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Summary: A series of firsts in Jim and Spock's lives. I'd like this to be a two-part fic, and also include Jim's first night in his quarters on the Enterprise. Firsts can be funny, serious, sexytimes, happy, sad, whatever you like.
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Summary: How the five senses (sight, hearing, sound, touch, taste) play a role in Spock/Kirk's attraction to Kirk/Spock. Can be a slow build culminating in sexytimes, or a bit more PWP (with every sense taking center stage during a round of sexytimes).
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This challenge is for any pairing, any genre, any length. This could mean gay, straight, bi, lesbian, no sex, pansexual, etc. This could mean adventure, romance, erotica, horror, angst, hurt/comfort, deathfic, etc. There's just one mandatory element...there must be a scene in which Lieutenant Commander Giotto and Cupcake meet.

There may be many scenes involving their interactions, if you want. Hell - make them a pairing if you want to! I will cheer you on like crazy! Really!

And, yes, this may sound like I'm asking for twins or something similar. But in fact they ARE different people! Cupcake's name is actually Lieutenant Hendorff and his character exists in both TOS and Abram's 'verse. The differences are that in TOS he was not called Cupcake...and he was the first of four redshirts to die in [episode] "The Apple." A pod plant killed him. Yup.

Giotto, on the other hand, was the chief security officer and lived through Kirk's ridiculously insane adventures in TOS! ^^


This isn't a challenge to satisfy my crazy made-up scenario. This is Trek fact - Cupcake is not Giotto, and the poor guys just want to be recognized. This year's April issue of the IDW Star Trek confirms Cupcake's identity as does the Star Trek Wiki. Funny what being a comic geek will teach you, right?


Now...let the typing begin~!

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I'm sure this probably has been suggested before, something along these line or another...

So for this challenge I want to make it that Vulcan's really are emotionless, they only gain their emotions when they find their Thy'la. It's sudden and foreign and most of them you know tend to have to learn how to adapt to live with emotions. I want to make Vulcans a little more to their ancestrial chaacteristic than their current logical self. So they are teritorial when they find their bond-mates and possesssive.

So with that in mind, I want this in Abrams verse with that the first time Spock meets Jim the bond automatically forms. There's absolutely no way to dissolve it, it basically forces the two parties involved to get along. The bond has a few side effects, one being that both of them have unlimited access to the other's head.So if let's say Jim is checking someone out the, Spock can hear his said thoughts. It also makes each other extremely possessive, as they'll see it as someone trying to steal their mate.

So how do two people that really couldn't stand each other come together to be one? Happy Ending is a must!!! I would like the story to start of the first time Jim and Spock see each other at the hearing across from the podiums. That's the first time Spock hears Jim speak his emotions develop and the first time they touch (when Spock was choking the hell out of Jim) the bond forms.

I want the story to continue through the Narada incident and into the five year mission to see them come together. Have fun and enjoy^^

Bonus: There's an epilouge of how they are doing at the end of the story set like 20 years into the future.

Mega Bonus: When ever they have their territorial/ possessive moment they always claim their mate aggressively to show who they belong to; thus leading to many many hot angry/possessive sexy times!!! 

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Go out and have yourself a nice relaxing dinner at a Chinese restaurant. At the end of the meal when you open your fortune, tack on the words “in bed” to whatever it says. Then write a K/S smut-shot/fic based on that fortune.

Any genre, any length, and anything goes.

If you don’t want to wait for dinner to get started, here are a few fortunes I pulled off the inter-web:

1.       Teamwork: the fuel that allows common people attain uncommon results.

2.       At times it is better to know when to exit than enter.

3.       Your co-workers take pleasure in your great sense of creativity.

4.       Before you wonder "Am I doing things right," ask "Am I doing the right things?"

5.       Action speaks nothing, without the Motive.

6.       What breaks in a moment may take years to mend

7.       Your dream will come true when you least expect it.

8.       The race is not always to the swift, but to those who keep on running.


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Inspired by Love For Sale by Vulcan Pearl

Spock is in the academy when he is taken and sold. To be part of an erotic show

Jim (not in the academy) is also taken from whatever earth dive they find him drunk in and sold to the same show.

