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Okay here it goes...

I want to see and McCoy/Sarek bonding with leads to Kirk and Spock falling in love and eventually bonding. This can be as long as the lovely author who takes up this challenge wants it to be (I beg for long, but as we say in the States, beggars can't be choosers.)

I would like this to be set in Abramsverse and I would like to see:

Kirk, Spock, or both catching McCoy and Sarek in the act...repeatedly.

In the beginning Kirk and Spock are not yet friends.

Also alot of McCoy and Sarek bonding over personal losses.

A fight between Spock and McCoy which leads to a fight between Kirk and Spock.

And last but not least....

Lots of Sexy Fun Times between Sarek/McCoy and Kirk/Spock.

The Challenge has been made. Pre thanks to any of you lovely authors who respond.



(Insert Favorite Star Trek Theme here)

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You know all those fics where it is a Ds universe but Jim lied and said he was a dom, but really he was a sub and subs can't be in command without a dom? When I am reading them I can't help wondering why he didn't just say he was a switch, so I want a fic where he does say he say he that he is a switch, but someone finds out that he is a sub and blackmails him into sleeping with them.

Later Jim is just starting to feel safe again when he finds out he is pregnant. Male switches can't get pregnant though, so he leaves Starfleet to hide his pregnancy. Cue Spock (or Spock and Bones) who has a major crush on him trying to find out whats wrong and get his captain back.

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy

For some reason no one ever discovered what was happening on Tarsus (a war, Kudos declared there indepedence, whatever) . The famine eventually ends, but the only survivors are Kudos, Kudos's men, the people who submit to Kudos, and Kirk and his kids (who are hiding somewhere).

Years later (about the time Kirk is 17 or 18) Starfleet finally comes (maybe Jim built something and sent out a distress signal?) Jim meets Spock during the rescue somehow (Maybe he eventually convinces him to join Starfleet and they  get together). He may or may not meet Bones, and or Pike there, but please no magically making the whole crew appear or anything.

Bonus: Kirk being overly protective of "his kids."

Categories: Fiction Characters: Chris Pike, McCoy
Summary: Spock and Kirk meet at starfleet and fall in love. Spock's family adores Jim. I don't want Amanda to die in this. Also want lots of Uhura bashing with Spock disliking her. Bones likes Jim but gets over it later and becomes happy for the couple. Multi-chapter story and set in Addams universe. Bonus: m-preg for Jim Bonus: Pike is like a father to Jim
Categories: Works in Progress Characters: Amanda, Chris Pike, McCoy, Sarek, Uhura

Okay, so I'm going to issue a challenge and let's see who bites! Must be set in ST:XI verse is all I ask. You have full creative rights to take this prompt where-ever it carries you as a writer.

So, here goes: The Enterprise is six months into its 5 year mission and its Crew are building the foundations to those important relationships Selek had hinted to in the 2009 film. However, Spock has been struggling to deal with the loss of his Homeworld and his Mother; his efforts are meeting with little success. 

Soon, after a Rescue Mission, Spock discovers that the Enterprise has two new passengers he never thought it would be possible to see again. Stonn and T'Pring have survived the Destruction of Vulcan. Now, not only has Spock discovered that his Betrothed is alive but also that the Crew of the Enterprise were under the mistaken impression, along with its Communications Officer, that he had a relationship with Uhura he was unaware of.

Stonn, on the other hand, informs Spock of his "lack of feelings" towards T'Pring and of his attraction towards the Enterprise's Captain instead.

Basically, Spock is left to deal with two overly competative females while at the same time as saving Jim's virtue. That is, after all, his duty as Jim's First Officer is it not?

Will Spock ever figure out his feelings towards in Captain in time or will he loose his chance with Jim to Stonn?

A/N: If my English Grammar is a bit hard to read, I apologize. It's not by best language when I am writing quickly.

