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I like fics where new Spock is an idiot and turns down/refuses to recognize Kirk as his soulmate. Specifically, I like to see young Spock suffer for his choice as Kirk goes on to get the best revenge by living the better life with Spock prime! I've read a few with this premise, not many though. I also like part alien Kirk fics and M-preg. So I'd like to see these combined.

I'd like Spock to bond uhura but realize immediately that it's a mistake. He married her because of logic; he wants kids. He's unaware that part-alien Kirk is perfectly able to have kids. I want him to stick to his "logical" choice and be forced to watch as Kirk bonds to Spock prime and is joyous.


kirk is part alien, as he wasn't in TOS, and able to have kids.

he has many kids with Spock prime

uhura is infertile and young Spock is stuck with her


The point is that Spock prime gets his happiness. You can pass the age difference off as long- lived Vulcans versus humans kind of evens out between the two. Or, you could give them a shorter Union and eventually give young Spock a happy ending that involves his bonding widowed Kirk and taking custody, happily, of his counterpart' children-- its your muse so do as you will.

Thanks in advance to anyone who gives it a go!

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Summary: I'd like a story where the members of Torchwood somehow meet the crew of the Enterprise on a mission and Captain Jim and Captain Jack basically spend the whole trying to one up each other and proceeding to irritate Spock and Ianto. Jack/Ianto please :) Jack assumes that Jim and Spock are together and makes a comment about it which ends up making things a little awkward... Bonus points if Jack repeatedly hits on the Bridge crew. Bonus BONUS points if Jack and Jim spend half their time one upping each other using sexual innuendos as well.
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So i really want a hurt!spock in an abusive relationship.  Spock meets the guy somehow and it has to take place in the Abrams Universe. This guy Spock is dating takes advantage of him by physicallu and emotionally abusing him. I want protective!Kirk to come out when he finds bruises on Spock.  Also, I want Bones to figure out something is going on when Spock goes in for his physical.  However, I don't want this to be melodramatic and Spock seen as OOC so much so that it takes away from his personality. 

BONUS points if the crew becasue protective over Spock when they find out!

 BONUS if the guy Spock's with is human.

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I've read plenty of AUs where Reboot-verse Kirk and Spock get together while in the Academy, but the basic plot of the movie is still the same, including things like Delta Vega and the choking scene.

What I'd really like to see is Kirk and Spock having a relationship in the Academy actually changing things.  Would Spock really bring Kirk, once he actually knows him, up on charges of academic dishonesty?  (Anyone remember the TOS episode Court Martial when Spock pretty much refused to admit, while under oath, that Kirk was even capable of making a mistake?) Can you get the information from Spock Prime without marooning Kirk on Delta Vega?  Any other potential changes welcome!

Note: NO making Uhura a bitch and a villain.  This trope is one of my biggest peeves with Academy-era romance.

BONUS: If we see both the development of the relationship between Kirk and Spock, and the changes in the plot of the movie.  I do love long stories. :D

DOUBLE BONUS: If there's sex, bottom!Kirk.  Yeah, it's a weakness. :D

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This idea is based on a flier posted on my college campus about a chess club informational meeting labeled in big, bold letters: "Wanna Learn Mating Tactics?"

Jim, being Jim, goes to the informational meeting after seeing a similar flier for chess club. Altogether uninterested in playing (or maybe already knowing how to play) chess, he stays for one reason and one reason only: the intriguing half-Vulcan faculty member (or upperclassman, depending on the verse) who was reluctantly dragged into being a co-sponsor/leader of the club.

I think this has the potential to be a pretty long fic, and I'd write it if I A) had the time and B) knew where it would be going.

And yes, I do see this as being an Academy!fic, although it could probably fit if it was set on the Enterprise shortly after the movie in the Reboot!verse.

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Summary: Kirk and crew make first contact with a new race. Kirk and Spock participate in a ritual they'd been assured was merely an expression of trust and good will, only to find themselves married by accident. To both of their surprise, neither really wants to end their marriage.
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Evil Laughter.  This is a direct challenge to CMM.... to rewirte (filk) "Achey Breakey Heart" and make it sound plausible.