The "bosses" Pair up Kirk and Spock and the two must "proform" for the customers. What is done out of necessity eventually becomes something they both want..if only without the witnesses..

They do have to either be rescued or escape and end up commanding the Enterprise together.

Top Spock Requiered 

Mpreg Optional

AU/TOS/2009 is authors choice.

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I  found a 21st Century re-write of a 1910 grammar primer. In it, as an example, it had these memorable words:

"All I've got in this world are my sentences and my balls, and I don't break 'em for nobody."

...which had me spitting coffee at the screen as I heard them in my head in the voice of nu-Bones (Abrams Universe).

So the challenge is simple, just incorporate that phrase into a reluctant 3-way with nu-Bones, nu-Spock & nu-Jim. OR add anyone else to the sexual scenario that you care to pick. 'Serious with Angst' or as "Crack" as you like. Whatever springs to mind for you. The only rule is you gotta use that phrase somewhere in it and it has to be "in character" for whomever you have saying it (ie; you can re-word it to TOS' Bones vocabulary if you pick TOS instead of AOS) and you gotta "keep it gay". So, go ahead; get your sexy on and show me what you got! 

NB: AOS or TOS. Nu or Classic. You choose. I throw it open to both! xoxo

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Bottom Jim with him wearing stilettos high heels, stockings, and a garter belt, all matching. Underwear/panties optional; the same with any other clothes.

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Summary: Kirk and crew meet a new race with a major distrust of heterosexual relationships. In order to gain their trust, Kirk and Spock play "gay for the day", only to find that it hits a bit too close to the truth neither has wanted to examine too closely.
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I would love Love LOVE to read a strictly "gay for you" K/S fic, where Kirk and Spock are strictly heterosexual... except when it comes to one another. I want to read all about the development of their feelings for each other, and the struggles they both go through as they try to forge a relationship that goes against their established lifelong heterosexual orientations. I have a weakness for such stories, but they are in VERY short supply (most go with one or both being bisexual) - I firmly believe that people can meet someone with whom they fall so much in love that gender and sexual orientation are no barrier.

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Summary: Maybe 5/6+1? Ending of course with K/S Must have Kirk/Khan - may be an AU of the movie, or may disregard the movie all together. The rage/anguish/intensity... Gorgeousness. I haven't seen the movie so I don't know how to promt you better tan that. Maybe a combo of TOS and AOS Khan. -Must have Kirk/Kor (or possibly other Klingon).. But the Kirk - Kor interaction always struck me as a little flirtatious. - Must have Kirk/Romulan (could be the Romulan Commander, Nu-Ayel, Nu-Nero, etc) -let's see, that's three, powerful, intelligent individuals... Spock is seething with jealousy throughout. - 2 other potential lovers/enemies/mental sparring partners.... Carol? Could be AU of her as I don't know the TOS or AOS version. Should be kickass, smart like the others. Pregnancy scare would be a bonus. Cameo of Gaila, showing how she was super smart, sexy, yet powerful, strong and kickass bamf survivor. - I want another alien, like a Cardassian, or even Gorn! Again, esp with the Cardassians, there would be a lot of mental sparring. And alien genitalia! - maybe friendship between Kirk and that freedom fighter from Cloud City... Or some other freedom fighter... - and last but not least - Spock! Pon Farr drives him to mate now that he is finally sexually mature. And after all the others, Spock knows Kirk can handle him! .... As for why Kirk was with others instead of Spock? Spock turned him down originally and Jim was a bit heart broken. Maybe Spock said Jim wasn't good enough. But he meant strong enough for pon farr? Even hurt, Jim kept on living and met the others who thought he was more than good enough! - no uhura, virgin spock til Pon Farr!
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Basically a smut challenge Jim gets the idea to use glass dildos/butt plugs with Spock. Yep that sums it up (: 

For those who don't know much about glass toys here is a link to give you ideas 


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Right, so I've realized I probably wont ever get around to writing this so I'm really hoping someone else will!