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Chris Pike, McCoy, Sarek, Stonn, T'Pring, Uhura
Summary: Totally AU. I'd love to read a K/S version of the musical "West Side Story". We all know it's based on "Romeo & Juliet", of course, but the challenge is more focused on the modern approach: two different cultures clashing, different mentalities, disoriented youth, rivalling street gangs, expectations from families and friends vs. individual happiness and utopian idealism, prejudiced society against mixed relationships (maybe one of the two ethnic groups is considered more lower class in general public opinion). Kirk and Spock would fill the roles of Tony and Maria, but I don't mind which of our boys fills which role. Human emigrants on Vulcan could be as interesting as Vulcan emigrants on Earth. Try to stay close to "West Side Story", while still preserving the traits of the TOS characters (yup, that could prove difficult, but I count on your talents). One exception to the original plot: I leave it open to you if you want a tragic ending (like in West Side Story) or if there will be a happy end. Oh, and I hope to see McCoy in a major supporting role. Oh, and although the model in this challenge is a musical, there is no need for dancing & singing characters ... ;-)
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We have seen how the Big 3 are close. I would like to see a story with the following requirements:

  1. Kirk/Spock/McCoy either in a friendship, relationsip (K/S, K/M, or S/M) or a threesome. 
  2. Doesn't matter if it's TOS or Abrams universe.
  3. Jim and Spock have an argument to end all arguments and say hurtful things to each other.
  4. Both of them are deeply hurt and run to their friend/lover Bones for comfort.
  5. Jim and Spock must reslove this. How Bones does it is up to you.
  6. BONUS if Jim cries himself to sleep in Bones' arms and the good doctor carries him to bed.
  7. BONUS if Spock cries in Bones' arms as well.
  8. BONUS if at some point they cry to a point where Bones has to sedate them.
  9. BONUS if they reward Bones for helping them.

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Hi! I am new. I have read a variety of stories and was inspired to do this challenge. Please forgive me if I offend anyone, that is not my intention. I just want to contribute someting to this wonderful fandom.

In my readings I have seen Kirk spanking Spock, Spock spanking Kirk, Bones spanking Kirk and Kirk spanking Bones. That was the first time I had ever read any stories of that nature; however, they inspired me to issue my challenge. I would love to see this challenge answered.

Here is my challenge:

I would like to see a story where Spock spanks Kirk and McCoy, McCoy spanks Kirk and Spock, OR Jim spanks Spock and McCoy.


1. Must have K/S/M friendship, relationship (K/S, K/M, or S/M) or a threesome.

2. For the scenerio you get three choices (choose however many you want):

  1.) Unknown to Jim or Spock Bones got into an argument with hsi ex-wife and is in a foul mood. It also leads him to question whether or not Jim and Spock cares for him. While on their mission he takes his anger out on Jim. This leads to Jim and Bones getting into a heated argument and behaving badly. Their behavior and words deeply offend the aliens. They demand them to be punished by ther laws. Spock has no choice but to comply or the mission is over.

  2.) We all know how Jim/Spock/McCoy bicker and banter with each other. Well on a mission, aliens mistake Jim and Spock's banter as disrespect for Bones. They consider Bones an elder because he is older than the other two. Also, a doctor is highly respected in their culture. They refuse to deal with them unless Bones punishes Jim and Spock.

 3.) Spock and Bones are in the middle of their normal bickering/bantering or arguing. Jim tries to get them to stop for fear of interfearing with the mission. Unfortunately some words they say are taboo amongst the aliens. Plus they tell Jim to shut up when he tries to make them stop. Their actions warrant that they be punished for their crime of disrespecting a superior. Needing an alience with the aliens, Jim is forced to comply.

3. The aliens somehow know if they are really sorry or not.

4. What is used and the length of the punishment is up to you.

5. How much and how long they cry is up to you as well.

6. How they are comforted is up to you.

7. The ones who are punished are tucked into bed with a kiss by their punisher.

8. They must be allowed to rest in between the punishment and the remainder of the mission.

BONUS if they demand a private place to do it.

BONUS if Bones confides in Jim about his doubts. (Choice #1)

BONUS if Spock finds out about Bones' doubts through touch. (Choice #1)

BONUS if one of the other senior officers act as a witness.

