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Spock is still dating Uhura, when for a reason to be dictated by the author Spock somehow gets Jim pregnant.  However Jim does not want to have the baby, but is forced to keep it.  Spock continues his relationship with Uhura while expecting Jim to have the baby and care for it.  Jim refuses to accept that he has to have the baby.



1.  Jim does not automatically fall in love with the baby.

2. The story can have a happy or sad ending.

3. Jim makes a decision where he does not keep the baby (i.e. adopts it out, gives it to Uhura and Spock, or has an abortion, transfers the pregnancy to another, or some other solution)

4. Jim has post-partum depression

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So in one of the Abrames-verse comics, we see the mirrorverse Jim as a Commander trying to destroy Vulcan and getting killed for it by Uhura and Spock.  Please re-write this so mirror Jim gets lives, keeps his title (or becomes the Captain), and gets with mirror Spock.

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I'm seeking a fanfic about The Enterprise Crew getting a few days shore leave and kirk ends up renting a speed boat and dragging Spock along an Kirk would drive kinda crazy because he's never driven a boat before but "how hard could it be?" And freak Spock out and Kirk would be having the time of his life and eventually Spock would calm down and Kirk would look over at Spock and see the wind rushing through his voluptuous hair and get totally turned on and they would idle the boat into a cove and drop the anchor and float around and Spock would be all nervous because Vulcans don't like water and Kirk has to coax him in and ends up giving up with his stubbornness and ends up pushing him in and they have a great time and end up having great boat sex.  



You can add any scenes you want and what not. Hell, you can make Bones go along if you want. I love his attitude.


  Bonus Point for Spock's sassiness


  Double Bonus points for more than one sex scene


  Mega Bonus points for 5000+ words


  Super-Altra Mega Bonus points for Bones walking in on them/ seeing them in some way, shape or form. Or torturing Bones in general (Not literally, no whips and chains needed xD) (I love torturing Bones)


  Wanted but not needed some form of flirty Texting, between Spock and Kirk, if you can somehow find away to get that in there, would be much appreciated :D

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Most of the time, when Kirk is written as a girl, the author changes the character completly. It's understandable. Our culture has ingrained a lot of false ideas about gender into our heads. But for once, I would like to see a girl!kirk who is everything her male counterpart is and more! Kirk is committed to his/her work, strong willed, cool under pressure, a loyal friend and the best strategist in star fleet. He/She has his/her flaws, too. He's/She's a big flirt and also proud. Some might even say arrogant. But she's/he's also reasonable and never lets her/his pride endanger the things he/she loves most... his/her ship and his/her crew.

Please! Someone write a decent female Captain Kirk story! They are too few and far between. 


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Q or some other entity decides the Big 3 got a raw deal so he sends their souls back into the younger bodies.

I would like to see a K/S/M fic. Bonus points for a 3 way T'hy'la bond

The fact that they are so comfortable with each other kind of freaks people out.

Bonus points for very confused vulans.

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I was watching A Few Good Men last night, and the second I saw Tom Cruise waltz into Demi Moore's office munching on an apple and being an all around cocky shit, I knew I had to post this challenge, which calls for a reboot of the movie starring our favorite ST:XI characters.

I'm envisioning Kirk as Lt. Kaffee, Bones as Lt. Weinberg, and Spock as Lt. Crd. Galloway. (I'm fine with Spock being human, but no gender bending of any kind, please.) You can have the rest of the cast fill whichever roles you like. (I picture Sulu and Chekov as Dawson and Downey, but that's just a suggestion) 

Can be a modern AU or a Starfleet "JAG" AU.

Don't feel as if you have to strictly adhere to the plot (or sub-plots) of the movie. (If I wanted to read the transcript of the movie with the character's names changed to ST characters, I could do it myself with a search and replace.) I very much want everyone to be in character despite their radically different careers.

The only other requirement is some yummy K/S, but if you want to keep it to sparks-flying pre-slash, that’s fine by me.


  • Areel Shaw for the prosecution
  • Some cute Spock & Chekov interaction (nothing slashy-- just big brother/mentor/two geeky peas in a pod stuff)

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Cannedebonbon drew a beautiful picture of Spock in a geisha costume We both agree that this would make a wonderful story. Historically, men were the original geisha's and I would like to see a fic where Spock, was perhaps stolen as a child from his prominent family and sold to a geisha house in another province. James Kirk is captain of the Enterprise, a western ship on an exploratory mission to open trade with Japan.

