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If anyone's up for it...I would like to see a story based on the song My Immortal by Evanescence. Preferably Spock POV hurt/comfort after Amanda's death, but can be pure angst with Kirk or Spock death. Whatever rating/characters you want. Good luck!

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Spock and Jim fight over Jim's eating habits, particularly his insistance on eating meat and dairy.

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I challenge you to write omega!spock and make it work. I want to know all about how that changes the social dynamics, how that affects him emotionally/socially/physically. 

Any verse, any trope, any rating, total carte blanche. The only requirement is omega!spock. 

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Spock is surprised when he discovers Jim does not exactly have a normal house... he has a treehouse! (Maybe like Pete Nelson's at Treehouse Point?  Don't know it?  Please Google!)



1. Abramsverse please! 


Other then that, run with it!

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So, I was just laying in bed, relaxing since I'm on bedrest, and was listening to Pandora. Well, Ed Sheeran (woot!) comes on witht the song Photograph. I was listening to it, and kept thinking of Spock and Jim. Anyway, challenge is, to take that song and create a fic for it. I want it to be Spock giving Jim the photo, maybe even a girl!Jim. Have fun playing with that part. I'm thinking it's AU and Jim and Spock aren't in Starfleet. I figure, Spock has to go on some mission, diplomatic or something, and Jim can't go with him. Feel free to add elements like mpreg, or Jim being disabled or alien or whatever. Have fun, and best of luck!


(This is my first time issuing a challenge! Never thought I would think of one.)

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Cross-posted here.

Spock chooses to become a pianist and is almost disinherited by Sarek. He strives to prove himself as a virtuoso pianist, and a Vulcan, by playing rigidly to a score. His technique is brilliant, but critics all say that there seems to be something missing. 

Spock meets Kirk in a bar playing the classics and is blown away. Kirk's playing touches Spock while at the same time it repels him with its emotions. Spock walks out (or has a one night stand with Kirk?) and the next time he meets Kirk is at a piano competition.

Would LOVE to see:
+ Sarek secretly going to all of Spock's concerts
++ Hand fetish (They're pianists, I have to include this)

Categories: Fiction, Ficlets Characters: Amanda, Sarek

After an event, Spock finds himself becoming more protective, more possessive towards Jim.  Spock discovers he has fallen in love with Jim and appears to becoming more warrior like towards those who would threaten his love.


How does Jim react?  What events lead to this change?  How does it change relationships on the Enterprise?

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Kirk and Spock have a one-night stand (Bottom!Kirk is feisty and Spock loves it.)
A couple months later Kirk finds out he's pregnant with Spock's baby. (mechanics don't matter, you can decide how or ignore the physiology entirely-i'm not picky)
He tells Spock and they get together, and Spock loves seeing Kirk all preggers and can't keep his hands off him.
Bonus points for pregnant sex.
Extra Super Bonus Points if there's some well-meaning ribbing from Bones and Uhura.

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In which Spock or Old Spock is amazing at picking up chicks and Kirk is confused.
Please include witty Gaila or Uhura
-Bonus if Spock picks up someone Kirk has been trying for all night
-Extra Bonus if Spock eventually takes pity on Kirk and a sexy threesome ensues (can be any pairing)

Categories: Fiction, Ficlets Characters: Gaila

I love Spock Prime and I think he deserves some action ;)
I don't think he can simply stand by when the past love of his live is there right in front of him. So I want Spock Prime to fight for the attention of Kirk and Spock having to fight for what rightfully should be his.

Lots of jealousy, possessiveness and chess matches are welcome.

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Take the scene Take me or Leave me from RENT (Can be found and watched on you tube here: ) and apply the situation to Kirk and Spock. Either can be Maureen and Either can be Jo Ann.

Here are the song Lyrics:

Every single day,
I walk down the street
I hear people say 'baby so sweet'
Ever since puberty,
Everybody stares at me
Boys, girls, I can't help it baby
so be kind, and don't lose your mind
just remember that I'm your baby

take me for what I am
who I was meant to be
and if you give a damn
take me baby,
or leave me

take me or leave me

a tiger in a cage
can never see the sun
this diva needs her stage
baby,lets have fun.
you are the one I choose
folks would kill to fill your shoes
you love the lime light too, now baby,
so be mine and don't waste my time cryin'
'honey bear are you still my, my, my baby?'

take me for what I am
who I was meant to be
and if you give a damn
take me baby or leave me

no way, can I be what I'm not
but hey, don't you want your girl hot?

oh, don't fight, don't lose your head
'cause every night who's in your bed?
who's in your bed?
spoken: kiss pookie

it won't work
I look before I leap
I love margins and discipline
I make list in my sleep baby
whats my sin?
never quit
I follow through
I hate mess but I love you
what do with my improptu baby?
so be wise 'cause this girl satisfies
you got a prize but don't compomise
your one lucky baby

JOANNE: take me for what I am
MAUREEN: a control freak
JOANNE: who I was meant to be
MAUREEN: a snob yet over attentive
JOANNE: and if you give a damn
MAUREEN: a loveable droll geek
JOANNE: take me baby or leave me
MAUREEN: an anal retentave

BOTH: thats it
JOANNE: the straw that breaks my back
BOTH: i quit
JOANNE: unless you take it back
MAUREEN:What is it about them?
BOTH: can't live with them or without them

BOTH: take me for what i am
JOANNE: who i was meant to be
MAUREEN: who i was meant to be
and if you give a damn
JOANNE: and if you give a damn then
take me baby, or leave me
MAUREEN:take me baby, take me or leave me
BOTH: take me baby or leave me
BOTH: spoken: guess i'm leaving, i'm gone!


