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I wish for a story where the crew of the Enterprise comes across an orphanages ship. One child, a Vulcan, imprints himself on to Jim and when it is time for the kids to go back to their ship the little Vulcan boy hides on the Enterprise and refuses to leave.

1. Vulcans are extremely possessive. Spock jealous that the child is taking his captains attention away from him and the child's so jealous of Spock relationship with his 'father' that he does all can keep Spock from getting anywhere near Jim.

2. Jim is enjoying have a cute little kid to hug.

3. It is important for Vulcan children to build their mental power, they do this by holding on to (cuddling) their parents shooting thoughts between ecother.

4. Must be fluffy

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AU. Academy Fic. Jim's maternal bloodline is that of Federation alligned Humanoid race known as Veenans (Veena for singular), a peaceful, advanced race that are also heavily empathic. Because of their genetic evolution, some are even telekenetic. This species is uniguely united; seeing as all others as "brothers" and "sisters". Also, because of their genetic makeup, Veenans hardly, if ever, engage in sex with someone without a proper empathic bond to keep them stable.  One sign of a Veena is that their irises glow slightly when they are emotionally overwhelmed or excited. Veenu blood is strong in Jim, and after joining Starfleet, becomes infatuated with the Vulcan professor Spock. Due to Spock's half-Human heritage with a blend of Vulcan passions (albeit repressed), it appeals to Jim, who begins making an empathic bond with the Vulcan unknowingly. Spock finds Jim's company- as well as that of Uhura's -appealing. He, intially, sees Jim as nothing more than a friendly aqcuaintance, but overtime the Cadet's intelligence and friendly personality attracts him more and more. Eventual K/S. POINTS: Once Jim finds out he is unconsciously bonding with Spock, becomes horrified that Spock may not reciprocate, and tries to avoid the Vulcan in order to find a way to dissolve the bond. Spock becomes suspicious and won't take the hint to leave Jim alone. BONUS POINTS: Jim's mom is a sweetheart, and Jim confides in her his feelings with Spock, who then helps Jim come to accept what he feels. (Due to Winona being Veena, she is affectionate and close with her son, despite losing her husband at his birth.) BONUS POINTS: Before Spock realizes he's in love with Jim, Jim becomes slightly protective/possessive of Spock. Not violent- just somewhat defensive and territorial. Jim cannot help the primative instincts rising within him, and a few times confuses his friends, himself and Spock by the protective streak that he has over the Professor. PURE LOVE: If Spock's parents come for a Starfleet gala, and bring T'Pring and her family to visit as well. Jim does NOT like it, and gets paranoid/territorial of seeing T'Pring and Spock together.

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In many stories where Jim and Spock are bonded, Jim can hear or feel Spock's presence in his mind.  But what if he couldn't?  What if, because Jim is completely psi null, he received nothing from the bond?  What if to Jim, it was essentially the same as an earth marriage?  How would Spock react?  How would other Vulcans react?  Would Spock be pressured to leave or severe the bond?

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AU story! Jim is taken captive by the Spock, who like other Vulcans is not involved with the Federation (The Vulcan can be peaceful, aggressive, pre-Surak, post Surak, etc).  Spock is half-human and half-Vulcan and is the product of his mother's capture 30 years prior.  Spock desires to to take a mate and Jim's soul "called" for him.


However, Jim is not willing to go down without a fight and is willing to do anything to get back to the Federation.



1. Possessive Spock

2. Intelligent and determined Jim

3. Conflict between Jim and Amanda

4. Intact Vulcan home world


Would like:

1. Reboot Star Trek Universe

2. Story that makes one wonder will they or won't they be together

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: Amanda, Sarek

Write a fic with the above title.

Bonus points for humour/bonus points for it being Mirror Universe.

These tribbles, being mirror, would probably hate Vulcans, dislike humans, love Klingons (who in the Mirror Universe are peacemongering vegetarian types).

Good luck!


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So, I've seen a couple stories where Spock uses his telepathic skills to touch the mind of an animal in order to comunicate with it.

The basic idea here is that somebody on ship brought in a pet cat that snuck onto the bridge, and then there was a crisis, and the cat freaked out and is near ferral, attacking anyone who comes near it. Spock manages to hold it down and uses his telepathy on it so he can calm the cat down, but the strength of the cat's fear screws things up.

and TADA we have Spock taken over by the cat's instincts and fear.

frightened, nearly ferral, hiding in corners, Spock is a danger to himself, and quite possibly others.


How Kirk deals with this is up to you, and whether or not there is a relationship is entirely at your discretion. :)


Bonus points for cuddling pre-cat instinct removal but after being calmed.

mega bonus points if the whole story is longer than 14k words

and you'll just make my day if you follow it up with a crackfic where Kirk's the one with the terrified cat instincts, tho how *that* story works is up to you! ^.~

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Summary: ST:ID challenge. I'd love to see Kirk cavorting in that big bed of his with Spock instead of those two cat-like chicks. Bonus points if Spock is still mad at Kirk for throwing the prime directive out the window on Nibiru, but can't bring himself to reject Kirk's amorous advances. Angry sex! YAY! You know it was good, since Kirk was so chipper afterward. ; )
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How would the Enterprise crew toast each other at various gatherings? From traditional to ridiculous this group of determined genius' will no doubt try to one up each other? 