I want Spock and Kirk glued together, literally. Fix that however you want, but my suggestion is that Kirk touches some unknown material and then puts his hand on Spock's shoulder or something. After that, they're forced to get to know each other and discover that yes - we like each other! Maybe the glue disappears on it's own after a while, maybe they have to fix it themselves but they should be stuck to each other for a while.

One-shot? Longer? Your choice. Rating I'd prefer mature or NC-17 with bottom!Spock, but if you fullfill this and make it PG I'll still be very happy :) 

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Okay, so this is my first time issuing a challenge, but here goes:


After the Narada incident, the Klingons (make up a reason) are seeking a peace treaty with the Federation. Of course, it falls to the Enterprise to see things through.

Jim and Spock have been in a relationship for some time (more than 6 months, less than a year) when Jim is caught in a compromising situation with a Klingon Ambassador. Bascially, Jim is uninterested and is borderline (almost) raped by said Ambassador,

This is Jim's first time dealing with Klingons and the more he fights back, the more aroused the Klingon becomes until Jim is literally (almost) raped. I don't want him to actually be raped, thank you.

Spock comes in and reacts by defending Jim, but once he comes out of his fit of rage, it becomes clear that it was out of jealousy that Spock attacked the Ambassador because he thought what was happening was consensual.

After some angst, Spock realizes he's been a turd and has to apologize and make Jim feel better.


Bonus points if:


McCoy makes Spock see the light.

Tearful hurt!Jim wallowing away in his quarters

Klingon peace treaty actually works out




Mega bonuse points if it takes only 1-2 chapters or less than 15,000 words to wrap this up. :D


Thanks and if you choose to pursue, good luck!

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OK, so here's the challenge. Come up with a good alien!Kirk with as much AU-ess as your fanfic writing lil' heart desires! Make him Romulan, Vulcan...heck, make him f-ing Orion for all it matters! Bonus points for an alien!Kirk + preggers!Kirk!

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Kirk and Spock (and other members of the crew, in random combinations) have a conversation over grilled cheese at midnight.

Prompted by my own midnight snack and a FB chat in which I decided there should be a book called "Grilled Cheese at Midnight" and my friend Amber stated it should be about different people having conversations while snacking on midnight grilled cheeses.

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I've never seen this inK/S fics or requests but it doesn't mean it isn't, I just can't find it and I'm craving it hard. I'm only slightly ashamed of how much I love Groundhog Day type time loop stories. Mostly I just gobble them up. What I'm looking for is just a story where one of our boys gets stuck living the same day or situation over and over again. How it's triggered and how it gets fixed is up to the author though I'm particularly fond of Q and of oops the ---- caused a time loop type of stuff. Since this is the K/S Archive I'm on I would like to see our lovely pair get together over what one sees in the loop. Whether it's their own feelings they figure out when seeing that the other loves them or that the feelings they thought were one sided are shared is up to the author. Please do not make a modern day AU or try to some how get things from the Groundhogs Day movie into it. I really want an originalish story with a totally unoriginal cliche as the base. -Bonus love: if you choose Spock as the looper I'd love for him to have a hissy fit at one point over the illogic of it. I mean a total screaming tantrum after loop, like 50 only since he loops again no one knows but he still gets all Spock over it. -Bonus love: If you have Jim as the looper I'd love for him to find out something awesomely embarrassing about each of the crew that he uses to prove what he's saying. It would be great if he got pissed and yelled them out on the bridge in one loop. Bonus love: I do want to see one of them start to time certain events in the loop and take advantage of them. Maybe Kirk uses his knowledge of the timing to look like he's psychic to mess with people or Spock uses it to get through tasks quickly enough to have time to himself. Either way I'd like to see a 3,2,1 and now Chekov sneezes followed by having to clean up spilled coffee type scene. And now that I'm done looking silly I say thank you in advance.

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Hey, me again with another idea. I might actully take up this challenge myself, but not sure yet. I'd much rather a better author fill it instead!

