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Summary: Spock doesn't understand the meaning of the Standard word "bromance". Jim explains it to him.
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This is a bit outside my usual challenges, but... Femslash and slash.

I was thinking it would be neat if, in Abramsverse, T'Pring and Uhura met while Uhura was on a language immersion trip for 6 weeks to Vulcan (before Nero, of course) to help her master the Vulcan language. T'Pring offers to help her with her language practice, which involves spending a good deal of time together. T'Pring and Uhura fall in love, but they can't stay together because Uhura has to go back to Starfleet Academy to finish classes there before she gets her commission, and T'Pring has been betrothed to Spock lo these many years, so she isn't really free to make that choice.

Shortly thereafter, Spock meets Kirk, and finds he has his own difficulties to reconcile when it comes to his betrothed and the human captain he loves.

In a reboot Amok Time, post-Nero, T'Pring chooses Kirk as her champion because she knows Spock doesn't want her, Kirk doesn't want her. She doesn't pick Stonn to fight because she knows he'd keep her if he won, and she doesn't want to be bonded to another male she doesn't love. She wants to be bonded with Uhura. Though she'd rather have done it another way, there was no way to divorce herself from Spock without the kalifee.

I'd like T'Pring not to be a evil biyotch, just a woman in love who doesn't want to be married off for the sake of perpetuating the Vulcan species.


As before mentioned, I'd love for this to be Abramsverse.

I'd like equal attention given to the romance between Kirk and Spock and that of Uhura and T'Pring.

Have Spock and T'Pring be on reasonably amicable terms - not friends, but polite acquaintances. She doesn't hate him or think him beneath her because he's half-Vulcan.


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Jim Kirk decides to leave the Enterprise.  Spock reacts.


Abrames Universe please!

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Stories of the legendary heroes shared around the campfire.

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I'm proposing a universe similar to the Mirror one but less brute strength, more cold, intelligent... cruel and resourceful.  They don't waste, the Federation or the Empire, whatever you want to call it, anything that could be of use to them... they find a way to control it.  Sometimes using science, threats, intimidation, torture, etc. Anything that would put the people they want under their control.  Anyways, what I'm proposing is one where Spock in under sole control of James T. Kirk, who is exactly as this type of universe made him into, but for the small, unusual kindness he displays at odd moments.  Now everyone knows the less powerful a person is in this type of world is always stressed and frightened, what if Spock created a sheltered place for the people with no power and it was secret from basically everyone except whoever they decided to tell.  I want the people he helps to be really protective of him, so they only tell people who won't alert anyone of power.  Kirk finds out by accident and is intrigued because he's noticed the marked efficiency on his ship by the ensigns and whatnot but didn't really care until he discovered what Spock was doing.  It's up to you to decide what he'd do about it.  Oh, and I want Spock and Kirk to get together, but there are people both on and off the ship who oppose for whatever reason.  Oh, and I adore bottom!Spock.

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Amanda always knew that her husband and son would out live her (even she didn't think it would be by quite the large margin that happens in the reboot universe) and planned accordingly, leaving a series of letters for them with her relatives.  The letters can be holovids, actual hand-written notes, or what-have-you.  Basically, they detail her life and her relationship with Sarek, how she feels about Spock, raising him to be Vulcan, and so on.  After Sarek recieves the letters he sends them to Spock.

Only Spock can't bring himself to go through them.  Maybe he convinces himself it would be illogical, maybe he doesn't think he can handle something like that without another dreaded emotional break-down, whatever seems appropriate.  So, somehow or another, Jim winds up looking at them instead.

Only, the thing is, when Amanda talks about her relationship with Sarek, it sounds kind of familiar...


Bonus Points:

- If Kirk and Spock aren't in an established romantic relationship prior to the letters.

-  If Amanda reveals some adorable/mortifyingly embarrassing stuff about Spock as a baby and child that Jim has difficulty not Using for Evil.

- If Amanda gets a little caught up in her reminscing at one point and Jim gets a TMI moment regarding Sarek.