What I'd like:

  • Bottom Spock, please, with lots of angst and some h/c sprinkled in.
  • Geisha's are entertainers, not whores. I would like to see Jim misunderstand the roll of a geisha and Spock sets him straight.
  • Sarek is the minister/lord chosen to facilitate the trade agreement and hires Spock (unknowing that he's the son that was kidnapped from him years ago) the most prominent geisha in the land.
  • Spock's parentage is discovered and in order to save his families honor, he leaves with his lover (Kirk) to go back to the west. With homosexuality bringing a death sentence in Europe, he continues to dress and act geisha. None of the crew (except for McCoy) know that he's a male.

*Bonus for Sybok (Sarek's older son from a previous marriage) being behind the kidnapping plot to ensure his place as heir and in revenge for Sarek setting aside his mother in favor of Amanda, a western woman that was the sole survivor of a shipwreck.

*Bonus for Kirk trying to seduce his geisha and winds up falling in love. **Double bonus for the feeling being mutual.

*Bonus for it to be illegal for Spock to handle weapons, but surprising his aggressors/assassins with martial arts (neck pinch?)

*Bonus for McCoy finding out Spock is male from having to give him medical aid. How surprised his is, is up to you.

*Bonus for a touching and emotional scene between father and son at their reunion and again at their parting.

That's what I'm hoping for, but I'll be just as happy with any kind of Geisha Spock fic. I know writing is hard work, but making it historical is even harder, so however this comes out, the author will have earned a lifetime of virtual hugs from me. :)

Please check out Cannedebonbon's drawing for inspiration.

Categories: Fiction Characters: Amanda, Chris Pike, Gary Mitchell, McCoy, Sarek, Scott

Spock is the reincarnation of Sylar aka Gabriel from Heroes.  Jim is the reincarnation of Danny from Blind Dating.  Their paths have always crossed and love has always bloomed.  Could one tell their tale?


Must Haves:

1. Spock dealing with the fact that he was a killer in the past.

2. Spock/Sylar saying Jim/Danny always believed in him

3. Jim dealing with his past

4. Exploring both Jim and Spock's current and past connection to each other.




1. Whatever caused the Heroes mutation may be present in the future or it may not.  Writer's choice.

2. Danny could have a super power.

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Everyone knows how the Star Trek 2009 has ended. Everyone also knows that Amanda Grayson is dead. But is she really?

3 years after the events in Star Trek into Darkness, a Vulcan historian who survived destruction of Vulcan, found on Earth in New York pictures and a journal from XXI century. On those pictures without a doubt is showed Amanda Grayson and that journal clearly belonged to her! She speaks of Vulcans, Sarek, Spock, space travel and those moments right before she presumably died.

Now Spock, Sarek and James Kirk are on a journey to find a way to get back in time and bring her back. Spock Prime comes for the rescue!

This journey is to find and bring back a lost love but also to find a new one.

Spock and Jim have been dancing around each other since Khan and Jim's miraculous return. But can they go one step further? And what of Spock's father? Can he accept that his son will not marry a Vulcan woman he intended for him but the man that saved him and the Vulcan elders?

I always thought that killing Amanda Grayson was (and still is) a grave mistake. I understand why JJ Abrams did it but still, I wish she somehow survived and came back.

So I thought why not make it a challenge? We all know that travelling back in time is possible in Star Trek universe and we know how. Spock Prime knows it also but the trio adventurers have no idea how or if it even is possible.

Firstly I thought I would make a challenge where Amanda is stuck in the transport like Scotty has been in one of the TNG episodes but that would be too easy ;) Then I thought of Q, but then he could easly bring her back so that went out of the window also.

So I came up with what you've just read. Besides who of you doesn't want to see Spock and Sarek in jeans, sneakers, t-shirt and beanie? I do.