BONUS if after trying to hold their tears back, they're told by their punisher that it's ok to cry.

BONUS if there is a shower or hot tub scene


Categories: Fiction Characters: Chekov, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

A child is orphaned and brought onto the Enterprise after an away mission gone terribly wrong. The infant is skittish and afraid, so much so, even Bones is having a hard time with him/her. To everyone’s surprise Jim Kirk is a child rearing extraordinaire. He seems to know so much about children, in fact, that the crew begin to speculate, but the actual reason behind Kirk’s abilities are far darker than any one of them could have imagined. And Jim Kirk doesn’t really care what they think anyway, not when he’s ankle deep in his new parental responsibilities.


Must include: 2009/New Movie Verse

Humor, and a sprinkling of fluff (I don't want my teeth to fall out from overly saccharine writing.)

Cute scenes with Kirk, kid, and Spock

Gender/species of child is your choice, but I'm partial to a little girl. I think it might be easier if maybe Kirk has some prior relationship (non sexual) to the parents, but that is also the author's decision.

The reason Jim is so good with chidren is because he took care of so many children on Tarsus IV. (He knows how to calm them and such, but maybe he also watched the children in his neighborhood before the famine hit.) He refuses to tell the crew this. They speculate on why he's a daddy extraordinaire. They might believe that he has a kid out there somewhere.

Spock (and maybe several others) find daddy!Kirk incredibly attractive. Spock is confused as to why.

Spirk is non-established. Spock sees Jim in a new light and begins to realize he's/fall in love with him.

Bonus: scenes with Bones, because I love grumpy Bones. (maybe sweet sympathetic Bones who misses Joanna)

Someone gives the kid a stuffed sehlat. (with a bow) Spock finds this illogical.

Jim gets to keep the kid on the Enterprise. (I don't care how this is done as long as it's believable.)

Parental tututoring from Spock Prime?


Happy writing to anyone who takes the challenge!

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: McCoy

I've been watching the TOS episode The Gamesters of Triskelion and I was wondering what it would be like if Kirk had lost the wager and his crew was enslaved as thralls. Kirk is severely wounded, but his provider spares his life because he likes the captain's spirit and wants to turn him out to stud.

All of the providers are impressed with McCoy's skills at healing when he saves Kirk from almost certain death and they see the implication of getting the most out of their property. Like Galt, they make him an impartial non-combatant.

I would prefer a slash story with Kirk and Spock in an established relationship before the abduction to Triskelion. I'm not picky about the universe, it could be TOS or reboot.

  • How does a pacifistic Vulcan survive not only slavery, but being forced to kill for another beings entertainment?
  • How does a bonded Vulcan handle being kept away from his mate and knowing that said mate is being forced into sexual situations with females for the purpose of breeding?
  • How would the crew handle their enforced slavery at the instigation of their beloved captain?
  • How would a captain who is so conscientious over the safety of his crew survive knowing that their lives and their freedom are forfeit because of him?

That's all I can think of, so I'll leave the rest to whoever else likes what-ifs as much as I do.

Categories: Fiction Characters: Chapel, Chekov, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

Based on this tumblr post.

Spock, as we know, is biligual, and besides speaking perfect english, Jim notices he sometimes will mutter something under his breath in Vulcan. Jim figures it's probably just Spock thinking out loud or cursing to himself or something. Then, Jim secretly learns Vulcan with the intent of surprising Spock with it, and it turns out that itís a constant flow of praise or dirty talking. Eventually, Spock figures out he knows Vulcan somehow (maybe overhears him speaking with a diplomat?) and confronts him.


Bonus points if:

They're not together to start out with.

It's fairly long, 5k words at least would be preferable

Jim formerly believed Spock had no interest in him and is shocked when he understands him

The reason Jim keeps it a secret is that he thinks Spock would stop if he knew

After they figure it out Spock starts to use it for talking dirty and getting Jim flustered and/or aroused in public places.