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In 2009 film, Urhura offers Spock a moment of comfort in the lift after Vulcan is destroyed. Would anyone write a story where it's Kirk who follows Spock into the lift? Up to interpretation whether they're already in a relationship, or if Kirk spontaneously decides to comfort Spock. THANK YOU

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First things first my native language is not English so any mistakes are my own.

Now to the summary: (Might be a bit long so bear with me)

Spock wants to be a ballet dancer. Amanda approves, Sarek does not (That could sum it up)

Anyway Sarek is against it from the very beginning but with Amanda’s help he learns how to dance. Unfortunately Sarek distances himself from Spock to that degree that he completely ignores him like he doesn’t exist since he started to dance. When T’Pau finds out what Spock is doing and that Amanda approved of it she throws him out of the Clan, the planet just like Sybok claiming him been too emotional in Vulcan standars. (forgot how it is called in Vulcan but I’m sure you know). Spock now 17 packs his bags and leaves Vulcan but keeps contact with Amanda that stayed with Sarek but she wanted to leave. (why it’s up to you).

Spock goes to the equivalent of Bolshoi in the 23rd century the Starfleet Ballet Academy. There he meets Jim, Nyota, Bones, Sulu, Checov and others. He and Jim in the next 3 years will become closer and they will start dating.(or not can be just friendship, it's up to you)

After first performance before large audience the very first Vulcan ballet dancer ever becomes sort of a legend when on stage. Everyone will want to see him dance. Everyone will know of the best duet Spock & Jim and the others. Even Vulcans. But they'll not be permited to performe on Vulcan! (that cannot changed till the very end of the story)

Then one day (Spock and Sarek haven’t talked for lets say 9 years) Sarek on one of the diplomatic missions will be invited to Opera but there’s a surprise of performance of mysterious dance group (which it will be Spock and Jim and others). This will be the first time Sarek will see his son dancing but will it change everything?

I know it’s long and tells almost everything. Anyway you can change some aspects of this challenge like how Spock departed from Vulcan with argument or not. Did Amanda helped him or not. How his childhood looked like and Jim’s. It can be mixed story with sad moments, drama moments, funny and romantic moments or just sad. It’s up to you. The thing is I love LONG stories, very long stories but if you’ll write something smaller I won’t mind. Everyone can give it a try because I always thought Spock would be awesome ballet dancer! And I couldn’t find any stories about that!

Oh and I'd almost forgot it can be either Abrams universe or the TOS but I think Abrams universe suits it better I don't know why.


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Dr. McCoy finds lipstick on Spock's cock.

Why was he peeking?  Why, in a professional capacity of course.  That's the easy question.  The harder question is whether or not he should tell Jim, and the real question is how the lipstick got there in the first place.

Take all the creative license you want.

I think the prompt assumes some sort of existing relationship between Spock and Kirk, and that McCoy knows something about it.  Details are up to you.

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I would love to see Little red riding hood done Star Trek style, I don't know why but I just can't get the idea out of my head. Either universe is fine with me.

For the charaters I'd prefer:

Red riding hood - Kirk or Spock
Woodcutter - Spock or Kirk
Grandma - McCoy
Wolf - Your choice

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A retelling of the little mermaid but with a happy ending. Spock adjusting to humans with Jims help. Plenty of naughty bits please :)

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Can anybody try and write a fem!spock X kirk? The plot doesn't matter. It can be alwaysagirl!spock, temporarygirl!spock, or anything.

Bonus points for any other characters involved and for non-generic plot.

No fem!kirk

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I saw a behind-the-scenes ST:TOS clip recently that showed Nimoy in full costume and on the bridge set, sucking on a lollipop.

I issue the challenge in this manner:

Spock, lollipop(s), preferably non-crackfic. Go!

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There is a forum site on the Enterprise's network systems that allows the crew to communicate and interact in different manners. There is one section where fanfiction in written about the crew itself, allowing for the authors to be anymonous to the readers. Most fics are about the bridge crew, though not all are. 