Full of angst, drama, smut or humor, doesn't matter.

Good luckand godspeed.


Bonus: if you use the following traditional Irish toast in a new and inventive way. "There are four things in life that you must never do: lie, steal, cheat, or drink. But if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love; If you must steal, steal away from bad company; If you must cheat, cheat death; And if you must drink, drink in the moments that take your breath away.”

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Summary: I want to see a longer stricktly K/S story. The kink to the story is BDSM. Chains, whips, gags and any other thing you can think of ;)
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I have read many slave, bondage and prostitution fic here at kirk/spock archive but I want more.

I would love for someone to write a long fic or series in which Spock buys kirk as a love slave or vice versa, or where either one of them are prostitues and pleasures the other one. I also would love a little rape. Bondage, and crying is very welcome.

Extra points if the one in charge forces the other to take part in role playing.

Extra Extra points if the slave tries to fight back and has to be taught a lesson and or how to serve the other. 

I would perfer these stories to be TOS, Mirror, or AU. 

Categories: Fiction Characters: Original Character(s)

Like in the Star Trek Enterprise series, the Abramsverse Enterprise goes to a planet that changes beings of one race into another.  However this time it isn't the humans who are susceptable.  What happens to Spock and what does he turn into? 

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: None
Summary: What would have happened if Spock had died that night instead of Edith?
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Summary: Kirk is charged with fraternizing with a subordinate officer after someone who has it in for him sees him with Spock. Jim faces the toughest decision of his life: end the relationship or lose the Enterprise. (Military regulations prohibit fraternizing in general, and specifically in the direct chain of command - as captain, Kirk can't be in a relationship with anyone on the Enterprise.)
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Summary: I've seen a lot of Spock being Chekov's mentor, but what about Jim? Two young geniuses.... Both pretty.... Maybe they start playing chess and Spock is surprised by Jim's ability and wishes he could play him. Spock falls in love with Jim over observing his kindness, intelligence, etc in dealing with Chekov.. Make Chekov adore Jim! Maybe Chekov reminds Jim of his Tarsus kids. Bonus - a scene with a Tarsus kids (O'reilly?) and the bridge crew finds out about Tarsus and Jim's actions.
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Nu!Trek universe. Our resident whiz kid Chekov develops a geeky crush on Spock. He goes to Jim for advice, unaware that his captain also has feelings for the Vulcan. What happens next? I'd like a happy ending for Jim and Spock, and Chekov to somehow come to realize Sulu's charms.

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Abramsverse Jim Kirk hates chess.  So what happens when Spock Prime suggests that Spock attempt to play chess against Jim?



1. Jim still hates chess at the end of the story

2. Spock figures out some other way to interact with Jim

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: None
Summary: Chess can be a very sexy game - especially when played by Jim and Spock. A flirty game of chess leads to sexytimes.
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Okay, so, this might take a little explaining, but here goes.

I went to a private grade school where you had to write all assignments and notes and anything at all in cursive, all the time. In fact, I barely knew how to write print when I started going to a regular middle school. And now, as a result, my print handwriting is horrible. Absolutely horrible. And my brother experienced the exact same thing.

I promise this relates to Star Trek.

Now, we all know Spock is perfect-awesome-superhuman-yaddayadda, right? But in my headcanon he has one flaw: really bad Standard handwriting. Because Vulcan script is all pretty and cursive-like and elegant, right? And, growing up on Vulcan, I think Spock would have had way more opportunity to write the native language than Standard letters, which would have been taught in school and entirely on PADDs. Maybe he never wrote in Standard at all, and his whole experience with it is typing.

So how about something cute and fluffy pertaining to Spock's horrible handwriting? Maybe he tries to leave Kirk a love note, and Kirk teases him for how illegible it is. Or maybe he has to leave some sort of scribbled message mid-infamous-disastrous-away-mission, and everything almost goes horribly wrong because no one can read it. Or any other way you can think to take it!

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I want to see Kirk raised by one or more of the old Enerprise Crew...Say he started out being raised by Hoshi..but after she died (Tarsus) he went to Archer or T'pol or Doctor Phlox.

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Ok this idea won’t leave me alone, with school, work and a kid I have no time to write it so I am putting it out here for you to have a crack at.

Frist: When Vulcans chose bond mates for their kids they put small groups of 7-8 year old in a telepathy enhancing room at let them play/interact. A bond maker sit in the room and "reads" which kids are best together and gives the parents a list of mates for their kids. It usually takes three to five of these "play dates" to fill a list.

Parents then take the lists and use them to pick bond mates for the children.

Second: Now Spock is nearly 8 and has been to many of these "play dates" and still his list is empty. What no one gets is that Spock has bonded to a human kid him meet at the embassy just before his seventh birthday, and continues to “sneak” away to see whenever he can.

Cookies: for a sneaky Amanda who figures it out first then makes play dates for Spock so he can be with his bond mate.

Extra Chocolate cookies: for a multi chapter story with all the problems like Sarek finding out, Winona learning of the bond and not getting how important it is, Spock and Jim being worried about being separated, and T'Pring mucking up the works as the only one to make it on to Spock's list.

Extra double Chocolate cookies: you write in all the other members of the crew and fallow the couple tell they get to the enterprise.


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