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So the abrupt mind meld Spock prime did with Jim has some "side effects" so to speak.

So for this challange I would like to request a story on how abrupt they had to perform the mind meld in Delta Vega and how much Spock Prime himself was emotionally compromised at the time, the mind meld did not break off cleanly. In fact it left something left behind that Jim Kirk is unaware of, until things settle down and they leave on their five year mission at the end of the movie. Jim Kirk has some of Spock Prime's most treasured memories of Jim Prime and their life together. Only Jim doesn't realize they are memories. At first, they are dreams after a really tired day. When Jim passes out and he's reliving the memories he thinks he's actually dreaming. It starts to happen more frequently to the point Jim starts to wonder if they are really dreams and it starts to affect his job because he's restless for "something" that's just out of reach.

Spock notices his Captain's stresses state inquires. Jim of course says nothing, and walks away. Eventually the dreams get really intense to the point Jim would wake up screming and sweating (these are memories when either one of them was hurt in the TOS version) So Spock course come in and wakes Jim up and calms him down. He tells Jim he can calm his mind through a mind meld and let him have a restful sleep so Jim agrees. But, when younger Spock performs the mind mild what actually happens is that all the memories have created an "open Thy'la" bond inside Jim's mind and When Spock does the mind meld the bond completes itself. Spock of course is shocked when this happens as he is still with Uhara and Kirk has not developed romantic feeling for Spock. Since its the "Thy'la" bond it can not be broken and Jim and Spock are basically stuck with each other and do not know how to proceed. When younger Spock contacts Spock Prime, Spock prime conforms that in his universe that he and his Jim were together. He apologizes to younger Spock for accidently forcing them to bond in this timeline, but there is nothing he can do to undo the damamge.

So how will our favorite couple deal with the unexpected bond and how will their relationship progress? I will leave it to you, I only ask for a happy ending between Jim and Spock. Have Fun and Enjoy!!!

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Summary: Enterprise receives a mission to make first contact with a highly developed civilisation. When they get there, they realize the inhabitants use some form of energy to travel in time and bring back intelligent creatures from the past and sell them as slaves. They encouter Edith Keeler that was abducted a few days prior and save her. While negotiations to join Federation are taking place, Spock remains somewhere on a mountain to study flora and Edith goes with him to be safe. Something happens and the Enterprise is out of communication range. Pon Farr hits and Spock must mate with Edith and she is willing (cause she wants to help all the time). They go back to the Enterprise and Spock, Uhura, Kirk and Edith must somehow come to terms with what happened. Edith can either go to New Vulcan and stay with Spock Prime, but I would not mind Edith/Uhura f/f slash after a bit of angst cause she stole her boyfriend. Somehow this must get to Spock/Kirk slash. Edith can be a bit more bold and stronger than the TOS character. This must be NC-17
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Why I had to post this challenge: In a course I recently had, we were reviewing some court cases from Iowa.  Immediately, I started skimming the text for one word: Kirk.  Sure enough, to my amusement (not kidding I burst out laughing in class), there was a case referenced within the one we were studying.  What it concerned was the Workman-like/ship quality of a Home Construction Builder named Kirk!  Reading the case, all I could picture was a scruffy, sweaty, beam-carrying, tool-belt-wearing, clothing properly fitting his frame Construction/Carpenter/Builder James T. Kirk! Here we  go:

Verse: TOS or Alternate Universe (XI/XII- nu!verse) - obviously AU
Rating & Length: Any - Adult preferred

Jim works for his father's building business in Iowa - Kirk & Sons or something - while Sam is in charge of the office/business end of things.  George and Jim are the main laborers.  They receive a call from Sarek, who needs their services with one of his homes he keeps in Iowa that has fallen into disrepair.  It belongs to his wife - through inheritance - and she desires it as an Earth vacation home.  Their son, Spock, has traveled ahead of them to oversee the progress on the house, since he is currently a cadet (in his final term) in Starfleet.  Jim is immediately attracted to Spock, who wastes little time before flirting with the human.  Jim struggles to be polite because he is a professional.  Eventually, he gives in and they end up taking advantage of the empty house...many times.  Sarek and Amanda arrive as the work is being completed.  It is awkward in the house for a little while for Spock without Kirk but with his parents. 

Eventually, they depart back to Vulcan, and Spock gets lonely - missing Kirk.  He demolishes something purposefully just to call Kirk & Sons to have them repair it, saying something absurd like, "I believe it is required that we contact the Kirks," as an excuse.  Jim knows that Spock did it on purpose, and after fixing the damage he tells Spock, "If you wanted to keep me around, all you had to do was ask, not ruin parts of your house."   

Bonus Points:
1. Sarek and Amanda know what Spock is up to. 
2. And they don't care.
3. They had planned to give the house to Spock, anyway, as a graduation present from Starfleet.
4. Kirk and Spock christen the house after Spock graduates.

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It's Pretty Woman meets an alternate ending.  Instead of Richard Gere taking Julia Roberts up on her fairytale ending, Spock offers Kirk a higher class of clientele. Hurt but determined not to show it, Jim accepts. For some reason time passes and they don't see or hear from each other.  During this time Jim learns all the nuances to become the Federation/Empire's most notorious courtesan. I really don't care which universe you wanna do this in. 