That leads us to -


It is the start of the Enterprise's five-year mission in the Reboot-verse. And, in a surprise so shocking it nearly knocked Bones off his feet - Jim's getting married. So much ritual and pomp and circumstance, Spock is starting to feel shoved in a corner.


Because Jim. Is. NOT. Marrying. Spock.

Nope, Carol Marcus entered the family in more ways than one, she entered the Kirk bloodline and became Carol Kirk. (Not as nice a ring as Spock Kirk, does it?)

And, after the wedding and ceremony and honeymoon trip to Risa (or whatever other planet you want for a week) the two Kirks decide that they need another one. Mommy and Daddy and baby make two.

Carol Marcus - now Carol Kirk - cannot get pregnant. Jim's sperm is just as strong as he is (*guh...*) and Carol's eggs are just fine. (*ew*). The babies won't implant in the uterous because the lining is too thin, yadda yadda, Jim and Carol are devestated.

Adoption is always an option... and they will, but... it's nothing like having your own bloodline to continue on.

Spock can't stand to see his t'hy'la so upset - he loved Jim so much he let him go without a word, and Jim never even noticed! (The bastard!) So, in the spirit of goodwill and unconditional love, Spock reveals a little known fact that certain Vulcan males can carry children. And, Spock is fertile, not that they use the green-blooded seeds.

Nope, Spock allows himself the pain of Invetro fertilization, a full-blooded human planted in his male-uterous.

Gender, name, specifics are all up to you. Please make it plotted, realistic, and Spock sick for at least most of the first trimester? Sick Spock is a weakness for me...

And, if you could use this line from a show I once saw but can't remember the title of it? (I literally saw the one line from the show and never saw the show again, so I don't know the title.)

"Sit down, Spock, I'll get you some breakfast." (Said by Jim, can be truincated or played upon as desired, just something along those lines)

Spock replies, kind of mopey/morning sick/exhausted all at once, "Like I need more of your eggs inside of me." (Again, can be changed as desired, just keep it along that line.)

Bones finds it hysterical, to say the least.

The rest can be up to you, dealing with Carol the best he can while pregnant with her child, secretly pining after Jim, so terribly lonely all the time. Maybe some Spock!Prime friends with Spock, kinda compationate Sarek, for a change of Asshat!Sarek I usually look for.

No C-section, please. And no super-Vulcan Spock. He's half-human, just don't make him uber mushy, if you get what I'm saying.

Also, try and make this have a happy ending. If you can't, leave me hanging like an Alfred Hitchcock hour. (With Jim staying with Carol and the new baby instead of going with Spock.)

Thank you!

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(This is perhaps somewhat freaky and kind of AU, but...oh well. Might as well throw it out there.)

After his death, Jim (or rather, his soul) waits for Spock's katra to join him 'on the other side'. But when several decades have passed, longer than what most Vulcans could be expected to live, Jim finally start to worry. He returns to the mortal plane as a ghost, and somehow finds out that Spock's katra is being held in a katric arc in the Hall of Ancient Thought. Jim frees him, somehow- either by himself, or with the help of someone (a psychic human or Vulcan, for example) and he and Spock rejoin each other in the afterlife.

Doesn't have to be a long fic, I'd just be very honoured if someone who has more time and writing chops than me gave this a try :)

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Summary: Spock loses his memory. Remembers practically nothing of his life. He is immediately attracted to Kirk, who has been doing his best to keep his attraction to Spock a secret, so when Spock is coming on to him its a bit of a shock and does his best not to take advantage of the situation. Keep in mind: Spock will slowly regain control of himself as time passes and as his memory returns. But as he doesn't have his Vulcan control when he 'first' meets Kirk, he just falls in love (again) with Kirk since they are T'hy'la (but Spock of course at the time, doesn't know this, he just falls in love at first sight) This must be a happy story, you can add angst/drama/whatever to keep the story line going, but over all it must have a happy ending. This is can be what ever rating the author chooses and how long. Would prefer to be in Abrams Universe, madame and/or sir. Thank you, and have fun! :D
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