There's a scene where Uhura overhears it (no Uhura bashing).

They think they're being inconspicuous and McCoy confronts them about being obviously all over each other.

It's TOS but AOS is still fine if you prefer

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy, Uhura

Jim and Spock are newly bonded with the T’yh’la bond – the strongest and most unique of them, but this time the bond instead of helping, being an anchor, guiding light etc, is actually the main source of the problem for the two.

During the away mission the away team is attacked by separatists and Spock is injured. Kirk must leave him behind in order to secure the ship, save the crew etc, and Spock himself urges him to leave (the needs of the many…). With a heavy heart Jim leaves. Spock is captured and viciously tortured and abused. During that time the bond calls to Jim but it cannot reach its other end. After a week or so Spock is saved and he is on his way to recovery, remorseful Kirk doting on him and offering him every comfort. But there is a certain uneasiness between them. It starts slow – Spock not confiding in Jim about his problems, not wanting to have sex, later not even wanting to sleep in the same bed. It’s getting worse – Spock cannot meditate, cannot rest, eat, concentrate – he succumbs to some unknown illness. In the end it turns out the bond is responsible for everything. The T’yh’la bond has actually a certain doze of consciousness and when Kirk abandoned Spock and did not rescue him when the Vulcan suffered, it “decided” that Jim betrayed the bond and should not be allowed to be near Spock again. So it started to influence Spock’s mind in order to permanently separate him for Kirk. The thing is, that the bond’s actions are killing the Vulcan in the process and a solution must be found soon in order to prevent it.

Bonus points:

The bond despite being part of Spock is not affected by his Vulcan (logic) and human (trust, faith) sides, so despite the fact that Spock knew that Jim had to leave and he was going to come back for him, the bond saw it as abandoning a chosen mate.

Spock Prime has no idea what is happening and cannot help. He tries to prepare Jim for the possibility that young Spock may die and I will love you forever if Jim actually has a real breakdown in his arms :)

McCoy being the one to sort out that it’s the bond thing and somehow participating in curing Spock

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy

Captain Kirk has been made into a woman, a toddler, a cat, a Vulcan, and various other creatures and critters in his many adventures on KSarchive. Now, it's time for something a bit more...energetic.

Note: Romantic relationship not pre-established.

Abram-verse preferred, TOS acceptable.

CHALLENGE: James "Tomcat" Kirk has been turned into (Powers That Be, help us all) a dog. How this happens is up to you (alien technology, some weird ancient other-worldly voodoo, etc.), but it must be Spock that is forced to keep an eye out for the furry captain of the USS Enterprise. The crew can help, but they also need to try to hide his condition from the Admiralty to keep Jim from losing his Captaincy before they can reverse the change.

BONUS IF: You pick an energetic breed. Border Collies, Australian Sheepdogs, and other herding breeds would be good choices. All intelligent, most of them loving and loyal, and all of them are energetic. And mostly fluffy~!

BONUS IF: Kirk, at some point, gets too lonely at night locked in his quarters and scratches and whines at the joint-bathroom door until Spock reacts. How he does so (whether it is berating the dog or allowing him into his own room, or any other variation) is up to you.

LARGE BONUS IF: He still hops up into his chair on the bridge. C'mon, picture it - it's just adorable!

MEGA BONUS IF: He is protective of Spock in a threatening situation.

MEGA BONUS IF: Spock has no prior knowledge on how to care for a Terran canine. Kirk is thinking like a dog, not a person, and sehlats are much more intelligent than dogs.

MEGA BONUS IF: After being changed back, Jim's protectiveness of Spock and jealousy for his attention is still very obvious.

You can make this fluff and leave it at that, or continue this as a longer story that leads into a building relationship beteeen Jim and Spock. I prefer the latter, but fluff is good too. Good luck~!

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******Could one of you BRILLIANT writers fulfill a fantasy of mine and WRITE THIS!!!!!   Medical Kink ********************************************

     I would love to see a fiction with medical kink!  McCoy having to treat a very reluctant Vulcan, requiring several sessions, in which Kirk will assist.  I would like it to begin as a legitimate exam and treatment then progress into some very inappropriate procedures...pushing Mr. Spock to the edge of his control.      