I'm looking for someone to share in an adventure

Categories: Fiction Characters: Amanda

I've had this idea/ storyline in my head for over a year now and due to various health and other real life issues I'm likely never going to write it. So here is my outline/ points on what I would adore in a fic. Artistic license to your hearts content, as long as there is a happy ending. :)

Sarek notices something about Jim that no one else does

Surak said that only logical to defend your mate and family- other hidden issues with sexuality with Vulcans that they didn’t let other species in on (i.e. double ridges, telepathic erogenous zones etc.) Pon Farr is just the tip of the iceburg.

Jim much smarter than he lets on- i.e. can read Vulcan from his time studying on Taurus IV (where the translator was on the fritz more often than not)—major points if Jim can contribute to something going on in the science research part of the ship and/or engineering and/or is able to identify something quicker than Spock

Jim submissiveish when it comes to actual relationships not just ones where they indulge in each others bodies without real connection (So Jim is still Jim but with a submissive twist.)

Jim also more actively avoids certain types of foods etc due to allergies that Spock and Uhura originally take as lack of willingness to branch out and try other alien species foods etc. (I have allergies myself and I am often scared sh*tless if I’ve eaten something and I think I might be having an anaphylactic reaction, so I avoid a bunch of foods. Would love to see a realistic fear written for Jim regarding this, as well as maybe not enough food either).

Cocky, diplomat Jim just a mask he’s developed from childhood-lack of affection, lack of comfort or support, Taraus IV, Frank, etc.

McCoy calls him darlin’ at some point and means it- Bonus points

Spock and him on bad terms still professional but by no means friendly especially as Spock believe Uhura about her first and continuing impression of Jim

Sarek follows something Amanda once said to him and researches Jim, what he finds stuns and impresses him (in a vulcany way)

Sarek begins talking with Jim and Jim slowly opens up to him

Sarek eventually decides Jim needs a Vulcan bondmate that can appreciate his genius as well as care for him according to submissive Vulcan care customs

As Ambassador gets the Enterprise to come help New Vulcan

Selek greatly frightened Jim when he melded with him on ice planet- possibly damaged him a bit sending over all that information

Vulcan had done research finding that the majority of submissives have high empathy scores and now that Vulcan destroyed especially important

Kinky possessive Vulcan sex :P

Happy ending is a must

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I follow the train of thought that AOS has always been an Alternate Universe and the arrival of Spock Prime and the Narada simply caused even greater differences between the two verses. That and I was re-reading my fav fics by CMM and Awarrington and thinking about how the slightest tweak can cause so much change. Then I came up with this....


I've got this awesome idea growing about in my head. One day I may play with it, but not right now, so I place it here to see what others may do.   When it comes to Kahn's back story.... What if the genetic modification was something naturally existent in a small percentage of humans and the genetic tinkering amplified it to the point it's at the level Kahn is. Then I'm wondering. How did they manage to round up all 73 people 300 years ago when Spock, Kirk, and the crew could barely catch one?

What if there weren't 73, but 74 and there's an even number because each of the warriors has a mate that is similar to the Vulcan concept of T'hy'la. 300 years ago their mates were used to force them into cryogenic hibernation. Kahn was woken without his mate, so he's missing his balance and having to exist in a timeline where everyone is hostile to him and holding his mate and people hostage. He knows his mate isn't dead. He can feel it, but he can't contact him due to the cryosleep.  

With a few tweaks, when it comes to the assault on Starfleet during the meeting, he could have been aiming for disabling shots instead of kill shots. Because really, if he was aiming to kill, Kahn would have made sure to hit Marcus. He's supposedly extremely good at fighting. That would normally include good aim. Pike would be incapacitated, but not dead and Marcus would still be able to manipulate Kirk, but eventually Spock's logic and Scotty's pleas and resignation lead to the away team scenario. But when he's told of the torpedoes, one slight change. He asks "Just 72?"  

Scenarios follow on and Kahn tempts Kirk with his history. Now, in this universe, Kirk is just bitter and cynical enough to have researched the darkest times of Earth's history. I could truly see him having found and researched this topic and learned that the genetic traits that were naturally part of humanity had since been repressed through the use of drug therapy. But if he knew the history, knew the reality and then took into context Kahn's implication that something is missing... Once they discover the men in the cryo chambers, he would put it together and come back to Kahn with the question of where's his mate. Revealing to Spock and Bones this hidden history of Earth.  

