New Vulcan colony, Spock discovers that a ghost is lingering around his elder self's home. But only Spock (nu!ver) appears to be able to see and hear him. He soon discovers that the ghost is of his captain and is dead, forever following Elder Spock around though the old vulcan doesn't know he's there. Elder Kirk is just happy to have a conversation with someone after so long and doesn't prove very helpful to Spock for some time as elder Kirk just annoys him while they're stationed on New Vulcan even though Spock keeps proclaiming logically that he doesn't believe in ghosts.

But, after a while, Spock gives in and discovers why elder Kirk is haunting elder Spock and discovers the deep love the two had shared and also as a surprise, that Jim has been visiting the elder and getting far too friendly for elder Kirk's liking. So he makes it Spock's mission to separate them. But Spock doesn't know what to do because he doesn't want to interfere with the developing love, but nor does he want his captain having a relationship with his elder self while elder Kirk and he has to know about it. Since Spock's the only one that can touch, see, and hear elder Kirk, the ghostly captain gives him a taste of what he will be missing out on leaving Spock very troubled and uncertain about what he should logically do.

Rules: Doesn't matter who tops or bottoms between the relationships. Fluff expected (sex a bonus). Can be long or short. Would like for Spock to tell Elder Spock somehow that elder Kirk is with him and Elder Spock not being surprised about it at all (and might have known about it all along or something).

Have fun!

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction
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