The scene must end as is but Feel free to add an eppilouge of sorts as to whether the two stay together or not.

any universe is ok and the story can be anylength on the condition it is a one shot.

The story can also include more than the scene as long as the scene in its entirety is within the story.

All ratings are welcome, so use your imagination.

Points if you can make the scene somehow match the song for and/or double points for making the song lyrics fitch the speech patterns and personality of Jim Kirk and/or Spock.

All versions of Kirk/Spock can be used: Older Spock, TOS Kirk/Spock, Mirror Verse Kirk/Spock, Abrams Kirk/Spock. and any and all characters you see fit to add can be added.

I have made a story like this but I think it can be donte better. Good luck!

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Summary: Any universe, rating, or kinks. Spock notices that Jim is terrified of Spock's vulcan strength. Jim may be able to hide it (or not?) from the crew, but Spock knows. Just knows. This poses a problem since Spock wants to formally invite Jim to join him in a mutual romantic relationship. How can he show Jim that he would never hurt him (or least never again)? Would love angst and Spock working it out logically with several trials. Maybe making it worse before it gets better? Can be five times fic, multi-chaptered, or oneshot. Please?
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A challenged issued by the lovely T'Lara open to all who are brave enough to answer:

Larissa has issued a challenge to all via Skype:

I want a fic with this
"Barbed penis, large penis, giant balls with fur,
rock-hard penis, throbbing penis, hur-hur-hur."
written on the tiled wall of the gym bathroom...

All are welcome to answer it. I shall post the challenge on the archive in a bit. Answer IF YOU DARE!!!

Multiple submissions are encouraged! The more the merrier. fic that earns the most laughs, wins. :)

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Does Jim have psi abilities?  Or do people misinterprete gut instinct and brillant strategy for something more?  Is psi null an actual human trait or an assumed one?

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Kirk had requested Bones be his room-mate in his second year at the Academy for the time they'd spend on Earth (rather than in space). But there was a mix up ... he ends up sharing a room with Spock instead.

:-D I love TOS Academy fic, as I think those three knew each other before working on the Enterprise together! :-D So I'd love anyone to bits who can write some TOS Academy fic, no matter if it doesn't quite fit my challenge, hehe!

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TOS!Kirk ends up on the New Enterprise and meets AOS!Spock (or vice-versa). When this Spock reacts to his flirting, Kirk senses that he is more open with his feelings (and his sex life), so he immediately tries to seduce him.

-no Mirror!versions, please!

-if there's sex: bottom!Spock


-one of them has to explain the bruises later

-OR: They get caught in the act

Categories: Fiction, Ficlets Characters: McCoy

Both Vulcan and Earth were destroyed.  The Vulcans decide their race is the more important of the two. Thankful they had created the technology to turn one species into another. Jim however is, of course allergic to the drug which transforms humans into Vulcans. 

Categories: Ficlets, Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Sarek

(Silly Prompt is SILLY)

Spock's a touch telepath, right? Well, it's not just uncomfortable for Spock to have extended physical/psychic contact with undisciplined minds, it's actually detrimental to his health.

What does this mean for Kirk, who's just recently admitted his feelings for his stoic First Officer and is now more than ready to turn that UST into RST?

The worst case of blue-balls this side of the Milky Way.

It's okay, though, there's a training regimen for that!

Although, it might be a little awkward to have his boyfriend's father (who kind of really hates Kirk's guts, and wants his son to marry the uptight bitch over yonder) teach him how to order his mind and calm his thoughts so he can screw Spock silly into the nearest flat surface.

Especially when there are so many mindmelds involved…

Eh, it’ll be alright. Adversity builds character.

Categories: Fiction, Ficlets, Works in Progress Characters: Sarek

Rewatching "Amok Time" and "Journey to Babel" for like 50th time. I've had this idea stuck in my head for awhile. 

Sometime after the end of "Amok Time" T'Pau informs Sarek and Amanda that it is unnecessary for them to find someone for Spock because even though T'pring rejected him and he left, Spock has a bondmate.(*cough*Kirk*cough* How could she not know that Kirk faked his death! She has amazing Vulcan powers that make Kirk/Spock happen. That and she saw them roll around in the sand together...mmmm...)

Anyways, During "Journey to Babel" Amanda (and Sarek) try to figure out who Spock's bondmate is.

Bonus- The one person she/they don't suspect is Kirk.

Another Bonus- Kirk tries to drop some hints.

Another Bonus- They eventually find out that Kirk is Spock's bondmate.

Super Awesome Bonus of Awesome - It's McCoy or Chapel that tells Amanda and Sarek. ("He totally smiled at Jim. He's denies, but I saw it damnit."

Categories: Fiction, Ficlets, Poetry Characters: Amanda, Chapel, McCoy, Sarek

Captain Kirk is in one heck of a bad mood. The crew enlists Spock's aid to resolve the situation. After all, when Dad's not happy, nobody is happy.

Vaguely inspired by seeing my 1SG pissed off one day while I was in Afghanistan. (It's bad enough when the CO is pissed, but when Top is mad? It's a disturbance in the force and NOBODY is happy.)

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