From there much happens similarly, but if Jim revealed he was one who'd been born with this natural genetic happening and had it blocked as an infant as was common in his time when Jim went to Kahn and then offered to help him find and wake his mate. Bones may protest, but if Spock likened it to the T'hy'la bond, he would see the logic in it. This may be enough to convince Kahn to not betray them on the bridge of the other ship. Especially if once Marcus is in custody, they search for Kahn's mate and have him transferred to the Enterprise. Then instead of Kahn firing on the Enterprise, Marcus would need to escape custody and do so. Kahn taking out Marcus. Jim, Scotty, and Chekov saving the Enterprise with the touching scene between Spock and Kirk. Kahn setting the self-destruct on the black ship and beaming to the Enterprise. He wouldn't be suicidal. His mate is still alive after all and he couldn't do that to him. Then Kahn offering his blood when McCoy makes his discovery.   

And then becomes the question of what to do with 74 individuals who's genetics were tinkered to amplify an aspect of human society that has been shoved into the darkest recesses of history for centuries. I think once everything was said and done they might do well with those on New Vulcan helping in the rebuilding and possibly finding that place Kahn had dreamed of for his people when they woke. He did say he'd dreamed of peace.  

And then it's quite possible that the infusion of Kahn's blood could cause the awakening of Kirk's genetic legacy, though his is a part of natural evolution and probably not quite as extreme as Kahn's, though who knows it could lend itself to increasing his lifespan to a degree. Either that or the Vulcan's probably have a solution for that aspect. It would be fun to see how Jim's genetic history ties in to the T'hy'la bond with Spock. It'd end up Kirk/Spock I'm pretty sure. Of course there's always that possibility of Kirk/Spock/McCoy in this little alternate universe or even Kirk/Spock/Kahn.... But definitely Kirk/Spock at least. And Martin is always available as Kahn's mate....

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Established relationship , Spock and kirk go with a landing party but are captured by the natives , kirk is given something that turns out to be an Aphrodasiac and he violently rapes forward. How does Spock cope with a fear of the man he loves and how does kirk cope with what he did to Spock can be either TOS or AOS. 

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When Jim and Spock got together, everyone thought Jim wasn't being serious and would hurt Spock. So he got talked by almost everyone he knew: Uhura, Pike, even McCoy.

Jim, they said, don't hurt Spock. You know yourself, right?

Only the older Spock, far far away on the new vulcan, smiled to Jim and wished him happy.

Jim knew in another universe he and Jim were a very happy couple. So were him and his Spock, he thought. Just they were both much younger. They haven't learned to compromise, to give up a little of themselves for love. Though they would argue, would fight, would start the childish cold war, Jim felt he couldn't be happier in his whole life.  This was the first time in his life he felt loved and he wouldn't exchange it with anything. He started to learn how to love one's beloved, by changing,  by giving, by being the one always willing to compromise more.

Several months later, a mission went terribly wrong. Due to the difficult situation and part to Jim's impulsiveness Spock always disagreed, a mission rescuing captives kidnapped by a pirate ship failed. Several vulcans died. The ship escaped. Jim blamed himself.  Spock blamed himself and Jim. He couldn't get over this and started to think he and Jim didn't belong to the same path. They followed totally different rules. Mightbe he made the wrong decision to end the relationship with Uhura. Mightbe he let his undeniable physical attraction to Jim cloud his logic after all.

Spock decided to break up with Jim. Jim begged him, but no use. He understood the failure of mission was one of the reasons Spock couldn't accept him, but the fact that Spock never stopped weighing his decision between Uhura and Jim just hurt him deeply.  (But Spock didn't go back with Uhura. He knew he had no feelings for her any more. )

The Enterprise sent the vulcans' bodies back to the new colony.  Jim felt deeply ashamed and wept before Selek. Selek regretted Spock's decision and said, in this universe, maybe it's too early for the two of you to meet. You both are too young and need more time.

The words made Jim's inside break. And Spock went all official and detached with him. He felt he was slowly dying by every day.  Maybe he couldn't belong to anyone, maybe it's his destiny to be alone.  And he sure learned his humility.

One year later,  the five year mission ended with Enterprise back to earth. Jim never stopped trying to track the escaped pirate ship after the tragedy. He finally got the faint clue where the ship might be and decided to go hunt the ship. He knew Spock was going to new Vulcan and he waited outside of his house to say farewell to him.

