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I´ve thought about this for a long time. I would prefer the TOS Universe, but maybe it´s also possible in Abrams universe.

Spock is traumatized from an incident in his childhood (Maybe Rape or somthing other, it´s up to you). Something happened let him remembere and he can´t sleep or meditate, because of terrible nightmares. Jim tries to comfort him.

At last they discover their feelings for each other and spend hot and romantic nights together.

Bonuspoint: Spock didn´t tell Jim at the first time.

Bonuspoint: McCoy is involved in the story and knowing about Spock´s trauma (Spock told him).


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So I saw the summary for this story by eclipse, and then I thought of the manga Karneval, and then I thought, I want Tribble!Kirk! I know there's an actual (awesome) story with Jim and Spock as tribbles, but this is different. I want a real tribble to have been genetically engineered (or magically) to be a human being... named Jim Kirk. The reason he's male is because his creators didn't want him getting pregnant... but it doesn't work! I want Jim still adjusting to life as a human (whether he remembers being a tribble or not is up to you), with tribble-like behaviors and of course, mpreg!

Bonus points Abrams verse. Bonus points for very, very few people knowing he was a tribble (maybe Pike and Bones only? Maybe Spoke Prime doesn't even know?). Bonus, bonus points for Spock being very, very confused by illogical tribble!Kirk (and of course being unable to resist him ^_~)

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This my first entry in this catagory so here goes...

I was watching the commercial for the movie, One Day and a challenge came to mind.

My friend and I have been real friends for over 20 years.  We decided, almost from the first day we met, that we'd be better friends that lovers.  We rode the bus together everyplace before we had cars and have gone out of our way to pick each other up.  We have been out of the country, on cruises and spent the night over each others' houses.  We have both listened to each other complain about significant others, families, and the world in general.

He hated when I went to the Air Force and was happy when I came back; I stayed with him from morning to night when he was in the hospital.  

And through all of this, we have never been sexually intimate.  Not even initially to try and see if we could.

My challenge, I want to see this sort of story where two friends, same sex or opposite sex, truly have this friendship.   I want no sex between the two friends, but if you want them  to have  it in their other relationships, go for it.  And they can't all of the sudden fall in love at the end.

This can be Kirk/Spock slash with them each being friends to someone else, but finding true love together.  Or, it can be Kirk-Spock friendship.  I'll leave it up to you.

Who knows, I may even take this challenge because I am tired of "just friends" who have to have sex.  It will be my first writings in this arena, but hey, this is near to my heart.

Go for it.

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There are so many stories where Jim is raped and then Spock abandons him thinking that jim has cheated. I want a story where Jim is raped and when Spock sees him knows (Because of the smell of blood, bruises, bond whatever you want). Jim refuses to press charges (for whatever reason) and Spock decides his top priority is Jim so he doesn't push, but some how someone in the crew sees jim walking back to his courters after the rape and thinks he is cheating on Spock. This news gets spread around and now all of the crew despises Jim and is very sympathetic towards Spock. Both are confused about these turns of event but Jim cant handle the hatred so soon after what happened so he and Spock take leave on Vulcan. It is the authors choice if they stay at the enterprise or leave and who is forgiven.

Bonus points if Sarek is all fatherly towards Kirk

And Bonus bonus points if there is a cuddly and over-protective Spock who absolutely dotes on Kirk! 

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So I totally fell in love in the idea of K/S as royalty, thanks to CMM story “Hesitation”. How about a darker royal theme?

Earth Empire (but they are not bunch of psychotic lunatics, more like a Roman Empire in modern times) seeks an alliance with the Vulcan Empire against common enemy. It is decided that it will cemented by marriage. Emperor Sarek’s hybrid son is betrothed to Samuel Kirk, son of the Emperor George. The child was specially bred and raised for this specific purpose. When Spock is 18, he arrives to Earth where he meets his betrothed Sam (20) and his younger brother James (12). Jim is totally smitten with Spock but he knows that the Vulcan belongs to his brother. The couple is wedded and they move to Sam’s estates on some colony. Year later Sam dies/is killed but Spock survives. Not knowing what to do with the Vulcan and afraid of sending him back to his home planet and risking the alliance, Spock is being sent to Starfleet Academy, while Jim being the new heir is shipped off world for safety and training. 10 years passes. Spock is happy working for the Starfleet as a science officer, unbothered by the Imperial Family. But then Jim comes back from his military ready to take over the throne from his widowed mother Empress Wynonna. On his way back he meets Spock and the old feeling come back. He declares that he will marry the Vulcan and Spock agrees, but Jim feels that something is not right. His new Vulcan spouse tries to be perfectly obedient and accommodating but it’s obvious that he is not contend with the situation. Kirk patiently tries to woo his husband, but Spock just doesn’t trust him. Later Cue is that Jim’s brother brutally abused Spock from the first day of their weeding (including raping him on the weeding night) and Spock being taught from the infancy that his only purpose in life is to secure the alliance, did not defend himself or told anyone about this, living for a year in a nightmare. When the truth comes out, Jim tries everything to show Spock, that he truly loves him and that he will always treat him as an equal. But when mysterious threats and dead bodies start to appear Jim has to fight not only to win his love, but to save him from harm.