The only condition to the challenge is, that when Kirk and Spock do meet up again, it has to be at this big fancy gala where everybody is dressed to the nines.  Spock spots Kirk in the crowd inspecting some piece of art or whatever with a champagne flute in hand.  When Spock approaches him, Kirk is aloof, sophisticated and utterly detached, but when Spock discovers that he's there with a client (Pike, McCoy, Mitchell, or even Admiral Archer prefered but not a condition) and said client approaches Kirk transforms into Jim: kind, affable, and charming.  Which has got Spock wondering what happened to the spirited young prostitute he used to know.

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I have read many stories where Captain Kirk is oblivious to the whole Vulcan's use their hands-to-kiss.  Where either Kirk is touching Spock and Spock lets him, or where Spock touches Kirk and Kirk doesn't know that they are kissing.

I want a story (one-shot or Multi-chapter) where Kirk 'knows' about Vulcan phisiology and 'knows' that Vulcans' hands are uber-sensitive and are used to kiss.

I would prefer:

Kirk having knowledge of Vulcan culture, language, and history and being very intelligent overall.  (For whatever reason- but I like to think he learns all the Vulcan stuff because he has to work with Spock and becomes fascinated with it all.)

Spock courting Kirk (ie. touching his hands, either- hoping Kirk knows and will take the hint- or thinking he is being sneaky about it- stealing kisses on the sly).

After Spock initiates the kisses or courtship (whichever way you want it to go), Kirk expresses confusion or frustration because Spock wouldn't just come out and 'speak'.

-Maybe a Spock who thinks he's being sneaky (not wanting to get rejected?) and doen;t realise that Kirk does-in-fact-know...


I would like to see some hot smex- but I like a strong relationship fic as much as anyone.  If you want it to be a three-or-more-some, go for it!

At least one Chess match between our boys- we can't miss out on their games.

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So..Kinda' a long prompt but I want a fic where Jim is only half human. The other half of him is some type of animal/alien creature. This could be from illegal genetc re-engineering, alien technology (like the fiasco with Janice Lester), etc. But they are unable to fully reverse it, maybe it occured when he was a child away from Earth for the first time(Tarsus IV)? Anyway...Jim goes into heat and Spock as one of the few non-humans onboard is effected by the pheromones Jim is producing. Spock chases him all over the ship before eventually catching and breeding him. Eventually they both get their rational minds back and want to ignore the whole embarissing episode, but find that difficult to do when Jim starts having some very strong "nesting" behaviors. Maybe he starts building a nest with stolen clothing, blankets, etc. in a jeffries tube.

Mating Heat
Nesting Behavior

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I would love to see something where Kirk is a male Harpy. Maybe he's the last of his kind, or the species is just even more private than Vulcans, but he has intense powers (of some kind). Perhaps the breed is seen as a deity of sorts, or maybe Starfleet has an issue with Harpies, but it has to come out somehow. The harpy form is a must, and can be to the author's preference, but it absolutely has to lead to creature!sex/beasitiality. (I'd also love to see what the Vulcans think of Jim in his Harpy-form. Maybe he resembles something from pre-Surak?)

Another 'must-see' would be a fic where Kirk is a sort of siren- or veela-like creature who feeds off of emotions. He may have an Orion-like allure, or maybe the traditional Siren's Song, but he must feed on the emotions of others until he finds either a mate or his mate. Emotions could have different effercts on Jim; Jealousy could be like heroin, anger like steroids, fear like a favored treat, and love his life-blood. Affection and lust work as decent substitues, so Jim sleeps around and sips the emotions from his conquests (maybe he really does sleep with them, maybe he just makes them hallucinate it). Alternate forms, like that of a merman, are not necessary.

I'd prefer Spock/Jim, McCoy/Jim, or Spock,McCoy/Jim as the main pairing. Mpreg would be a bonus, but not required. Author make take from the challenge what they like.

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Grab a tissuebox.

This is a simple challenge where kirk and/or spock have to cry before, during or after sex or at some other awkward/inappropriate time. The reason for crying can be anything, whether ridiculous or serious, feel free to get creative. Go!

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Summary: What if the modes of sexual courtship which vulcans use are so different from those of the (illogical and emotional) beings with whom Jim usually associates that he hasn't got a clue when vulcans are propositioning him? Spock doesn't make his own attempt initially because he sees Jim's apparent disinterest in other vulcans. How does Spock react to these other vulcans when he sees his captain being hit on? How much friendly amusement do Spock's ex and Bones get out of stimulating these occurrences and watching Spock's jealous sparks fly? How does Jim react when he realizes just how many times he's sent the wrong signals and gotten telepathically "felt up"? This is not mimbo!Jim, just Jim who has a tiny gap in his cultural education, mainly due to disinterest in this specific subject matter - because he figured he'd never be interested in anyone as (seemingly) sedate as a vulcan, and nor would any vulcan be interested in him. So he didn't give the subject matter his full attention during class at SFA. Extra credit awarded if Jim & Spock have hot sex!
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