While Jim Kirk is exploring this section, browsing for a good read since he can't get to sleep, he finds a bunch of fanfics from a single author that all share one thing in common: they all have Spock/Jim Kirk as the main pairing. Jim is intrigued by this and reads them. 

Already having feelings for his first officer, Jim's fantasies about being together with Spock increase with every fic he reads from that same author. Sometimes, Jim reads them and acts out the sex scenes with the assistance of sex toys. 

However, this gets problematic when Jim starts getting aroused during his shifts that remind him a lot of the fics, making Jim feel ashamed of himself for his lack of control over his pervy thoughts and libido. 

One time it gets so bad (you can choose what the situation is and how it became bad for Jim) that Jim runs all the way back to his courters to solve the situation with the assistance of his padd that has an erotic fanfic opened on it and a large fat green dildo. 

However, Jim forgets to lock the door to his courters, so when Spock enters to check up on Jim to make sure he's okay, he enters the bedroom as Jim is coming and moaning out the present half Vulcan's name. A minute of recovery later and Jim realizes that Spock is there and has seen and heard everything, thus he squeaks (yes, squeaks) and tries to run to the bathroom with the dildo still in his ass. 

But before Jim can get off the bed, Spock pins him down there and smexy times ensue. 

A few days later, which consists of more kinky sex and Jim being made Spock's bitc--boyfriend, Jim finds out that Spock was the author of all of those sexy Spock/Jim fanfictions that the former was simulating. Questions ensue, but all of this ends with a happy ending. 

Now you need to write at least three scenes in which Jim simulates through his hand, clothes, and toys the sex in one fanfiction each. One of the fics must be an AU in which Starfleet doesn't exist. 

Also I want Jim as Bottom in all sex scenes.

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I read "How Wise We Grow" on LJ and Now I've got this feral Plot Tribble in my brain.

So Jim met Carol Marcus as a teen. They get together and David is born. Everything is going ok for the next few years until one day Carol takes David and they Dissappear.

Jim is devistated but determined to find his son.

Years Later Captain James T. Kirk gets the call they have found his son and pending legal formalities Kirk is to be granted custody because it was found that Carol is for some reason "unfit"

Fleet is allowing Jim to raise is son on ship but how is Kirk going to manage a ship a emotionally needy ** year old and his ever changing relationship with Spock?

Categories: Fiction Characters: Carol Marcus, David Marcus
Summary: Jim gets kidnapped by klingons after klingons hail the enterprise threatening that they will attack the new vulcan unless the captain comes aboard and negotiates terms. however jim refuses and they get in a dispute and the klingons see jim as more asset as a prisoner and kidnaps him. Klingons ask for a million federation credits for the price of jim kirk but the federation refuses and they live feed a video of them killing jim. Spock and jim were entering a romantic relationship at the time of this incident and they have already created a light link through some sexual activities. As he sees jim die he also feels the link die within him but it actually lives within him. However five years later spock as the captain of enterprise and the bridge crew the same when they were patrolling an area they get hailed by a klingon vessel that has been terrorizing the federation planets for four years and gets attacked by them when their request for the federation information gets turned down  however enterprise succeed in capturing the vessel and its klingon crew. However particularly the ships captain is very resistant and he is covering his upper face with a mask and when spock sees the captain he feels a sense of spark go through his mind but does not fully recognize it until the mask of the captain is unveiled and jims face is revealed. The crew is shocked thinking that this is some kind of klingon prank bit spock know that its the real jim because the linked mind of the two are screaming. However jim has no recollection of his past as a starship captain but he only remembers his life as a human who was abandoned by the federation and was rescued by the klingons therefore holding immense amount of grudge against the federation. Jim is classified as an enemy captive by the federation high council against the strong opposition proposed by spock and is locked up in the enterprise for a trial on earth which is the enterprises next stop. It is a three week travel. During the travel jim is confronted by his forgotten past an spock tries his best to help jim remember the past. REQUIREMENTS AND OPTIONS: 1. It has to have an ending with jim recovering all his memories!! 2. What happens during the travel is entirely up to you but it'll be great if you had something to let the couple get to know each other AGAIN. 3. How the klingons made jim lose his memories is up to you too 4. Just simply, whatever happens during the three weeks and during the trial is entriely up to you
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I see an awful lot of fanfics that portray Spock as a desperately lonely person who has never had a friend in his entire life until Jim Kirk came along.  Given that Spock has always appealed to misfits and outcasts and unusual people of all stripes, that's certainly a valid interpretation of the character.  But it's been done a LOT, and there's another interpretation I'd like to see.