     Although Jim and Bones start out concerned for Spock's well being, they decide to continue the charade, (even though it has already been determined that it is a minor/curable affliction) enjoying the vulnerable position it places Spock in. 

     Determined to do "whatever is necessary" to help "cure" Spock, Jim plays the martyr and is a willing participant in whatever "sacrifice" has to be made. Wink...wink. 

     I would like this fic to be long and angsty.  Drawn out and very graphic.  Bones should also be a major componant in this.  I would like him to enjoy this as much as Kirk and participate in some of the "cures."  

     Though it can start out legitimate, I want them both to become enthralled with the beauty and sexiness of Spock's physicality.  Really play up the fact that Jim and Bones are in cahoots about the whole thing.  Almost becoming an obsession, they talk about it a lot when off duty.  Can result in mpreg but doesn"t have to.

     Basically just an excuse to do some very naughty things to an unsuspecting and normally unflappable Spock.  He will be forced to deal with some very human feelings and drives...lust, trust, and submission.

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy


In the reboot verse.

The Romulans or Klingons are up to something and the federation has found out, an admiral someone from the show or made up has come abored the Enterprise the only ship capable of the mission this admiral wishes to go on.  To go into Romulan or Klingon space and find out there plans then put a stop to it.  Captain Kirk objects to the mission as a whole as is releved of command and forced off his own ship.  So he takes shore leave and visits Spock Prime to discuss his growing feelings for his first officer that he's been hiding.

Now the adimiral is in charge and changes how things had been when Kirk was captain, on top of that he has a fedish with Vulcans, especially since their plant was distoryed and there's so few of them.  He starts making unwanted advances and even goes so far as to blackmail Spock into getting what he wants which is Spock in his bed, he even drugs Spock to make him more complient and without any proof there's no way he could even issue charges.  But McCoy notices what's going on, he believes Spock when McCoy is having to treat his injuries.

And while that's going on the Admiral is still continuing the mission into Romulan or Klingon space, but at this point McCoy has sent a coded message to Kirk that goes under the Admiral's nose, which forces Kirk to come back, and put an end to the Admirals abuse of Spock one way or another writers choice, but Spcok by this time convinced that no one would care what's happened and that the man he loves Kirk knew the Admirals plans and left him anyway.

Bonus Points if Spock is phyiscally, sexually, mentally and Telepathicaly abused leaving him broken and vulnerable when Kirk arrives.

Extra Bonus points if Kirk is pissed, protective and gentle in repairing Spock's psychi

Mega Bonus points if one scene when Spock's emotional berriers had been weakend to the point where he actually screams out for Jim to save him that would be icing on the cake.

Also, it doesn't have to be that mission I suggested, but for whatever reason Kirk is forced to leave his ship that's taken over by a different captain or someone of higher rank.  Oh I would like it to also be a slow build and if you can make the abuse graphic and in Spock's POV as he's going through whatever the guy does to him.  And that in the end they both become bonded as they were always meant to be and a possible sequel as Spock continues to heal from his abuse.  But that's writers choice I'm really not that picky as long as Spock ends up with Krik.

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy

I'm seeking a fanfic about The Enterprise Crew getting a few days shore leave and kirk ends up renting a speed boat and dragging Spock along an Kirk would drive kinda crazy because he's never driven a boat before but "how hard could it be?" And freak Spock out and Kirk would be having the time of his life and eventually Spock would calm down and Kirk would look over at Spock and see the wind rushing through his voluptuous hair and get totally turned on and they would idle the boat into a cove and drop the anchor and float around and Spock would be all nervous because Vulcans don't like water and Kirk has to coax him in and ends up giving up with his stubbornness and ends up pushing him in and they have a great time and end up having great boat sex.  



You can add any scenes you want and what not. Hell, you can make Bones go along if you want. I love his attitude.