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Everything is in bloom in my neck of the woods and everyone is sneezing with hay fever and allergies. I'm asking for a fic that can be comedic or angsty where for once there's a flu or virus floating around the Enterprise and the crew members with iron based blood are immune and the crew members with copper based (namely Spock, but he needs enough company to keep sickbay hopping) are miserable.

Prefer Reboot Kirk/Spock in an established relationship.

Symptoms are up to you, but they must be bad enough to make a stoic Vulcan miserable.

*Bonus for Kirk blackmailing McCoy into bottling up his snark about Spock's Vulcan physiology until its killing him to be nice and he explodes.

*Bonus for some reason that's Spock can't or is unable to enter a healing trance.

*Bonus for someone singing the Soft Kitty song from The Big Bang Theory TV show.

Have fun!

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Summary: TOS-verse Kirk has only been captain of the Enterprise for a year or two when he finds himself inadvertently in another time and place. Abrams-verse Spock is rather captivated by this older version of his captain. Abrams-verse Kirk doesn't know what to make of it all. (We see a lot of older TOS Kirk and Spock - and Abrams-verse Kirk with TOS Spock - in the Abrams-verse, but not so much on just young, charming, handsome, sexy TOS Kirk with nuTrek Spock. Let's leave the elderly TOS-displaced Spock out of this one. It's all about young Spock and TOS Kirk this time.)
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Summary: Based on "The Apple". Kirk and Spock are observed in a tender moment by a pair of Vaal's keepers.
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Summary: After the Narada incident, in the dark hours of the night, Jim wants to share more than that glance on the bridge with Spock. He wants to reaffirm life for both of them.
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Jim is deathly afraid of mind melds after the one between Spock Prime and him.  Spock the younger believes Jim must submit to a mindmeld in order to continue their relationship development.  What happens?

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Abramsverse. Kirk has a fear of commiting to a monogamous, long-term relationship. Why, exactly, I leave up to you, dear author. He loves Spock, but the idea of commitment freaks him out, so he acts out by hopping in the sack with the two cat women. Events of STID unfold, and while in recovery Kirk deals with his issues of commitment and really understands that Spock is his universal constant. By the time the Enterprise is ready to be recommissioned, he and Spock are bonded and looking forward to the adventures awaiting them.

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Summary: After the battle, Kirk send Pike on a shuttle to earth asap while the Enterprise takes a slower route to pick up survivors and Spock Prime. Kirk uses skills learned on Tarsus IV to help children etc. with trauma and loss. Gaila lives and is a Big Damn Hero. Spock is jealous of Gaila and Kirk sharing is mind with others. When they get back to earth, Spock is repped for assaulting Kirk, abandoning him, and putting Uhura on Enterprise due to favouritism. Pike's original best pick is assigned to Enterprise for the 5YM and Uhura is reprimanded for abandoning post, etc. and assigned elsewhere as Ensign. Comm. Officers are supposed to be perceptive and in 3 yrs she didn't see Kirk's potential and was off base with Spock - which is why Pike didn't pick her. Spock is Lieu Comdr or Lieu. Chekhov and Gaila are Lieus, Scotty and Bones are Comdrs, and they receive medals etc. Spock now has alot to think about - how will his relationship with Kirk build through the first missions? Virgin!Spock. Bottom!Spock. Bonus - Kirk stays in touch with Vulcans and is a bit of a hero with power. Bonus 2 - smart!Kirk. Bonus 3 - 7 - allergies, hurt!Kirk, alcohol contest/drunk with Bones, (past?) affair with Gary Mitchell, interaction with Kor from TOS (Kor desires Kirk, maybe they have rough!sex?). The Empire ends up fearing Kirk. Superbonus - Kirk meets the Romulan Commander outside of battle and gains the respect of the empire. Maybe they have a mutual attraction? Or father/son.
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Sarek has been experiencing a odd series of COMM calls from his Son. Spock it seems has been accidently sending messages to his Father during events on the Enterprise. "Butt Dialing" as the Humans seem to refere to it.

It's up to you to choose if the Events are audio or video based messages. Have fun with the whole experience! I can imagine you could keep it to a one shot or a whole multi-chapter story.