After Jim was gone, Spock felt anxious by no reasons and knew there's something going on with Jim. He couldn't deny himself he never stopped caring and loving Jim.

He accidentally found Jim's bold plan. He refused to go back home with his father and went after Jim.

Jim had intended to check out the hideout of the ship and confirm first, then go call the authority. But he got caught by the pirates and was badly beaten.  He just thought himself really stupid and might never see the sun, the earth and Spock again, when Spock suddenly appeared and saved him. The pirates were all put under the force of the authority.

They went back home. Jim wouldn't let go Spock's hands in his unconciousness. When he woke up, he supprised to find Spock still at his bedside.

In the following days, they talked,  they forgave each other, they laughted at their silliness and cried over their loss. They made love, and expected the new five-year mission together.

*Must:  sexual scenes(yes, plural!) and Bottom Jim

*Bonus: 1. the longer, the better!

 2. Angst. It's legal to break hearts here.

 3. Please don't make Spock cruel, because he's not. He has his reasons and they are both young.

I really wanna see in the new universe with much younger characters, there might be a possiblity that they are being foolish, and they just need more time and going through much more to have love. But they're thy'la, which is the truth that can't be changed in any universe.


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I would like to see a Mirror mpreg Spock story.

Spock is either kidnapped before he finds out he’s pregnant or runs away when he does find out.

Jim of course goes after him either way, not knowing about the baby.

When he catches up to Spock, Spock should be either having the baby right then or is still recovering from the birth and is weak.

There should be one moment of pure dread where Spock thinks that either Jim or Bones killed the baby. I would love it if Jim hear’s a baby cry and orders someone to kill it not knowing it was Spock’s and then Bones recognizes it as being part Vulcan and looking way to similar to the captain so saves it and does a DNA test on it to confirm.

When Jim does find out the baby is his I want him to be surprisingly cool with it, but not really sure how to react. He shouldn’t be angry about it or super affection. Like ‘Yeah ok, I have a part Vulcan brat…cool.”

The relationship of Jim and Spock is up to you.

I would really like it if Bones gets attached to the baby and if Bones has some sort of friendship or close alliance with Jim.

Extra points if…

This is the Nu Trek Mirror verse and the baby has blue eyes.

The child is a girl, that Jim names.

And super mega awesome points if Jim punishes Spock for hiding the baby or thinking he would kill it and that leads to awesome sex.