Certainly Kirk is special to Spock and Spock to Kirk, but Kirk is Spock's only friend EVER?  I mean, think about it:  WE all love Spock, so why wouldn't he have found at least a handful of people to appreciate him throughout his life? EVERY person on Vulcan was an asshole? EVERY person at Starfleet Academy was xenophobic? EVERY person on the Enterprise during Chris Pike's tenure was a jerk? That seems ... rather improbable to me.

I'd think that Vulcan logic would dictate that cultivating the son of the Vulcan ambassador would be advantageous.  I imagine that once past the age of schoolyard bullies — after the age of 12 or so — Spock has to fend off the vast numbers of young Vulcans who want to hang out with him in the hopes of its leading to some sort of social advantage.  And that's in addition, of course, to all the Vulcans who want to hang out with Spock just because they like him or they have common interests.

But the situation doesn't change when Spock reaches Starfleet, even though he hides the fact that he's the son of the Vulcan ambassador.  Because if you think about it, Starfleet is composed of people who want to go out and explore the galaxy; they WANT to meet new people from new civilizations.  Such folk should be MORE open to people from other planets than the average human, so during Spock's Academy years, he has to constantly fend off xenoPHILIC people who want to get to know the Vulcan cadet.

So I'd love to see a K/S story where Kirk is NOT the only person who's ever liked or appreciated Spock, one where Kirk has to work hard to differentiate himself from all those people who've sucked up to Spock over the years.  This story could take several different forms; here are a couple of suggestions:

1.  A story set at the Academy where Spock is wary of Kirk because so MANY human cadets want to know a Vulcan, and he's tired of being The Example Vulcan for dozens of people.  Kirk will have to gradually prove that he wants to know him because of things particular to SPOCK, not just because "Oooh, a Vulcan!"

2.  A story set on the Enterprise during the early days of Kirk's captaincy.  Kirk wants to get to know his first officer in an informal context, but he has trouble catching Spock off-duty in the beginning, because Spock's social time is so full.  Spock's in charge of all the scientists on the ship, which, given their mission, has to be a lot of people.  And surely lots of scientists would admire Spock's mind and find him interesting, in addition to showing the usual xenoPHILIC reaction of Starfleet officers.  So Spock's social time is very full, what with his having fascinating discussions with many of the scientists under his command.  When Kirk wants to get to know his first officer socially, it's hard at first, because Spock's so very popular. 

And not just the scientists; Spock's teaching Uhura the Vulcan lute and discussing botany with Sulu and talking about matter-antimatter engine theory with Scotty, and there are just so MANY people who want to hang out with Spock.  Chess with the captain?  Spock would not be averse to a game, but his first free evening is six weeks from now...  (If you do this, please don't have Gary Mitchell be Kirk's first officer.  Mitchell was never the XO, and while people can write whatever they want in fan fiction — that's part of the goal and the glory of fanfic :-D — I always find it annoying when people make Mitchell the XO.)

In either of these stories, of course Kirk prevails in the end, partly because prevailing in the end is pretty much the definition of Kirk's character :-), and partly because Kirk really IS a better fit for Spock than most people are.  And of course each of them will gradually realize that the other is not just one more friend but someone special, an unsually kindred spirit.  But Kirk will have different hurdles to overcome than the usual ones in connecting with Spock...  