  Bonus Point for Spock's sassiness


  Double Bonus points for more than one sex scene


  Mega Bonus points for 5000+ words


  Super-Altra Mega Bonus points for Bones walking in on them/ seeing them in some way, shape or form. Or torturing Bones in general (Not literally, no whips and chains needed xD) (I love torturing Bones)


  Wanted but not needed some form of flirty Texting, between Spock and Kirk, if you can somehow find away to get that in there, would be much appreciated :D

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy

Q or some other entity decides the Big 3 got a raw deal so he sends their souls back into the younger bodies.

I would like to see a K/S/M fic. Bonus points for a 3 way T'hy'la bond

The fact that they are so comfortable with each other kind of freaks people out.

Bonus points for very confused vulans.

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy


I was watching A Few Good Men last night, and the second I saw Tom Cruise waltz into Demi Moore's office munching on an apple and being an all around cocky shit, I knew I had to post this challenge, which calls for a reboot of the movie starring our favorite ST:XI characters.

I'm envisioning Kirk as Lt. Kaffee, Bones as Lt. Weinberg, and Spock as Lt. Crd. Galloway. (I'm fine with Spock being human, but no gender bending of any kind, please.) You can have the rest of the cast fill whichever roles you like. (I picture Sulu and Chekov as Dawson and Downey, but that's just a suggestion) 

Can be a modern AU or a Starfleet "JAG" AU.

Don't feel as if you have to strictly adhere to the plot (or sub-plots) of the movie. (If I wanted to read the transcript of the movie with the character's names changed to ST characters, I could do it myself with a search and replace.) I very much want everyone to be in character despite their radically different careers.

The only other requirement is some yummy K/S, but if you want to keep it to sparks-flying pre-slash, that’s fine by me.


  • Areel Shaw for the prosecution
  • Some cute Spock & Chekov interaction (nothing slashy-- just big brother/mentor/two geeky peas in a pod stuff)

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Chapel, Chekov, Chris Pike, Gaila, Gary Mitchell, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

Cannedebonbon drew a beautiful picture of Spock in a geisha costume We both agree that this would make a wonderful story. Historically, men were the original geisha's and I would like to see a fic where Spock, was perhaps stolen as a child from his prominent family and sold to a geisha house in another province. James Kirk is captain of the Enterprise, a western ship on an exploratory mission to open trade with Japan.

What I'd like:

  • Bottom Spock, please, with lots of angst and some h/c sprinkled in.
  • Geisha's are entertainers, not whores. I would like to see Jim misunderstand the roll of a geisha and Spock sets him straight.
  • Sarek is the minister/lord chosen to facilitate the trade agreement and hires Spock (unknowing that he's the son that was kidnapped from him years ago) the most prominent geisha in the land.
  • Spock's parentage is discovered and in order to save his families honor, he leaves with his lover (Kirk) to go back to the west. With homosexuality bringing a death sentence in Europe, he continues to dress and act geisha. None of the crew (except for McCoy) know that he's a male.

*Bonus for Sybok (Sarek's older son from a previous marriage) being behind the kidnapping plot to ensure his place as heir and in revenge for Sarek setting aside his mother in favor of Amanda, a western woman that was the sole survivor of a shipwreck.

*Bonus for Kirk trying to seduce his geisha and winds up falling in love. **Double bonus for the feeling being mutual.

*Bonus for it to be illegal for Spock to handle weapons, but surprising his aggressors/assassins with martial arts (neck pinch?)

*Bonus for McCoy finding out Spock is male from having to give him medical aid. How surprised his is, is up to you.

*Bonus for a touching and emotional scene between father and son at their reunion and again at their parting.

That's what I'm hoping for, but I'll be just as happy with any kind of Geisha Spock fic. I know writing is hard work, but making it historical is even harder, so however this comes out, the author will have earned a lifetime of virtual hugs from me. :)

Please check out Cannedebonbon's drawing for inspiration.