Bonus points if Bones is involved and is a friend of Spock from the Academy

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Summary: I went to catholic schools in canada and we were taught liberal version and historical based info. I recently thought of the phrase "turn the other cheek" and thought it would be a spock thing to do. I always had a bit of a smile when I heard the phrase as contrary to the typical no violence etc interpretation we were taught about the culture. Apparently, by jesus saying that he was being passive aggressive/insulting them/sticking it to them. More info on wikipedia but basically turning the other check would have made the guy use the other hand which was a no-no or the palm of the hand which was an insult to the striker. So it boxed in the aggressor, made him look like a fool, etc. Hard to explain. Challenge is to use this idea of non-violence yet sicking it to them flavour and make spock do it. And kirk know what he's really like or notices spock being like that to someone. Maybe outside observers, uhura, think that he's being calm and non-violent but kirk knows the truth and is knowledgeable about spock/vulcan/body language. No spock/uhura
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Slight AU. Humor/Drama. Jim is at his wit's end trying to get his First Officer to notice him. It seems Spock will only see him as a barely tolerated Superior Officer, instead of a friend or anything more... Just when Jim doesn't think it can get any worse, there is a transporter malfunction that brings over his and Spock's doppleganger... alternates who are very much intuned with one another. A James Kirk who seems more put together than Jim will ever be, and a self-assured Spock whose devotion and love of his Captain- and bondmate -is inspiring and heart wrenching at the same time.

However, while Jim sees this as an omen, as Fate's way of dangling in front of him a relationship he can never have, it is opening Spock's eyes (finally) to what is possible between him and Jim. Eventual K/S

BONUS POINTS: If, while doppleganger!Jim and doppleganger!Spock are talking with some of the Enterprise crew (maybe during dinner?), Spock says something openly witty, and almost unconsciously James reaches out to caress his hand or something blantantly Human... and doppleganger!Spock doesn't mind! In fact, he reciprocates.

BONUS POINTS: If doppleganger!Jim knows Jim's attraction to Spock, and tries to give him pointers... which end up having hilarious outcomes. (Said advice up to author's discretion).

BONUS POINTS: I want both doppleganger!Jim and doppleganger!Spock (before being returned home) to conspire to provoke Spock's jealously of Jim by having doppleganger!Spock *seemingly* try to seduce or make a move on an unsuspecting Jim...

BONUS POINTS: If doppleganger!Spok gets with Spock alone at some point and describes the pleasures and joys of having Jim as his bondmate. This (I wish for but not necessary) should happen relatively soon after everyone realizes they are together. And from the discussion, it begins to make Spock consider Jim in a different light...


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James Kirk is an infamous journalist for a magazine that really pokes fun at, satirizes, and criticizes Starfleet. However, when on his blog (Which has a name that people who read his magazine articles wouldn't be able to associate with him), he's an intellectual genius of a writer that engages with other brilliant minds all over the universe, especially with those at Starfleet.

When Spock first comes to Starfleet, he's harrassed by James about his decision to enter Starfleet over the Vulcan Science Academy, while poking fun at him. Spock comes to resent Jim because of that.

However, when he's introduced to Jim on his blog, which he learns of when he overhears his senior peers talking about with various attitudes towards Jim, he feels that he has finally found his equal. They become fast friends and even play chess over the internet.

Now Spock really wants to meet Jim in person, and convinces Jim to meet him at a local vegetarian restaurant, despite the latter's reluctance to do so. When Spock finds out that the blogger he has come to adore and see as a potential lover for the near future is James, he is full of strong and choatic emotions.

Spock acts out in anger and disgust, and insults Jim in the most intellectual way and ditches him at the restaurant.

Now the rest of this is up to you, but it must have a happy ending. I hope you really enjoy this. In addition, I would like this story to not have any graphic sex scenes. You could do some "lime," but please no full blown "lemon" scenes. I want this to really be focused on the emotions, words, and actions of Spock and Jim.

Thank you to anybody who answers this prompt!

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Summary: Spock is split into his human and Vulcan halves (Janice Lester-esque machine, aliens with strange powers who think they are doing him a favour?). Unfortunately, his Vulcan half reverts into it's pre-Reform self. Kirk has to try to placate both halves - the human, who is shy and frightened and the Vulcan, who is possessive and seems to regard Kirk as his property - while stopping the Vulcan Spock from killing his human counterpart and trying to negotiate with a new planet at the same time. Any universe welcome.
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