You can make this friendship or romance, whichever you prefer; it's the emotional tie I care about, not whether they're rubbing bits. :-)

Of course this needs to be TOS, since AOS Spock has Uhura, so he's rarely portrayed in fan fiction as having no real friends until Kirk.

Thanks so much to anyone who chooses to write this!  And even if no one does, thanks for thinking about this alternative view for a moment.

(This is the first time I've ever posed a challenge or answered one, so I'm not completely sure of how these things work.  I hope I did this right.  I know how to find the latest stories, but how does one find the newest challenges?  I don't see a button for that...)


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Okay, I'm picturing this.


Spock and girl!Jim (Jane) catch sight of each other on the street one day (in their teens? Sarek brought Spock on diplomatic trip?) and bond with each other instantly.

Oddly enough, they have no problem with this. It's everyone else (Sarek, Amanda, T'Pau, Winona, Pike, Bones, etc.) that's freaking out.

Then politics and previous obligations (T'Pring?) rear their ugly heads, and the other cadets at Starfleet Academy (Uhura) are not helping matters.

Categories: Fiction Characters: girl!Kirk

Spock and Uhura come from very wealthy and famous families and attend the Interplanetary Academy for Gifted Minds that is a few miles outside San Francisco, CA. They are best friends, at the top of the social ladder in the academy, and really want to find their soulmate/T'hy'la as their parents have.

James Kirk and (Scotty or Galia, your choice) are orphaned/run aways and poor. They're admitted to the academy on scholarship that also requires them to have a job at the academy. (It's with a teacher that believes they're stupid, is disgusted by them, and thinks they're sleeping with someone of high status either inside or outside of the school as an explanation for their admission) In addition, they also have an extra job outside of school.

They share a run down two room apartment together (bathroom and other) that is an hour from the academy, since the dorms provided by and near the academy are super expensive. This living arrangement has mostly everyone believing that they're sleeping with each other, even though all they are are best friends. (They tried to be lovers, but it got too awkward quickly and felt wrong to both of them)

However, they are geniuses that are on par with Spock and Uhura level of intelligence. But they still are on the very bottom run of the social ladder (which seems to be on the verge of falling off the damn thing entirely) and are condsidered to be slobs or carriers of some kind of disease, physical or social in form.

After days of staring and watching/stalking the two mentioned above, Spock and Uhura are loving (Not "in love", which is a dominant/subordinant power relationship, not one of equality. Just remember: Being in love is like being in a ditch, they're both out of your control.) Jim and (Scotty or Galia) respectively.

Problem is that Jim and (Scotty or Galia) have no experience of serious and honest non-platonic loving, so they don't believe Spock and Uhura. Thus, the two wealthy teens must roll up their uniform shirt sleeves and learn the art of wooing in order to have their love reciprocated by the insecure, poor geniuses.

Happy Ending Please!

Pairings: Jim/Spock and (Scotty or Galia)/Uhura

Bottom Jim in sex scenes too, please.

Categories: Fiction Characters: Gaila, Scott, Uhura

Jim is pleasantly surprised that Spock is not the sexual innocent he assumed he was, and Jim loves the fact that Spock is not only so experienced, but very enthusiastic.  It is only later when Jim discovered how that experience came about that Jim does not approve at all. In fact he's shocked, saddened, and/or a bit horrified. And why the hell doesn't Spock see a problem with any of it?

  Authors are free to go in any direction they like, though I will say that I personally have a particular weak spot for hurtSpock (not necessarily rape, but rather being manipulated, taught terrible lessons, or taken advantage of because of youthful naivety and/or desperate need for acceptance [Vulcan or Earth, doesn't matter]). You don't have to choose this route though. I'm curious as to what people will come up with.   Bonus points for actually showing the events as opposed to them only being retold. Super mega bonus points for flashbacks via meld, where Jim witnesses certain events firsthand.   My undying love if you manage to make this TOS! Though, don't let this stop you if you really want to do Abramsverse. Internet cookies and warm hugs all around just for picking this up in any universe.
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