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Summary: Okay here's my challenge. I prefer it in Abrams universe, however Amanda must survive. After the events of the battle with Nero, Spock and Jim are drawn to each other. (Nyota and Spock had an amiable breakup, Jim's not a homewrecker.) Jim and Spock begin a relationship and it comes to the point where Spock needs Sarek's blessing to bring Jim into the clan. Sarek refuses demanding that Spock bond with a female and help rebuild the population of the Vulcan race. Spock refuses and Sarek threatens to have him brought before the High Council and have Spock declared without world or clan for refusing his responsibilities to clan and world. Spock does not care and returns to Enterprise. Enter T'Pau, Spock's grammie. She as leader of the council summon's Jim and Spock to the council, she verifies their T'hy'la bond. Sarek is stunned, T'Pau admonishes him, making him repeat the story she taught him at age 4 about Surak and his T'hy'la, a story that teaches children about the sacred bond that cannot be forced, that cannot be changed, and cannot be denied. T'Pau states that logic demands that one whom has caused hurt as Sarek has must be made to endure at least a measure of the same hurt. She cites the 20 years of silence between Sarek and his son, as well as the refusal to acknowledge the T'hy'la bond with Jim. She sentences him to a year in Coventry, during which no one family included may acknowledge Sarek's existence, no communication, no comfort, no touch. Nothing. The punishment is to take place after Jim and Spock's formal bonding ceremony on New Vulcan. T'Pau then tells Spock that she has made arrangements with Star Fleet and he will take Sarek's place for 1 year as clan leader, with Jim at his side. Spock tries to refuse citing that he is not a true vulcan. T'Pau tears this arguement down. ***bonus points T'Pau refutes this and states just this once that she is proud of her grandson. The bonding happens and Sarek relinquishes his place. He then leaves on a years pilgrimage into the desert. Unknown to Sarek or Spock or Amanda Jim manages to hide a small transponder in Sarek's pack. Using the transponder Jim regularly beams in to make certain that Sarek is in good health, during coventry if he were to be hurt or in trouble no one would respond to a may day. Shortly before the end of the year Jim beams in to find Sarek severly wounded from a wild animal attack. Jim beams him back to the estate and using his first aid training tries to stabalize Sarek, Spock finds them and steps in to help. Sarek vows to be a worthy father to such a fine pair of sons. Together he and Amanda see them off when Enterprise returns to collect its Captain and First Officer. Sarek then pulls Jim to the side he apologizes, asking Jim to help his son, “I tried to make him something he is not, much to my shame. He is a child of two worlds, my failure caused him to feel unwelcome on this one, it was fitting that he found his life mate from his other home world.” Sarek tells Jim that he is proud to have him as his son. Sarek holds him hand up with spread fingers, offering the traditional touch allowed between close family members. Jim touchs his fingertips to Sarek’s. Sarek’s thoughts cross the touch and he “hears”, “Son of my heart, know that I have come to love you, and am always here if you ever have need of me.” Jim feels a tear slip down his cheek Sarek envelops him in a fatherly hug, a spectacle that one year ago Sarek would have never indulged in, however knowing that it is what Jim truly needs, a father’s arms around him, to comfort and provide a safe haven if only for a moment. Sarek whispers in his ear, “I love thee my son, more than you will ever know.” As he says this he is looking directly into Spock’s eyes. Spock knows that the message is to both Jim and himself. Jim and Spock then leave and carry on with their lives. ****Super Bonus Points**** Amanda is like a mama sehlet, she's ready to take on the council and her errant husband in defense of her son, and the son of her heart. I had this inspiration reading several fics by CMM, who is my hero. I'd write it but I'm afraid I'd mangle it to pieces...
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Anyone who's seen the end of Star Trek 2009 will remember that unforgettable moment where Spock meets Spock, and Old Spock talks Young Spock into following his heart instead of 'offering his assistance for the rebuildin/population of Vulcan' (to paraphrase greatly)

Now, working my underworked nerdy, sick mind, that leads me to believe that Spock is, indeed, NOT sterile as many fics will lead one to believe, as he wants to help rebuild Vulcan. (In that area or not, I'm saying it is.)

And that leads us to Pt. 1


Spock, after much time (after the second movie, of course) cannot stand the harrassments anymore. Not from the Vulcan council, and most certainly not from his father, both insisting that he return just long enough to help populate Vulcan, being as they are very low on pointed-ears.

He goes to Jim, being uber Vulcan-y embarrassed and vague and secretive, asks if he could help his race populate. When asked how, he merely states 'donation.' After a misleading talk (perhaps just in Jim's head or with McCoy) Jim is lead to believe Spock means *cough* sperm *cough.

This leads us to necessity No. 1

Indeed, it is not sperm, but an actual baby being implanted in Spock as a surrogate. The child must be 100% Vulcan.

You can make up some crap about Vulcan laws wanting 2 kids per family or whatever, or if ya can't have kids naturally you have to donate so that someone else can carry the lineage. Whatever you want to make it seem logical and madatory for Spock to do this, whether he wants to or not.

Nessesity No. 2 - Spock does not keep the child, even if he fluctuates between wanting it or not. Up to you, but he does not keep it.

Spock also has to stay with his father and/or counterpart for awhile after implantation of the baby. Old Spock being supportive and Sarek being distant/maybe ass-hole-y/maybe guilty. Asshole!Sarek is up to you.

You can make up some shit about why he had to be dumped there alone. No more than a week or two, please.

Necessity no. 3. I have a bit of a soft spot for sick Spock.

Morning sickness. As descriptive as you please, and preferably not just morning. Pre-Mid-Late or all throughout. And then whatever other pregnancy symptons you want. Just don't go crazy over cravings or crap like that.

Seeing as the baby is 100% Vulcan, that can play some crap into Spock's blood and every thing not being fully copper. Scares with Spock, scares with baby, whatever floats your boat.

Preferably pre-slash or friendship with Kirk. There's enough smut out there.