Categories: Fiction Characters: Amanda, Chris Pike, Gary Mitchell, McCoy, Sarek, Scott

I follow the train of thought that AOS has always been an Alternate Universe and the arrival of Spock Prime and the Narada simply caused even greater differences between the two verses. That and I was re-reading my fav fics by CMM and Awarrington and thinking about how the slightest tweak can cause so much change. Then I came up with this....


I've got this awesome idea growing about in my head. One day I may play with it, but not right now, so I place it here to see what others may do.   When it comes to Kahn's back story.... What if the genetic modification was something naturally existent in a small percentage of humans and the genetic tinkering amplified it to the point it's at the level Kahn is. Then I'm wondering. How did they manage to round up all 73 people 300 years ago when Spock, Kirk, and the crew could barely catch one?

What if there weren't 73, but 74 and there's an even number because each of the warriors has a mate that is similar to the Vulcan concept of T'hy'la. 300 years ago their mates were used to force them into cryogenic hibernation. Kahn was woken without his mate, so he's missing his balance and having to exist in a timeline where everyone is hostile to him and holding his mate and people hostage. He knows his mate isn't dead. He can feel it, but he can't contact him due to the cryosleep.  

With a few tweaks, when it comes to the assault on Starfleet during the meeting, he could have been aiming for disabling shots instead of kill shots. Because really, if he was aiming to kill, Kahn would have made sure to hit Marcus. He's supposedly extremely good at fighting. That would normally include good aim. Pike would be incapacitated, but not dead and Marcus would still be able to manipulate Kirk, but eventually Spock's logic and Scotty's pleas and resignation lead to the away team scenario. But when he's told of the torpedoes, one slight change. He asks "Just 72?"  

Scenarios follow on and Kahn tempts Kirk with his history. Now, in this universe, Kirk is just bitter and cynical enough to have researched the darkest times of Earth's history. I could truly see him having found and researched this topic and learned that the genetic traits that were naturally part of humanity had since been repressed through the use of drug therapy. But if he knew the history, knew the reality and then took into context Kahn's implication that something is missing... Once they discover the men in the cryo chambers, he would put it together and come back to Kahn with the question of where's his mate. Revealing to Spock and Bones this hidden history of Earth.  

From there much happens similarly, but if Jim revealed he was one who'd been born with this natural genetic happening and had it blocked as an infant as was common in his time when Jim went to Kahn and then offered to help him find and wake his mate. Bones may protest, but if Spock likened it to the T'hy'la bond, he would see the logic in it. This may be enough to convince Kahn to not betray them on the bridge of the other ship. Especially if once Marcus is in custody, they search for Kahn's mate and have him transferred to the Enterprise. Then instead of Kahn firing on the Enterprise, Marcus would need to escape custody and do so. Kahn taking out Marcus. Jim, Scotty, and Chekov saving the Enterprise with the touching scene between Spock and Kirk. Kahn setting the self-destruct on the black ship and beaming to the Enterprise. He wouldn't be suicidal. His mate is still alive after all and he couldn't do that to him. Then Kahn offering his blood when McCoy makes his discovery.   

And then becomes the question of what to do with 74 individuals who's genetics were tinkered to amplify an aspect of human society that has been shoved into the darkest recesses of history for centuries. I think once everything was said and done they might do well with those on New Vulcan helping in the rebuilding and possibly finding that place Kahn had dreamed of for his people when they woke. He did say he'd dreamed of peace.  

And then it's quite possible that the infusion of Kahn's blood could cause the awakening of Kirk's genetic legacy, though his is a part of natural evolution and probably not quite as extreme as Kahn's, though who knows it could lend itself to increasing his lifespan to a degree. Either that or the Vulcan's probably have a solution for that aspect. It would be fun to see how Jim's genetic history ties in to the T'hy'la bond with Spock. It'd end up Kirk/Spock I'm pretty sure. Of course there's always that possibility of Kirk/Spock/McCoy in this little alternate universe or even Kirk/Spock/Kahn.... But definitely Kirk/Spock at least. And Martin is always available as Kahn's mate....

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