There could be humor or angst. Which ever way you choose to take it, have fun with the possibilities!

Categories: Fiction Characters: Amanda, Chris Pike, girl!Kirk, girl!Spock, McCoy, Sarek

Because of his Vulcan upbringing, Spock has never really had the chance to be vulnerable or really "taken care of". Kirk sees this and steps in to take the role he was made for, being Spocks "Daddy". Kirk takes care of, spoils and controls Spock. Spock has issues getting out of "sub-space" and the crew notices his strange new personality characteristics.

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I would love it if some wonderful writer would write a longish fiction peice where spocks alien anatomy and culture play a significant part in the story and in Kirk and spocks relationship.

I would like for them both to be hetosexual but eventually recognize that their deepening friendship was replacing their romantic partners.  No quick fast jumps on the sack please!  Spock knows all about human needs and expectations but educates Kirk in Vulcan ways.  

Be creative and suprise me with the cultural differences.  We all know human norms but what about Vulcan customs? 

Extra points for a creative pon Farr

First time, prefer possessive Spock.    
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Summary: Ok, lots of tos!trek k/s has chensei and fraals... What about nu!trek?? Can we get knotting, tentacles..... Libe from fingers... I don't know what. K/s, no uhura, can be reboot 1 or 2 compliant or au. I just want to see some alien physiology. And yes, janetlester on lj is awesome - detachable dick etc. Virgin spock ftw! Esp prior to pon farr. Or can be tos!trek.
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I know this idea is not very original but I would like to see a crossover between Star Trek and Aliens. You know Sigourney Weaver, xenomorphs, the eggs, facehuggers, chestbursters, warriors, and the queen. You could use original series (Shatner / Nimoy) or the alternate original series (Pine / Quinto).

The Challenge:

There is a mining colony located on a planet that has regular violent storms that make communications from the colonists irregular and the use of the transporter impossible. Only specially shielded shuttles can transport to and from the colony to a starship. The colonists feel the hazards are worth it because of what they mine, either dilithium or something else valuable. Then the colonist miners discover an old ship, with mysterious eggs inside.

Starships are regularly sent to check on the mining colony. The Enterprise is the one sent to do the next scheduled welfare check. Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and an away team of medical and engineering crewmembers take a shuttlecraft down, in case the colony has medical or repair issues. Scotty is left in charge of the Enterprise. Once the shuttle either lands or crashes, they enter the main complex and discover the colonists missing and signs of fighting. Investigating, they discover facehuggers in the labs or medbay and perusal of the logs lead to learning about the ship, the eggs, acid blood, and the parasitic nature of their reproduction. The away team struggle to stay alive until they can find a way to escape or make contact with the Enterprise for a rescue.


The team finds two survivors, two children, a Vulcan boy around 9 or 10 (could be named Sasik) and a human girl around 6 or 7 (could be named Newt / Rebecca). They survived by using the air ducts to hide and the boy using his enhanced senses.

At some point the team ventures into the nest in search of more survivors and suffers casualties.

Someone, maybe Chekov or Chapel, is implanted by a facehugger with an embryo and it is a race against the clock to get that person back to the Enterprise to remove the embryo before it kills that person. (It is known from the logs that removing a facehugger before its done results in killing its victim. When it finishes its task, it removes itself and dies.)

This story must be Kirk / Spock pairing. While they are on the colony, the two realize their feelings for one another. They also become attached to the two kids and decide to adopt them.

Optional: The human girl becomes separated and is taken. Kirk and Spock go back for her, invading the nest and killing the queen.

Optional: The colony's power generators, maybe a thermonuclear reactor, have been damaged and will soon explode, destroying the colony. It is race against the clock to escape before then.

Optional: You can make either the boy or the girl the child of a cousin of either Spock or Kirk.

Optional: For Abramsverse, you can have Kirk's brother as one of the colonists and the girl his daughter, making her Kirk's niece.

Bonus: BottomKirk, TopSpock

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Summary: Its just what it sounds like, aliens caused Spock and Kirk to have sex through the use of sex pollen. That's right two cliches for the price of one! Make it sappy, happy, or funny, heck all three if you want. Bonus if the pollen makes Spock go into pon far Have fun
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