I have no prefence over gender or name, knock yourself out. (Maybe Solomon if it's a boy.... always thought that sounded kinda Vulcan)

Spock does get to go back to the ship and is all secretive about what happened, still leaving Jim and Bones and whoever to think he donated sperm. How others find out/spread the news is up to you.

Medical explenations for how he gets pregnant is up to you. I've heard something about an auxilary uterous - can't remember where from - but no implantations of 'girly parts', please. That's just weird.

Whatever else you want added, add. I'm not picky, but I would prefer it to be a longer, actuallt plotted story. If you wanna wing it, then wing it. Not too picky.

I think I covered everything.... Birthing is painful and all that crap. Not really picky... If you want it to be Stonn's and T'Pring's baby, go ahead. Wanna make something up, go ahead. Want it to be dumped in an orphanage for random distribution to a Vulcan family, go ahead.


EDIT: Auxilary uterous is the invention of the most awesome of writers CMM, and used with permission in the making of this challenge and any future stories that may be connected to it for this circumstance. Thank you...

That is all.

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I have an idea, but I do not have the literary skill to pull it off myself, so I am issueing it as a challenge instead. 

Setting the scene:

It is a ways into their five year mission and Captain Kirk and Spock have an establish relationship.  However, do to it being taboo for a Captain and his Commanding Officer to have a relationship and them not wanting to be the main point of gossip across the galaxy they have kept their relationship a secret from the crew.  Maybe Bones knows, but that is it. 

Something goes wrong and the ship is in impending paral.  Maybe a powerful alien race is going to destroy it or the engine are died and they are getting pulled into the sun.  However you think is a believable way for the whole ship, including all of the crew, to be potentially destroyed.  Captain Kirk, Spock and the crew, try everything in their power, but it looks like they have 5 minutes to live and they are out of ideas. 


1) Create a very public goodbye scene on the bridge, filled with loving words, kisses, and strange looks from all of the bridge crew. Note: Jim and Spoke are soulmates and the thought of their life together being cut short it unbearable.

2) I like happy endings, so find a way for the ship to be saved in the last possible minute

Bonus Points if:

-All the TOS crewmen are at least mentioned if not actually active characters (Chekov, Sulu, Uhara, Scotty, Bones)

-Flashbacks of Jim and Spock's relationship are included (with sex, because their should be sex in every K/S fiction, but they obviously can't have it on the bridge when they are all about to die)

-There is a slightly awkward, but humourous ending, since they didn't end up dying but now everyone knows


I hope someone likes this idea and runs with it, have fun and thanks,


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Spock and Jim are together. It is one year and a half after the events in Into Darkness. They decide to get married (the human way) on the ship and then ask Sarek and T'Pau if they can be bonded.

But some Star Fleet ships and their crew had some problems. Diplomatic problems. It put Star Fleet Command and Earth in the wrong light. So the Star Fleet Command decides to assign a person who worked in diplomacy to the ship (after 6 weeks of basic training like shooting from a phaser or self defence).

USS Enterprise diplomatic officer (or whatever you choose to call that person) is...SAREK! (as to the attire it could be the same as Spock's. Blue)


Already halfway in their preparations for the weeding, how will Jim and especially Spock work with Sarek? And why did Sarek decide to become part of the USS Enterpise crew? Does this have something to do with Sybok or a rumor that there is a place that can bring anything and anyone back from the dead.

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So, this is the only place I know of to post prompts/challenges/requests, and this one has been bouncing around in my head for months now:

Spock wearing a pair of vibrating massage gloves and trying to keep his stuff together while using them to give Kirk a massage.


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Can I have a Pon Farr with Spock being either 100% submissive or chained down so he can't hurt Jim and bottoms just to be on the safe side?

It would make a lot more sense if he thought he would hurt Jim for Spock to insist on being tied down in fact.

I'd like this to be Nu Trek, but EPIC BONUS POINTS for Mirror Trek where Jim tricks an out of control Spock into restraints he has on his bed and then teases him mercilessly and fucks him.

I'd also love a really sweet after scene of Jim taking off the restraints and taking care of Spock. If it's the Mirror verse then Spock needs to be especially bewildered at Jim being nice afterward, but grateful.


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